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(NEW)The Guardians Of The City by Brandon_The_Gsd
(NEW)The Guardians Of The Cityby Officer_Brandon_the_gsd
Zack is a human boy who lives in a world where beastmans and magic powers exist. Zack is starting his first day of school on the Elemantal Academy, people that are born...
Hidden Hearts by Half_Az
Hidden Heartsby Az
Welcome to Winterwake College! A college meant for anyone but in reality, funded by the rich for their kids to further their studies away from the common folk. Though it...
Lith(Gay Furry Sex Fantasy) by Lustdillip
Lith(Gay Furry Sex Fantasy)by LUST DILLIP
I wake up in a white void but not completely alone. A friendly cat stays by my side. This story is based off of the game "My Own Little Lith", I do not take cr...
Till there was you by Julbernese
Till there was youby Julbernese
William, or Will, is a normal man. He works in two places and have a very strict routine everyday. Until one day, he hears something on his living room. Something that's...
(NEW) You're The One by Brandon_The_Gsd
(NEW) You're The Oneby Officer_Brandon_the_gsd
Kevin is a normal avarage human boy who works at a restaurant, he live in his house alone also he's gay and a lot of men tries to flrith with him but he keeps on ignorin...
He Changed My Life by DexusDavisfur
He Changed My Lifeby Dexus
A high school romance with a dash of magic. What seems to be a simple love story between a wolf and a fox turns into something far more serious. Something which threaten...
[OLD] Star Crossed [Star Fox fanfic] by zyxowl
[OLD] Star Crossed [Star Fox ℤ𝕪𝕩𝕠𝕨𝕝 🦉🏳️‍🌈
In war, love blossoms best. ~ #1 in starfox [11.19.20] ~ [This old fic of mine makes me cringe, and I plan entirely on writing a much better general retelling of Star Fo...
I will (Furry Boyxboy) by Julbernese
I will (Furry Boyxboy)by Julbernese
Han is an Australian Shepherd and the only dog in a tigers family; Adyson, his foster mother and Nathaly, his foster sister. He struggles with his hard past and bad repu...
The Night We Met by ragstheott
The Night We Metby ✨Rags✨
Prom night, where it happened. Would anyone be safe in the small town of Pinewood. When a suicide that would change the very safety of everyone around one little pup, Ga...
Ace Of Hearts  by CrabRangoonie
Ace Of Hearts by 🦀
In this story, the reader takes the role of an 18 year old human boy. After seeing your academic prowess, a prestigious high school in your home country of Japan accepte...
Milking//DNF by bigfatballz69
Milking//DNFby bigfatballz69
cream. + balls. ft. dream and George dream "hates" George, but as we later find out, it's all to cover up his undeniable urge to make George his.
Dawn of Courage by whitelandscapes
Dawn of Courageby Kamui White
In the midst of a fiery revolution in which the freedom fighters are losing, a wolf, the child of two legends, swears his revenge. His rage brings him far, but not far e...
Dazzling Red Riot (Gay Furry Story) by TherapyAndPancakes
Dazzling Red Riot (Gay Furry Story)by Therapy&Pancakes
Alejandro Esqueda lives alone and prefers it that way. He's quiet and doesn't care for having many friends. His childhood BFF, a raccoon named Sasha, gets him a bit out...
The One That I Love (On Hold) by Brandonthegsd
The One That I Love (On Hold)by officerBrandonthegsd
Kyle is a 17 year human boy, a human is very rare in the furry world (when i mean very rare i mean very very very rare). in the furry world all the beast man there love...
Best School Year Ever (Discontinued) by punk_rock_furr
Best School Year Ever ( P.R. Furr
Tyler, a 15-year-old Timbersky (My own mixed breed of a Timber Wolf and a husky), has started his sophomore year Derefund high school, after a long and lonely summer. Af...
Another Furry by sanariasepher17
Another Furryby Sanaria Sepher
Michelle is a handsome siberian cat who is also a troublemaker in the school. Being born as the most beautiful race in feline community, many girls become crazy by of hi...
Free Fall (A Furry Story) by SaharaForestFur
Free Fall (A Furry Story)by Forest
Confined to a world he's known for his whole life, Sam takes a chance and dives into the unknown. Entranced by a crystal eyed boy and scarred from a childhood of pain, t...
The feeling by furrymanyee
The feelingby Boopking
A young wolf named Alex meets a cute fox in his hometown middle school and they becomes bff's [dont wanna spoil it]
[Currently under rework] Under Northern Skies by zyxowl
[Currently under rework] Under ℤ𝕪𝕩𝕠𝕨𝕝 🦉🏳️‍🌈
Being rewritten! Follow along! <3 Getting used to a new home is only the start of Kayden the goat's worries. The expectations of his parents weigh heavy the relentles...