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Stalker 👀  by Cheer_dest
Stalker 👀 by Cheer_dest
When 2 girls sneak into the Griers house and look through there stuff! Do you think they will get fought or no!!!🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🐬
The Life by daddylovesbabygirl
The Lifeby daddylovesbabygirl
This is just a short story of what I think life means.
thoughts and feelings by duhreams
thoughts and feelingsby Jessie Abbygil
the things that i wrote in here is not just based on what i felt and experience but also what i saw and heard from the people around me. these are just some thoughts on...
Letters to both my future and past selves by StayJulia0325
Letters to both my future and past...by Jules
Literally just a letter to my future and past selves #24 in FUTUREME lol
Dear, me. by your_averege_fangirl
Dear, me.by your_averege_fangirl
I write a time in the future. You write a letter to future you. We wait. I remind you when it's time to revisit your letter. You read the letter you wrote for yourself.
Dear future me by frejagkaiser
Dear future meby Freja Kaiser
I wanted to make a more conspicuous cover for this story but I'm just not good at that stuff. So ths will do for now.
Just Me Ranting by buckmypussy
Just Me Rantingby this is tom hardy
don't read it lmao, it just felt calming to post it as a book or whatever. TW if your sorry ass is reading this, mentions of su!c!dal thoughts and self h@rm.
Dear Future by Squishy_weaboo
Dear Futureby Mars Wood
This is a story for a wattpad competition. It is a letter to my future self and what I would say as encouragement.
Dear Soon To Be Dead Me by Poisonous4Love
Dear Soon To Be Dead Meby Poisonous4Love
Dear future me remember that even though somethings In life make you want to die. Don't quit on life because of it just try and stay strong. Even if it's for Those who c...
 A Note To My Future Self by MccalebJade
A Note To My Future Selfby Mccaleb Jade
Dear favour, remember to read this when you feel down and lonely and no more depression
Diario di una ragazza perfetta  by svetla203
Diario di una ragazza perfetta by svetla203
E se io non volessi essere la destinataria di questa vita ...storia di una ragazza perfetta scritta su pagine di diario...
Future Me by jasparjoshler
Future Meby sasha
At first, doesn't know if she has what it takes to be a famous singer. She auditions for a talent competition and does so good. But what she doesn't know is that it woul...
Disappearance by RosieRabbit13
Disappearanceby Eva R. Shaw
This is a story about a teen girl and her pet. This is not a story for those who love unicorns and rainbows. Don't read this story if you do not like unhappy endings....
Dear Past Trinity, by RandaNotTrinity
Dear Past Trinity,by RandaNotTrinity
I Just Got Up Today Wanting To Start Expressing Myself So Here It Is. I don't Know what to say about it other then hope you enjoy.