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My Short Ancestor (Naru/FMA) by Cosmic_Pumpkin_King
My Short Ancestor (Naru/FMA)by Pumpkin King
There were things Naruto expected when it came to his birthday. He expected to be chased by a mob (he was). He expected to be beaten by the mob (he was). What he didn't...
Broken ✔ by strawberryichigo15
Broken ✔by Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 1 in fma Edward has been missing for almost a year. The only thing Roy had was Ed's pocket watch and the horrible memory that Al was gone. When they final...
Eldest Elric by yaoilover135
Eldest Elricby yaoilover135
I had this story on Otakufanfic.com, but I figured that since it got over 1,000 Read Counts, then it's good enough for Wattpad lol. It's not edited perfectly, I made it...
Homunculus (RWBY x Male Reader) by MrWorstAuthor
Homunculus (RWBY x Male Reader)by MrWorstAuthor
The world of Remnant is full of may different kinds of people. Humans, Faunus, Hunters, ect. Enter (Y/N). A mysterious young man whos entire existence is completely unkn...
Fullmetal's Sister (Roy Mustang X OC) by DoggyProductions
Fullmetal's Sister (Roy Mustang X...by I'm a Flipping Wallflower
update later 😬😅 I'm not sure what to put yet, but I promise its good
Anime Boys: Seven Minutes in Heaven One Shots by Words-Of-Fate
Anime Boys: Seven Minutes in Heave...by Fate
A collection of 7MiH one-shots of characters from FMA, Blue Exorcist, Fairy Tail, OHSHC, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Noragami, Death Note, Sword Art Online, and The Devil...
Fullmetal Alchemist Boyfriend Scenarios! by MayaNotMia
Fullmetal Alchemist Boyfriend Scen...by MayaNotMia
Hey guys! This is basically a select characters from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that I made. It's different stories from a third point of view about how you two me...
A Man's Revenge  by filltheseawithtears
A Man's Revenge by Mae means bitter
A man, seeking revenge on the State, crashes the train Edward and Alphonse are traveling on. While investigating the engine something goes wrong, and Edward loses someth...
Myths, Magic, and Alchemy by Silverdam
Myths, Magic, and Alchemyby SummerBreeze
Edward Elric is given a new mission; to teach alchemy at a magic school. At the same time, Chiron gives Percy, Thalia, and Nico a new quest; to go back in time and prote...
You've got to be kidding me (Fma:B x Avengers) by SweetTeaFox
You've got to be kidding me (Fma:B...by Fritz or SweetTea
Yep, you've read the title (hopefully) you know what's gonna be coming. Avengers, an all powerful group of supernatural people, walking science miracles, an ex assassin...
The Alchemist of Honnouji (Kill la Kill x Male Reader) by MrWorstAuthor
The Alchemist of Honnouji (Kill la...by MrWorstAuthor
(Y/N) is a young alchemist who is attending Honnouji Academy that nobody knows of. One day he meets Ryuko and decides help her find her fathers killer. Fun times will en...
✨A cursed image handbook✨ by C0L0R_HANAK0
✨A cursed image handbook✨by C0L0R_HANAK0
A ray of cursed images from different Animes Think you can handle the stupidness I just put into this book??
Fullmetal Alchemist Boyfriend Scenarios(Requests: OPEN) by Dragon_Descendant
Fullmetal Alchemist Boyfriend Scen...by Flare
What will your life be like with you Fullmetal Alchemist lover?
Daughter of Flame by Warpixie
Daughter of Flameby Warpixie
Angel Potter, commonly called Harry by the idiots of the magical society, decides to take a gamble with her fate and uses a circle she finds in her mother's journal in h...
Transmuting Love ~ (edXwinry FMAB fanfic) by tAt783
Transmuting Love ~ (edXwinry FMAB...by tAt783
It's about 6:00 pm and I'm just casually sitting in my room reading an automail book with a warm coffee in my hand... It was only this morning I caught a train to Rese...
stayin alive  by elricqs
stayin alive by rin
mustang has given edward a mission to find and capture the gun alchemist but while fighting him something goes terribly wrong.. roy & ed (parental) tw: blood, injuries...
Who Knew He Could Be So Caring Sequel (Envy x Reader) by katpad01
Who Knew He Could Be So Caring Seq...by Lots Of XReaders
Read this after you read the first one. I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, pictures, or characters
FMA Oneshots (LEMONS) by KawaiiCaptainBri
FMA Oneshots (LEMONS)by Oliver
Just a bunch of kinky lemons because I'm a gross person.
Edward Does Love by SillySammy1234
Edward Does Loveby SillySammy1234
Rachel is grounded. She sneaks downstairs every night, or more precisely, every morning to watch her favorite anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. One day, her laptop sucks her i...
Just Believe Me by HeartOfFullmetal
Just Believe Meby J
When Edward Elric tries to tell his boyfriend, Roy Mustang that he's pregnant, Roy thinks it's all a bad joke. Though after that, Ed leaves Roy disappearing from his lif...