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Last Night by lezziemates
Last Nightby lezziemates
After a late night visit to LCorp Kara-as Supergirl- ends up spending the night with Lena. Lena finds out that Supergirl has a habit of talking in her sleep. The morning...
𖤹Game Night with the Arrowverse𖤹 by pettydarhk
𖤹Game Night with the Arrowverse𖤹by pettydarhk
All hero's of the Arrowverse haves a game night.
Ducktales one shots and headcannons [Requests Open] by Viv_JustHereToRead
Ducktales one shots and ׂׂૢ 𝔳𝔦𝔳𝔦𝔞𝔫 𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔳𝔦𝔠...
A place where YOU can request hc, one shot ideas and more! no smut btw i think thats obvious
It's you! by itsurgurlll
It's you!by Writes16
Kara and Lena meeting and how their relationship grows and the reaction of everyone around them, some other small ships will pass by. I take ideas for future chapters' o...
 error story's /error One-shots by mommy_error
error story's /error One-shotsby Mad dog-Chan
I drew the cover so this is mostly a bunch of story's about error the forced god of destruction and stuff like that I'm not going to do this one often I'm lazy and real...
Hinny? Hinny. by Norwrites
Hinny? Nor
It's vacation for the Hogwarts students and Ginny couldn't be more depressed for a vacation. After her superstar boyfriend broke up with her to protect her, Now it's her...
Dibs Eternity by DKGwrites
Dibs Eternityby Donna K. Griffin
Alex taught a young Kara, a newcomer to this world, many important rules like "Don't eat the heels of the bread, they're poison," and "Step on a crack and...
Lincoln's GAMENIGHT by 00Blazzier00
Lincoln's GAMENIGHTby 00Blazzier00
Lincoln loud a 11 year old boy and the only male child of the loud family, Join him on his night out to learn more please read the story :) this is a loud house fanfic t...
PJO Game night by MeganAbraham1
PJO Game nightby Megan Abraham
Hii! My First story in Wattpad,I just wanted too say The characters and their ages: Percy Jackson-17 Annabeth Chase-17 Jason Grace-17 Piper McLean-16 Leo Valdez-16 Frank...
Ghezen's Roulette by LightningFish27
Ghezen's Rouletteby Gavin Williams
The crows get together and play a game of Ghezen's Roulette- "Own it all." Although Kaz almost always wins, Wylan gives him a run for his money, something Kaz...
Class 1-A game night by fanfic222222
Class 1-A game nightby Fanfics for fun
Class 1-A, Shinsou, and the big three all meet up to have one big game night. They will play many different games and definitely cause a lot of chaos. If they lose they...
Dadrizzle30's Jumanji by Dadrizzle30
Dadrizzle30's Jumanjiby Da Drizzle 30
A 2009 remake written by me that tells the story of an adult game night that plunges a trio of couples into the dangerous and horrifying realities of the board game JUMA...
Game Night by Melike04025
Game Nightby Meks Kar
TW: this short piece has r*pe elements. Sensitive or triggered by topic please do not continue reading.
Little Doll by CreatorofMadness890
Little Dollby Faith Ifft
Sara Loeffler is eight-years-old. She lives with her father, Michael, and his assistant, Molly, in their castle in eastern Europe. Her father is a doctor, not only that...
Gay Game Night by Choni_Beronica_21
Gay Game Nightby Betty Blossom
What will happen when Betty is dared at a previous game night they had, to kiss Veronica? Will Betty and Veronica become a full blown couple in the sidelines with their...
Operation Lobster  by Kryptonianpuppy29
Operation Lobster by M
Alex, Winn and the rest of the Superfriends can't take it anymore. Everyone can see the obvious heart eyes the two have for each other. So it's time for Operation Lobste...
Parry the Parrot by HallowsEveWrite
Parry the Parrotby Hallows Eve
Parry wants to play in his sister's dungeon and dragon game and is willing to play any character, unfortunately only one is available. This was originally posted to Twit...
⚡Game Night⚡ by The_LuckyOswald
⚡Game Night⚡by Luckiest Rabbit
" Did you come to play a game? " After dealing his soul, Springtrap must work at the casino Cuphead and Mugman were at, but with minimal pay, will he escape, o...
An Awkward Game of Wolf (a ST AU) by 3DINNERS
An Awkward Game of Wolf (a ST AU)by John Beh 2020🥵
The whole ST gang decides to play a game of Wolf instead of the Usual DND as they fight, argue, and confess everything... This story is for the Feral Instincts contest :)