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the master of illusions [ ganondorf x reader ] by ClazeyJ
the master of illusions [ ▽ 𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕤𝕒𝕦𝕔𝕖 ▽
For as long as Demise has existed, so has a family of his loyal followers. The [L/N] bloodline. It's tradition for every first-born of each generation in the family to s...
The Princess of Darkness by Yukino-Somha
The Princess of Darknessby Yukino-Somha
Once long ago in the kingdom of Hyrule twin princesses were born. One was blonde and bubbly blue eyes, the other with dark brown hair and red eyes. Their names were Zeld...
The Hero of Remnant Volume 1: The Hero Returns (Male Link Reader x RWBY) by LukeHerdman04
The Hero of Remnant Volume 1: Luke H
Long ago there was a young boy garbed in green who protected the land 'till his last dying breath. Now, thousands of years later, the boy is reincarnated as an ordinary...
The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time by dragonrand100
The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of dragonrand100
"This is the tale of an ancient land of lush forests and verdant meadows. A land blessed by the Goddesses where the powers of light and shadow exist in perfect bala...
A Timeless Ballad Ganondorf x Reader by MandyMichaud
A Timeless Ballad Ganondorf x MikaAoife
You are a Guardian Spirit of the Lost Woods that takes on the form of a kitsune. You have spent countless centuries protecting the Sacred Forest Meadow until one day y...
Unforgotten Love | Zelink ✔️ by TerminalWaifu
Unforgotten Love | Zelink ✔️by モルガナ
In modern day Hyrule, Link is an orphan who lives in an orphanage. Because he is meant to be the Hero of Hyrule, his bunkmates get jealous and bully him for it. When Lin...
Goddess Of Time [Link X Reader] COMPLETED by bbub14
Goddess Of Time [Link X Reader] bbub14
Link and you have been friends together since the day you first came together in childhood. His fate soon comes into hand as you somehow got sucked into it. Will you fin...
Until The Last Breath by ABeautifulBeginning
Until The Last Breathby ABeautifulBeginning
A lot of work needs to be done to rebuild Hyrule, and to convince others to help will take a lot of work from Link and Zelda. Having all his memories back, Link is plagu...
Zelink BOTW Sequel/ Legend of Zelda and the Last Knight by skycloudrain101
Zelink BOTW Sequel/ Legend of skycloudrain101
Calamity Ganon has been defeated. All is well in Hyrule and it would seem that Link and Zelda's troubles are finally over. However, not all is as it seems. With the King...
Babble by PhantomMond
Babbleby PhantomMond
A Linked Universe Reader Insert Fanfiction. This day was not going as you had planned. It probably was not going as planned for these travellers you had started to foll...
The Wind Waker by Awesome-astronaut
The Wind Wakerby Singer of Hyrule
On a journey to save his sister, a boy is caught in a struggle older than the great sea. ====== One thousand years ago, the greatest hero of all Time fought against Time...
Father Time | Legend of Zelda by FirefliesNightcore
Father Time | Legend of Zeldaby Firefly
Eight times where Time unintentionally proves why he is their 'old man.' One where he makes sure everybody knows it. WARNINGS: - nightmares - self-doubt - fear of height...
Long Live, Smash Warriors (Super Smash Bros. Fanfic AU) (Completed) by fadingfantasy
Long Live, Smash Warriors (Super Kimmy
"Long I had dreamed of a place where fighters come together to build up their skills, face many challenges along the way and grow within themselves. The Smash Acade...
Remedy | Zelink Modern AU by Princess-Zel
Remedy | Zelink Modern AUby Zel
When Zelda's dumped yet again by her longtime boyfriend, Ganondorf Dragmire, she finally decides that enough is enough. She's done with him, once and for all. On top of...
Zelink One Shots by EmilyCreations
Zelink One Shotsby Zelda
A compilation of Zelink fluff and smut, because you all really loved my one shots. Don't forget to leave requests so I can make your suggestions a reality! I hope you al...
The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of Hyrule ✔️ by -KatyWritesStuff-
The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of katywrotestuff
When the three goddesses of the Triforce unintentionally grant the Princess of Hyrule the Triforce of Power, and the evil locked away from the world the Triforce of Wisd...
Fun with Zelda by Marble-_Hornets-_77
Fun with Zeldaby Winston Merrick
This book is a book I wrote a couple of years ago but since I can't get back into the account that I had it on I'm going to post it on here. just so you all don't think...
The elites of Hyrule  by gamergirlrage
The elites of Hyrule by Caprisun
Ever since Link was a child he's been part of the elites of Hyrule. He's had the honor of going between worlds and learning about the people and the things there. When t...
The Legend of Zelda: Ways of the Wolf by WolfTheWise
The Legend of Zelda: Ways of the Audrey
After a long and hard journey there is yet another epic adventure that awaits The Hero of Twilight. He must learn in depth what it truly means to be a wolf, and to be co...
Nintendo Texting Stories. by BlackRoseSith
Nintendo Texting Emily
The Mushroom Kingdom meets Hyrule. Mario meets Link. Peach meets Zelda. The Links meet up. What could possibly go wrong?