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(Freddy x Bonnie)With my whole heart by Natalie748283
(Freddy x Bonnie)With my whole Nedbear!?
This will be really about Freddy and Bonnie by the title says but mostly this won't have any smut cause it won't have any good times well mostly as the crew went harder...
The Lovers Connection (Monty X Freddy X Bonnie X Foxy) by Unknownbunnny
The Lovers Connection (Monty X Winter
This is a story about four boys but mainly one specific boy. Monty. Monty is an insecure Gator with a harsh past with his family and friends contemplating on his life. B...
To Tame a Monster; A Fronnie Story by SugarBear2703
To Tame a Monster; A Fronnie Storyby Autumn Wright
Freddy has always been a heartless and cruel leader and person until one day a new member, Bonnie Bunny, became part of the band. While Chica and Foxy believe Freddy wil...
High On The Thought Of You by H3yYo0p
High On The Thought Of Youby <3
BOOK #3 After the passing of Bonnie, Freddy becomes overwhelmed with sadness. But little does he know that maybe his love 𝘸𝘢𝘴 enough to keep his lover alive.. ⚠️𝗪𝗔�...
The title says all.. Chapter art not mine, edited by me, but picture is someone else's.
Love Notes (A Freddy x Bonnie Story) by APHFNAF
Love Notes (A Freddy x Bonnie moved @ricecrispbees
Bonnie the bunny has noticed that he's starting to develop feelings for one of his friends, Freddy Fazbear. However, he doesn't know how to tell him. After Mike Schmidt...
Seeing the stars in action  (NSFW/FLUFF) by vinesives
Seeing the stars in action ( ivy !
Its after hours at the Pizzaplex and Freddy hits Bonnie with some shocking news.. what will Bonnie do to help Freddy?!
A New Feeling by Odd_G0ul
A New Feelingby Goul
Machines cannot have feelings. They're not conscious beings, they're empty and coded vessels at most... And yet, we refer to ourselves as "a ghost in a machine"...
Fronnie <3 by whatupimrose
Fronnie <3by Mama Rose
*Gay Version*
FNAF on Drugs: Season 2! by APHFNAF
FNAF on Drugs: Season 2!by moved @ricecrispbees
Everyone's favorite perverts are back in another set of cocaine-filled adventures! SO MANY RAINBOWS
((Canceled)) Different (A Freddy X Bonnie X Foxy Story) by Unknownbunnny
((Canceled)) Different (A Freddy Winter
This is a Story of three boys. Freddy, Bonnie, and Foxy. These three boys have had a strong friendship with each other ever since they were five, but during sophomore ye...
The Bear And The Rabbit (Fronnie) by Fluffin_Muffins
The Bear And The Rabbit (Fronnie)by Fluffin
At night, and on their days off, the animatronics hang out with each other and have fun. Bonnie and Freddy, who are two members of the band, are close friends. Bonnie th...
Fronnie Material  by amyeoreo
Fronnie Material by Amye
Cute happens with my otp of (my human versions) Bonnie the Bunny and Freddy Fazbear. Hope you enjoy!
FNAF Oneshots | Bonnie x Freddy by MidnightBlossom3010
FNAF Oneshots | Bonnie x Freddyby ami ☽☾
A compilation of short stories featuring Freddy Fazbear and his right-hand man, Bonnie Bunny, and their journey towards healing from their trauma together and making a N...
{A Demon And A Bunny} Shadow Fronnie by agaywriterr
{A Demon And A Bunny} Shadow Writer
After some years 2 childhood friends we're able to meet again. With that one side got all of their feels back for them when they saw them. They soon catch up with each o...
Freddy x Bonnie (Memories of the past by FanfictrashIam
Freddy x Bonnie (Memories of the FanfictrashIam
This is the story of how Bonnie and Freddy met in my other Freddy x Bonnie story.
Moon High -Freddy x Bonnie- by iwannafly7
Moon High -Freddy x Bonnie-by iwannafly💙
Freddy Fazbear is a new student at Moon High, everyone loves him when he arrives. Apparently Fazbear was the 'perfect guy'. The bear only had his eyes on one person in t...
Security Breach Short Stories by UnikitFox
Security Breach Short Storiesby HI I MISS YOU GUYS
~Cover by me~ This is just a collection of short stories written by yours truly. (Well... some might not be so short.) Some may be influenced on other's writing (or mayb...
Jealousy (FNAF Freddy X Bonnie) by BaileeOriginal
Jealousy (FNAF Freddy X Bonnie)by BailaArt
Bonnie has had a crush on Freddy for a while now and wants to tell him. Except when new animatronics are hired to work at the pizzeria and a certain blue rabbit tries to...
Freddy X Bonnie: Highschool Drama  by Penguin_Pun_Party
Freddy X Bonnie: Highschool Drama by Lord_of_The_Memes
When Bonnie gets saved from getting his ass handed to him by the mysterious new kid in school with 'bear blonde hair and icey blue eyes' everything he ever had in life g...