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The Facts↠ Edward Cullen by forkscoffeeshop
The Facts↠ Edward Cullenby 🌻
"Are you being sarcastic?" "No, I promise" In which a girl, with Aspergers, an eidetic memory and Savants Syndrome that can tell you anything and eve...
Tortured Souls ↠ Rosalie Hale by forkscoffeeshop
Tortured Souls ↠ Rosalie Haleby 🌻
"It was beautiful until it wasn't" "I'm sorry" "Don't be, I like to think I got something good out of it in the end" "You" Oliver...
Easier ↠ Rosalie Hale by forkscoffeeshop
Easier ↠ Rosalie Haleby 🌻
"It would be easier, wouldn't it? If I fell in love with a man, married a man, dreamt my whole life with a man. It would make explaining things easier, would make C...
Survival↠ Emmett Cullen by forkscoffeeshop
Survival↠ Emmett Cullenby 🌻
They were a pair no one would have bet on, so It hadn't even occurred to anyone that the two were each other's only means of survival. Started: January 12th -Slight AU-
Deep Blue ↠ Edward Cullen by forkscoffeeshop
Deep Blue ↠ Edward Cullenby 🌻
"It's peaceful, you go under, and you hear nothing, you feel nothing, you're just at peace. I wonder, you know, if that's what it's like once you pass on, you don't...
Together↠ Emmett Cullen by forkscoffeeshop
Together↠ Emmett Cullenby 🌻
"Sometimes I feel like we are just going to fall apart; like we can't stand through it all side by side anymore" The most important part of a relationship is n...