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Avatar: Awakened Gamer by HolyJ0ker
Avatar: Awakened Gamerby HolyJoker
This is the story of a man who transmigrated into the Avatar world as Sokka with a Gamer Interface. The Main Character will be smart. So no Shounen protagonist power-up...
Is it wrong to be a little frosty in a dungeon? by Browhatthefu-
Is it wrong to be a little Browhatthefu-
So 16 year old you gets his shi wrocked by a bus, and now you're in another world, wow. Easy concept. rights to danmachi belong to Fujino Ōmori You belong to me, slave...
Issei: The Mind of Games by Eraser-Boi-Dat
Issei: The Mind of Gamesby Jiren The Grey
Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different...
Game Start! (Male Gamer reader x Rwby Harem) by Twilightjoker
Game Start! (Male Gamer reader x Twilightjoker
Y/n L/n was never a student that stood out that much during his days at Signal academy. But after being warned that one more failed test or spar will get him expelled he...
My Ninja Gamer Way by budgieman1
My Ninja Gamer Wayby budgie man
Yuki is just your average 14-year-old boy with no parents or friends. After forgetting that he had a presentation that day. He dies of a sudden heart failure, but he was...
The chastiefol gamer of DXD by JamesHall137
The chastiefol gamer of DXDby James Hall
a kid dies but God takes pity on him and reincarnated him in the world of DXD with a few other abilities. #1 in gamer on 9-27-20 #1 in saji on 11-14-20 #1 in angel's on...
Infiniteverse x gamer #1 by hizoMHX
Infiniteverse x gamer #1by Mysterious Hizo
I don't own anything in this story This is one of my first stories so don't hate to mach
Bright Matter - An Overwatch Story  by Gunship_Serrano
Bright Matter - An Overwatch Story by G҉ㄩክડђเꉣ_ֆ𐌄Ꮢᖇꪖภ✺
(Y/N) is your average unemployed gamer, he lives in an apartment with his two friends, and his favorite video game is Overwatch. The moment things finally start looking...
Overlord The Slime Gamer by JamesHall137
Overlord The Slime Gamerby James Hall
ok y'all know the drill a guy dies but get's reincarnated in to a game he was about to play I think you all get the rest.
Dragon Gamer   by Dracula117
Dragon Gamer by Dracula117
Y/N woke up one day and find a blue holographic box floating in his face saying " Welcome Gamer To Highschool Dxd. " Y/N knew his life just got real complicate...
I'm gonna be the only Hashira with a Bankai by LightDrazirahc
I'm gonna be the only Hashira LightDrazirahc
Being reborn into the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba shouldn't be too bad... right... right Disclaimer: I don't own the series of Kimetsu No Yaiba or Konosuba, I suggest go w...
a guy dies and gets reincarnated in another world. #1- in that time I got reincarnated as a slime November 14 2020. #1- in phoenix November 14 2020.
Hunter x Hunter (Gamer) by NirvanicPhoenix
Hunter x Hunter (Gamer)by NirvanicPhoenix
This is my first book Constructive criticism not your bullshit IM LOOKIN AT YOU STEVE *Goes back into corner* Anyways..... ENJOY XD
The Freeblade Gamer of Remnant by The97OtherDudes
The Freeblade Gamer of Remnantby The97OtherDudes
When Y/N died, he didn't know where he was going, maybe he was going to heaven or reincarnate into another world. Unfortunately, Y/N got the latter option, now on a miss...
The Gamer of the Dead by HadiAbdulHadi2
The Gamer of the Deadby Hadi Abdul Hadi
Survival in the zombie apocalyptic world , Niam Walker has to face grave challenges with his unique Gamer abilities . But rather than living in fear or saving the world...
The Gamer:Empire by kincaid1997
The Gamer:Empireby Ashley Grainger
He died, he was ressurected and now he will exterminate On basically permanent hiatus 22/02/23
Reincarnated Gamer! (Male Gamer Reader x Highschool DxD) by Saiyan_Of_OOF
Reincarnated Gamer! (Male Gamer YourSenpaiz_69
A young man died. He got reincarnated by the Supreme God and now he needs to help save the universe! Nothing's mine besides the Story, I guess.
The Super-sonic gamer of remnant (RWBY Fanfic) by The_Other_01
The Super-sonic gamer of remnant ( The-Other-1
After you died saving your family, the god brothers of the RWBY world decided to revive you and send you to remnant... to do what the not-so-wonderful wizard of Oz didn'...
Male Gamer Reader X  Multiverse {Re continued} by Prsya_Books
Male Gamer Reader X Multiverse { Prsya Books
You die and god gives you a second chance of life and gives you five wishes, He allows you to get reborn into a world of your choice. The Gamer ability was given to you...
the supreme god (dxd x gamer ) by onelegfish
the supreme god (dxd x gamer )by onelegfish
saiko darwin a game hacking weeb was on his way to buys some gaming snacks as he was about to grind for a new legendary sword in his fave mmorpg game altho he has his ha...