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Clone High Dating Scenarios  by IHadCheesecake
Clone High Dating Scenarios by IHadCheesecake
Do you like clone high/have a crush on a character from it? Good for you! This book is for all you main clone self shipping needs!
🧬Clone High x Reader Oneshots🧬 by bugfilledtypewriter
🧬Clone High x Reader Oneshots🧬by rex !
Give a request, get a fanfic! [ On hold! ]
Joan x JFK by irljoanofarc
Joan x JFKby frey
A fic inspired by a story I read on AO3. Instead of moving in with Cleo, Toots and Joan live with JFK and his foster dads.
Join Congress Today To Change The Nature of India's Democracy! by AIPRGF11
Join Congress Today To Change AIPRGF11
Political parties are organized by groups of people who share a set of similar political aims and opinions The main role of these parties is to present their candidates...
Mahatma Gandhi - From Shy Boy to "The Great Soul" by laddertosuccess
Mahatma Gandhi - From Shy Boy to " Cameron C. Taylor
Excerpt from the international bestselling book 8 Attributes of Great Achievers. The book is filled with inspiring stories from the lives of great achievers past and pr...
Gandhi by theunrealslimshady
Gandhiby theunrealslimshady
Just some random thoughts I had about life and progression. Gandhi is one of my favorite people, which explains the title, but the story applies to anyone who helped peo...
Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife (An appraisal of Islam 'n India) by BSMurthy
Puppets of Faith: Theory of BSMurthy
On one hand, this 'book of logic 'n reasoning' appraises the Islamic faith shaped by the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching in Mecca and the severity of his sermons in Me...
My Inspiration by sweet1click
My Inspirationby Anni
This book is a collection of quotes.The book includes quotes of many famous personalities and even once written by me. The quotes will be great relevance to everyone who...
Annihilation of Caste by IshanVarade
Annihilation of Casteby Ishan Varade
Dr. Bhimarao Ramji Ambedkar (1891-1956) was the first highly educated, politically prominent member of the Hindu "Untouchable" castes. He wrote The Annihilati...
mind and heart conflict by KLaxmanpuli2067
mind and heart conflictby K Laxman
it is a plot of conflict mind and heart ...there happens discussion ...and who wins is a suspense
Reluctant travels in India by purbeck67
Reluctant travels in Indiaby Stephen Bassett
How can you end up in India, be totally out of your depth, and yet have a party of school students to look after? This story has been with me for nearly seven years. The...
AIPRGF - A Chance To Join Hands With Your Dream Party by AIPRGF11
AIPRGF - A Chance To Join Hands AIPRGF11
Hi and Hello friends! Today I'm going to tell you a few facts and details about Congress Party, and how Join AIPRGF works, and now let's get started with the topic. We a...
Quotes and rants  by kpopfandom204
Quotes and rants by Multifan_kpop
This story is going to contain quotes, they can be happy, sad, uplifting, who knows. [contains triggering content] [may have some mature language] *credit to authors*
Gandhi x Female!Reader by erinsin
Gandhi x Female!Readerby erin
this is my first time writing a fanfiction (or actually submitting it lol) so please don't eat me alive if this is bad GASHJDKFLG this is purely self indulgent because i...