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· A B U S E D· (Twenty One Pilots Fanfiction) by leaveamsg
· A B U S E D· (Twenty One Yuka Meo
'You don't know the half of the abuse..' (TW: suicide, abuse, self harm, sexual assault, depression, suicidal thoughts) Top tags! #1 for TylerJoseph #1 for JoshuaDun
Go away, Tyler || Joshler by xhelenamustdie
Go away, Tyler || Joshlerby helena</3
"Hi Josh!" "Go away, Tyler." ☘︎︎☘︎︎ josh dun x tyler joseph 08.26.2020-09.06.2020 **just a note. This fic is basically the forest fic and this othe...
The Migraine Fic (A Continuation of The Forest Fic) by jeondreaming
The Migraine Fic (A Continuation • lucy •
Book 1 of the Vessel series. The Forest Fic was Tyler's story... This is Josh's. #1 in forestfic #1 in migraine
Trench Fic [✅] by highoncatnip1
Trench Fic [✅]by High On Catnip
Josh always knew something was wrong, but he'd never expect to be found in Dema. It looks like there is no hope left for him, when he catches a stranger staring. Is frie...
The Forest Fic pt. II (COMPLETED) by x0x0frnk
The Forest Fic pt. II (COMPLETED)by e 🦇
Sequel to 'Stay In Place (Sing A Chorus)'. I didn't write that and I'm not sure who did, but you gotta read it first for things to make sense! This is just intended to g...
Imaginary Friend // gerard way  by mikeyiscute8
Imaginary Friend // gerard way by Mikey Way
Emily wanted to be something more than just an imagination.
Do You Know What I'm Seeing? by JuliaMargaretAnne
Do You Know What I'm Seeing?by Julia Margaret Anne
Brianna is a normal teenage girl with a twisted childhood. She likes being with her close friends but mostly loves to be alone. She has hopes to meet someone who can cha...
Where the bugs light up in the woods---- Chris Motionless x boy reader  by alienbabes02
Where the bugs light up in the Alien baby 👽💕
When a shy boy runs into his backyard forest and finds an empty seat on a bench, next to a darkly dressed figure, he figures out that people aren't that scary after all...
Colors (Forest Fic Decoder) by My_pen_is_huge
Colors (Forest Fic Decoder)by Big sad
reet Here is the link to the post used;
now i see it everyday (and i am the luckiest) - JOSHLER CANCER FIC by rydenn
now i see it everyday (and i am I'm you but stronger
You can read the original here:
Josh? |~ suicidal as ever ~| by Cheezel_Seed
Josh? |~ suicidal as ever ~|by Cheezel_Seed
I woke up in the hospital? But why? I thought I was gone. That's when the flash backs hit me. Okay so, this in a little narrative I had to write in class (English) We...
》forest fic (alternate ending) ☘ by minsugaandlambskewer
》forest fic (alternate ending) ☘by 윤기's 양꼬치
I'll start off on the part when Tyler burns the tree house. :D hopefully you don't get any cancer from it...:P cover made by @bigpunk1030
forest/trees fic revised  by sleepygrins
forest/trees fic revised by kit
credit where credit is due i dont know who wrote the original stories and the plot belongs to them except for the ending
Forest Fic: Alternate Ending by JoshDunHoney
Forest Fic: Alternate Endingby Jen✨
All credit goes to the original author of the amazing forest fic. I am in no way trying to take credit for what they did. This is just an alternate ending i thought of a...
Alternative Ending for the Forest Fic by cliquenic
Alternative Ending for the ranboo supremacy
How do you feel? T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D Based off of The Forest Fic (Sing A Chorus) on Archive of Our Own
The Forest // JoshDun x MichaelClifford  by xMjxKtx
The Forest // JoshDun x xMjxKtx
Down in the forest, We'll sing a chorus One that everybody knows... • Inspired by the Forest Fic
Forest/Josh says goodbye.  by voodoomj
Forest/Josh says goodbye. by voodoomj
This is what I think would happen after the forest fic ended. *Trigger warning*
Sing a chorus (fin alternative) by StayInUrLaneGirl
Sing a chorus (fin alternative)by Rain Bow
Fin alternative de Stay in place (sing a chorus) de SoloChaos, originalement écrite par @Arebzy . -traduction-