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•~•Pretty Little Fox•~•a Stiles Stilinski fanfiction•~• by JudeMay8
•~•Pretty Little Fox•~•a Stiles Jude May
Stiles Stilinski is a WereFox, a creature thought to have been extinct for centuries. No one living except Stiles and his own father know about this secret. What happens...
Hey There Little Red Riding Hood (Fox Stiles) by Teton35
Hey There Little Red Riding Hood ( Mallory
Stiles has always had this secret...he's a fox and nobody knows except for his father. However when a new threat arrives at Beacon Hills out for blood...his blood... wil...
Not Just Human... by drowningin_thefandom
Not Just Moonshine (Dee)
The Pack thinks Stiles is just a fragile human and that he needs protection 24/7...little do they know stiles isn't as helpless as they make him out to be... (Further de...
Unconditionally[Multiple Ships] by RhyleneRhyneNavalta
Unconditionally[Multiple Ships]by RhyleneRhyneNavalta
"I will love you, unconditionally" <><><><><><><><>
His escape | Newtmas by scilles
His escape | Newtmasby scilles
Stiles life is shattered. Everyone hates him, he hates himself. After the nogitsune he's left with all the guilt of the people he's kill. The people he's Tortured. He is...
Fox and the wolf by horselover8694
Fox and the wolfby horselover8694
The beginning of the story will be based off the Disney movie fox and the hound. Stiles' mother hides in him in some tall grass on the Hale territory when hunters are af...
Anchor verse by ilse_writes
Anchor verseby Ilse
Stiles gets bitten by a rogue werewolf. Which is unexpected and unwanted, but Stiles will settle in it. Better furry than dead, right? And his first full moon is still a...
The New Fox || Glee x TW crossover by ExavierLoverman
The New Fox || Glee x TW crossoverby Exavier
Stiles was kicked out of the pack by Scott so Him, Danny Derek and Liam go to Lima, Ohio with Stiles' Uncle and cousin, Stiles discovers he has powers when they've only...
Agere Stiles Fics  by TakaBinary
Agere Stiles Fics by 🌘Stiles/Taka🌒
little Stiles Oneshots , because I absolutely love Stiles as a little , especially with what he deals with the supernatural in the town and the pack , among his depressi...
The Lost Kitsune by MaiDemonLord
The Lost Kitsuneby Alice XxX
Batman sends The Young Justice League to an underground town that's hidden deep beneath Gotham City. A town that hasn't been town touch since the accident that almost de...
crossovers/ Oneshots stiles stilinski by this_name_Is_in_use_
crossovers/ Oneshots stiles awkward potato
The multi verse. Different realities for different versions . In one reality stiles is a werewolf in the other a survivor. This are my different realities for stiles sti...
He's A What?! (sterek)  by Justverybored267
He's A What?! (sterek) by Justverybored267
After suddenly becoming extremely close like they've know each other for hundreds of years, stiles and lydia leave becon Hills right after graduation claiming to be goin...
A Fox And A Coyote by MischiefStilinski132
A Fox And A Coyoteby Mischief
Stiles Stilinski. From his mom's side, half fox half-human. From his dad's side, alpha werewolf. Descended from the last line of half fox half-human. When he loses his m...
Never the same by silas1365
Never the sameby silas1365
After the nogitsune possessed stiles he was never the same. He talked less and was always suspicious of his surroundings and just acted strange. But know one knew that h...
Curious Fox by 4Smilez4
Curious Foxby Smilez
This is going to be after season 3 of Teen Wolf and it is going to be a crossover between Teen Wolf and The Avengers as well, this is going to be after Ultron and I am n...
Death's Daughters •TEEN WOLF (S.S) by ForeverYoungWrites
Death's Daughters •TEEN WOLF (S.S)by ForeverYoungWrites
In which the youngest daughter of Death try's to help Stiles and Scott figure out the supernatural world they got caught up in. Now that Stiles in the supernatural worl...
Foxy Free by SapphireGinger
Foxy Freeby SapphireGinger
A fox and a wolf meet by chance but maybe it's fate.
The Past Saving. by KenderBender
The Past KenderBender
"I'm proud of us." <><><><> Stiles Stilinski goes back into the past as a twenty-three year old teenager to prevent Allison Argent's de...
Sterek Stories - A Collection - I by ilse_writes
Sterek Stories - A Collection - Iby Ilse
Collection of Sterek fanfics. - Campground - Anchor (the Anchor series also has a separate book) - The one where Stiles knits Derek a scarf - K-9 - Officer Goodbody - My...
Multiverse by werewolf7745
Multiverseby Son Of Stope
There are hundreds of worlds, each of them unique in there own way. Specifically the young human boy known as Stiles Stilinski. Come on this journey to know just how di...