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Slave of a Billionaire by supriyak334
Slave of a Billionaireby Supriya Kumari
I moved to new town with my uncle and bumped into him. We hated each other from the start. When we bumped again it was the worst part of my life, it made me his slave...
DUALITY - KTH×JJK (*finished) by dark_kimtaekookie
DUALITY - KTH×JJK (*finished)by Masky
Book-cover by: @qwfcfanfic Who would have ever thought the biggest nerd of the university will turned out to be the most feared person of the whole world. Well the badbo...
Fixing you |~| louis Tomlinson by larriestylinsxn
Fixing you |~| louis Tomlinsonby 👅Larry’s panties👅
Louis was self-oriented, a defensive and snappy character who only fought for himself. Some would go as far to call him selfish. He'd always found it difficult to cope...
 a ' NoRmAl ' Teenager ..... ( Spiderman/ Peter Parker) by lonestar475
a ' NoRmAl ' Teenager ..... ( lonestar
RUSH (Book 1 of The Rapture Series) by HecDaevis
RUSH (Book 1 of The Rapture Series)by Hec Daevis
"Sometimes, I wondered if there was ever a time when I hadn't cared so much about others' opinions of me. Either the subtle ones I'd heard through hushed whispers...
MY NERD by marialove1999
MY NERDby marialove1999
Alyssa Jefferson the girl that nobody notice, always in her book, never in trouble, don't go to parties and get straight A's.she is the kind of girl student of her high...
Not Like Other Girls by JasmineYu077
Not Like Other Girlsby Jasmine Yu
This story follows Friction, a 16 year old girl that is not like other girls as she has to go to a new highschool and discovered that she was a special snowflake and tot...
His waiting heart by Debdon59
His waiting heartby Debdon59
Jimin is a kind boy who wants to do good by everyone.Jungkook is a rich and always thinks money talks and that nothing in life is free
My new life by Candy_Bubbles12
My new lifeby Cristine Regmi
Who doesn't want to be reincarnated in a strange new world after their death? Grace a lonely girl who dies at the young age of 16 in a terrible accident but when she op...
Love of my life by supriyak334
Love of my lifeby Supriya Kumari
I was about to end my life when he saved me. He mended my broken heart with his love and care. He was fast very fast. He told me his darkest secret. He became the love o...
My Heart Knows by feemah
My Heart Knowsby fareeyah 💕
Sometimes we get hurt by people we thought would never cause us pain. The one's we deeply and truly love but they do, they intentionally break our hearts and the trust w...
unforgettable | BTS FF by Jimxchair
unforgettable | BTS FFby Jimxchair
"Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like" Warning ⚠️ •Matur...
 BTS FF ||Clumsy girl with 7 Handsome boys || by MiraculousChitra
BTS FF ||Clumsy girl with 7 Miraculous Chitra
It is a story about a girl with a messy life and 7 handsome cold hearted boys of her highschool . Boys having a cold life and the girl having a cheerful life. Y/n (LEA...
 Sweet Seduction   by okedaola
Sweet Seduction by Okigho Diana Marcus
I'm going to fuck you so hard you would not be able to walk properly for week's. Anastasia shivered..... After six Years of getting dump by her first lover edwin, Ana...
My ONE NIGHT STAND is My BOSS by Daineleen
My ONE NIGHT STAND is My BOSSby Daineleen
Imagine being drunk out of your mind, partying like it's youR last day of high school and sleeping with a gorgeous hunk you never ever met in your life. Now imagine see...
Best Of Wattpad✓ by DemiianSS
Best Of Wattpad✓by SS
Hello Everyone!!! First of all thankyou for giving me a chance by reading this book of mine. I know i know there are many books with the same title but i'll assure you t...
female dom by femdomwriterr
female domby femdomwriterr
Ayla was a entrepreneur hustling from last 2 year to make a position in market for themselves handling this much stress needed some relaxation ehh?😈👿
The Forbidden Love Is You by Messy97
The Forbidden Love Is Youby Messy
"Never let me go was what i told you but you just left me behind all alone." Madeline brown and Edward Miller were childhood sweethearts who promised each othe...