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A book of twisted nursery rhymes ! by bronde100
A book of twisted nursery rhymes !by bronde100
Hey This is a book of twisted nursery rhymes. If you're planning on reading this book I hope you know that it's not all sunshines and rainbows so if your looking for t...
Christmas Traditions I'll Never Do Again by jndixon2
Christmas Traditions I'll Never Nichole
*A "GOOD THINGS I'LL NEVER DO AGAIN" SHORT STORY* It's Christmas and Beverly Curie is heading to Colorado to spend the holidays with her three nieces. Her sis...
Hiccup x reader the only one by sharletlovestar
Hiccup x reader the only oneby sharlet Mica
This story is about you going back to Berk . You see your BFF hiccup and you grow to be a little or a lot more then friends.along the way you find a night fury ! Will yo...
~~အောင်သွယ်တော် System~~ by zwiki0
~~အောင်သွယ်တော် System~~by zwiki0
ဘဝကို အထီးကျန်စွာ‌ဖြတ်သန်းနေတဲ့ သတိကြီးတဲ့ကောင်လေးတစ်ယောက် သေဆုံးသွားပြီး system ထဲရောက်သွားသောအခါ ဘာတွေဆက်ဖြစ်မလဲ..... ( ဒီဇာတ်လမ်းထဲက အကြောင်းအရာ ( သို့မဟုတ် ) နာမည်...
Gen Z in Harry Potter headcanons (DISCONTINUED) by mtheydymera
Gen Z in Harry Potter headcanons ( Arien
The title says everything. Me and my friend just talk about these stuff and so I thought "Hey imma make a book out of this" so I asked my friend and she said...
IM TRAPPED WITH HIM?! [Saru x Misaki - K project] by KawaiixTsundere
IM TRAPPED WITH HIM?! [Saru x KawaiixTsundere
**WARNING YAOI [Saruhiko x Misaki]** ON one very, unfortunate day, Yata Misaki stumbles upon a nearby house. Curious, the teenager decides to take a peek but to his regr...
Best friend story and fun!!!!!!! by pinkiepiecupcake1234
Best friend story and fun!!!!!!!by pinkiepiecupcake1234
There's a friends and they love each other.
memes I found on the internet  by ghostbur_02
memes I found on the internet by ghostbur_02
I'm just gonna post memes I found on tiktok,Instagram,and Twitter so ye have fun and this sis going to be cringey also if any of the Dream smp members are reading this s...
My Cheshire Cat - Jalbert by Winscal
My Cheshire Cat - Jalbertby oh lord
This story may contain Nsfw Depression Crude humour Self harm Death
His Majesty's Proposal |L . Ackerman|  by HalaEeman7
His Majesty's Proposal |L . Hala Eeman
*i am not good at writing descriptions or litterally anything* A daughter of a nobleman and an Emperor perfect picture right . well this story shows the bumpy rides of Y...
Ask One night at flumptys 1 and 2 (CONTINUED) by Princessmay122200
Ask One night at flumptys 1 and May Blue rose Gemstone
ok so I decided to continue because I noticed a lot of ppl are still asking questions on my ask on account. so I decided to continue! yaay! there are other characters in...
Is This Really Happening? ( Cameron Dallas  Story) by boybandfever4eves
Is This Really Happening? ( boybandfever4eves
Emily is an undiscovered Youtuber that makes funny videos. She has only two friends, one of which is her cousin Liz. Cameron is a famous Youtuber that also makes funny...
Pokémon dares! by af1009127
Pokémon dares!by 🤖Abdul_ best gamer👾
Um hi I'm writing about Pokémon dares and I'm new.
A Failed Escape by hawaamir10
A Failed Escapeby Char and Chase
The 2 twins that got abandoned in a garbage dump and left to die gets adopted but something horrible happens to them!?!!??
JUUCHI YOSAMU - 10,000 cold nights by asif123patel
JUUCHI YOSAMU - 10,000 cold nightsby asif123patel
This story is about one mythical cursed sword made by the greatest Japanese sword smith "MURAMASA". This sword has a lot of mysterious power. that takes over...
Emily's fight with the demon pick me cheddar cheese girls 👹💀😍😎🖤 by EvieIsBakaForShrek
Emily's fight with the demon EvieIsBakaForShrek
If your a pick me fall off a cliff and die, if u survive do it daily until u die because you're a worthless shit! 🖤🥰
Can Love Heal? by taliadeangelo
Can Love Heal?by ..talia..
Talia Williams moves across the country to start at a boarding school her mother sent her to, because of a supposed accident. Little does she know she meets a kind boy a...