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Xiao x Aether One Shots by XshadowXdragunX
Xiao x Aether One Shotsby XshadowXdragunX
This is my first time writing a book so don't judge please. This book contains boy x boy mentions, if you don't like this please leave. Cover art is not mine!
What happens in a gay and mentally ill gc 😀 by Gucci_eyebags_
What happens in a gay and Yurr swagbae 😩🤌‼️
Random out of context messages between me and my friends <3
Hypotheticals by cameronexe
Hypotheticalsby eddie spaghetti
Steve thinks Eddie Munson is just a druggie and a freak. Eddie thinks Steve is an unbearable asshole. He also thinks he's a decent influence on Henderson. He also might...
Beauty and the Beast (Dreamnoblade)  by Rinnykio
Beauty and the Beast ( NightChubbles
Dream enters territory of a looming resident, a fated partner he doesn't seem to acknowledge. Despite arriving to just pluck a bunch of roses for his friend's favor his...
Worldwide blues//Dnf by treatywastaken
Worldwide blues//Dnfby treaty
in a world where the lead singer of the band 'The Dreamers' collides with the one and only person who interviewed them on their first world tour. cover by @EPHILIAX on...
quackbur by RubenPerez791
quackburby Ruben Perez
ok so I am making this at 11:42 so if sum stuff is misspelled plz forgive me T-T
Until Sunrise by James_Hive
Until Sunriseby James Hive
if I cannot have love then I shall write the love I wished to have had. - this story is based in a fantasy realm with several cultures mixed together - The White Sun Ce...
Fire & Ice by thxrsdaychild
Fire & Iceby Ash M
[BxB] When his sister goes missing, a young spy is thrust into a chaos of power & darkness. - ※ - Cuthbert Wulf is an heir to the Marquessate of Grenia, who considers...
swb. by 7kztora kazutora
just "friends", with benefits that nobody else has to know about. just. "friends".
Gravity Falls✓Love Is Pain *BillDip* by True_Slytherin_Heir
Gravity Falls✓Love Is Pain * Asena Wolf
Dipper has a kink where pain turns him on. He's a masochist. Bill has a kink where 'torturing' turns him on. He's a sadist. Will they find common ground and make their r...
Meant for Each Other by chikn_nuggs
Meant for Each Otherby chikn_nuggs
(ON HIATUS) Two boys, Peter and Charlie, have been best friends ever since they were little, have reached Sophomore year, and Charlie catches feelings for Peter. Follow...
I Never Gave Up On You Eddie /Steddie/ by im_m0re_gay_than_you
I Never Gave Up On You Eddie / i'm suing the duffers
Eddie woke up in the upside-down after being bit by hundreds of demobats. He thought he died. He remembered everything. /This takes place after volume 2/ /I'm only writi...
Justin x Kobe by thatonejikook_fan
Justin x Kobeby ♪jungkook♪
Basically a love story yeah ☺ ☺.... ☺... Josiah if you find this help me😇
idiot. - steddie by auorazio
idiot. - steddieby EMZ 🫶
(revamp of a steddie book i scrapped) An idiot. That all Steve Harrington was. A cold, hard idiot. All because he fell for a freak who went by the name of Eddie Munson. ...
|| THE KING & QUEEN OF THE Sa̸d Bx̸tch
"you should never mess with the king of this school" "why?" "he's scarier than he should never try to be his queen not until you rea...
Sillie and Elmax one shots by hutaospartner
Sillie and Elmax one shotsby ~•° m e r c u r y °•~
Requests open!!! Smut Spice Fluff Angst
The torture of Amy  Camacho by Izzy74830
The torture of Amy Camachoby percabeth4eva!
ages 3-27 with the young girl Amy Camacho, alongside her best friend lacy and protector for eternity Cyrus
Moved In by ChaoticRomanticPan
Moved Inby then perish
College student Ethan moves to a new state for his school. He ends up sharing an apartment with a girl named April, who is very interested in his life. Everything seems...