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Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC fanfiction) by Hologram09
Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC f...by A
Ouran Academy is running as usual, until a strange new scholarship student comes along. One with golden hair and eyes, and an automail arm and leg...
Soldier Keep On Marching On by Minecraftian1213
Soldier Keep On Marching Onby Simp
We've all read the stories about a teenager falling into a fictional world. So let's do it again with an adult who's lost it all. Aiden Wilson, mother of two, is taken b...
Rare-ish facts about Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood.
Colonel: Mustang x OC (FMAB) by OwOSeNpAiiii
Colonel: Mustang x OC (FMAB)by Princess Lena
˜"*°• An unfortunate encounter with the Homonculi left Luna shattered, her time in their fortress could never be forgotten, they were the ones who had changed her i...
To Love Your Omega (Roy/Ed Alpha/Omega dynamic) by HeartOfFullmetal
To Love Your Omega (Roy/Ed Alpha/O...by J
A oneshot I made. (That is actually going to be a story now so yeah XD) Ed is in heat and Roy ends up walking un on him. Roy, who is an alpha, is tempted by Ed, who is a...
Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Be In The Dungeon? by Oramudadora
Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Be...by Oramudadora
Y/n L/n is sent into danmachi with the knowledge of alchemy from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. the anime Danmachi and Fullmetal Alchemist belong to their respective cre...
My Alchemist Academia by Dat1Otako
My Alchemist Academiaby Flapjack Alchemist
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be given. That it's Alchemy's first law of Equivalent E...
RWBY x Neglected Greed male reader (Discontinued) by Mecha_Fenix
RWBY x Neglected Greed male reader...by Mecha_Fenix
Hi, I'm new in wattpad and this is my first fanfiction. If you guys can give me a tip or two i will appreciate it a lot The images and the characters do not belong to me...
Hope ꨄ Male Reader x Edward Elric by Nafoyy
Hope ꨄ Male Reader x Edward Elricby Nafoy
M/R had arrived at Central not too long ago and had met Edward and Alphonse, Edward having both his automail broken. Insisting on helping him, the two become friends and...
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FMAB Characters X Reader One Shots by KickBoxBanana
FMAB Characters X Reader One Shotsby kickboxbanana
The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters x Reader one shots. I will take requests for boys and girls! Have fun :3 Highest Ranking- #29 of 3.22k for xReader #20 for...
Eldest Elric by yaoilover135
Eldest Elricby yaoilover135
I had this story on Otakufanfic.com, but I figured that since it got over 1,000 Read Counts, then it's good enough for Wattpad lol. It's not edited perfectly, I made it...
The Secret of Life Itself (Full Metal Alchemist x reader) by yuki_no_fuyu
The Secret of Life Itself (Full Me...by yuki_no_fuyu
This is a story of a love triangle of all the main male characters. It's Edward, Alphonse, Envy, Wrath, Pride, etc. Please note that this is Yandere for the enemies. Jus...
Anime One-Shots Book 1 -Completed - by Rosella_Pisces
Anime One-Shots Book 1 -Completed -by K. S.Booth
I will do any One-Shot; I have not watched every anime. I own nothing except for my characters!
Beauty and the Armor- Alphonse x Reader by SmuggleMuffin
Beauty and the Armor- Alphonse x R...by Bee
After your parents died, the Rockbell family had raised you like you were their own flesh and blood. Winry and you acted like sisters, but other than her you usually fel...
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X Reader)  by MayaNotMia
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X Rea...by MayaNotMia
(Y/N) is a thief, plain and simple. running around with one real limb, stealing what she can find and trying not to die. One day, two alchemists, Edward and Alphonse Elr...
Homunculus (RWBY x Male Reader) by MrWorstAuthor
Homunculus (RWBY x Male Reader)by MrWorstAuthor
The world of Remnant is full of may different kinds of people. Humans, Faunus, Hunters, ect. Enter (Y/N). A mysterious young man whos entire existence is completely unkn...
I Couldn't Let You Die by Envy_theJealous
I Couldn't Let You Dieby Envy_theJealous
An Envy x Reader short story {Complete}
A Different Kind of Hero ~ MHA x FMA by Mikey_thewitch
A Different Kind of Hero ~ MHA x F...by Michael Walters
A new threat has challenged the heroes of Class 1-A, but it's something entirely new. Strangers from another world appeared at their doorstep. One whose power is unlike...
Anime X Reader by HiIVer1010
Anime X Readerby HiIVer1010
Anime X Reader is a book of one shots. An occasional Random x Reader. Story complete