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Aaron's Hybrid Sister (Book 1) by Purplemoonfire
Aaron's Hybrid Sister (Book 1)by MoonFire
What would happen if Aaron had a younger sister, the same age as Aphmau The cat hybrid by the name of Violet, has often been said by her family to be to smart for o...
Phoenix Drop High School 2 by Lexi323
Phoenix Drop High School 2by Lexi Right
Aphmau has just moved to Phoenix drop after her parents mysteriously disappeared. She starts a new school Pheonix drop high where she unknowingly captures the attention...
Kitty~ (A genemau Fanfic) by oArwyno
Kitty~ (A genemau Fanfic)by you thought bish
Aphmau has just started her freshman year of high school. Yet, the school trouble maker, Gene, plans to deceive her. In the process they become closer than ever( wink )...
Genemau (Gene x Aphmau) [COMPLETED] by circus_clown
Genemau (Gene x Aphmau) [COMPLETED]by 🐚
Aphmau's Mom gets killed and now she's starting high school. What happens if the person she falls in love with is supposed to be her enemy? ~I will be ᔕᒪOᗯᒪY editing the...
*-Genemau-* by rose1276
*-Genemau-*by theLiv
Just a story of how Gene and Aphmau meet and fall in lovee ❤ (Takes place in the MCD universe)
Genemau: An Unexpected Love Story by Jamie_Heart
Genemau: An Unexpected Love Storyby Jamie Heart
Takes place in phd Always open to suggestions
A shadow knight and his kitty//Genemau by Q101610
A shadow knight and his kitty// Q101610
A kitty in the shadow of love: When a kitty and a shadow meet with a thrash, things become hectic with ex's and violence.Will Aphmau and Gene make it out alive?Will they...
❝Aphmau → OneShots❞ by mocheii
❝Aphmau → OneShots❞by ❝ 지국 ❞
Just another Aphmau OneShot book! Here you can find short stories about your #1 OTP! Includes: BoyxGirl , BoyxBoy , GirlxGirl Any ship is tolerated here ~ - Beautiful co...
Aphmau oneshots by JasAndCassie
Aphmau oneshotsby Jas and Cassie
This is a book of oneshots from every series on both the Aphmau fantasy channel and the main channel. We'll do any ship, but no x readers for now, or smut. If you want s...
Abused and in love with a bully (Genemau fanfic) by Those_2_Weird_Girls
Abused and in love with a bully ( Emma & Kitty
I wish I was never born... I wish my parents were sent to jail... I wish I felt loved... I wish I had friends.... I wish I wasn't bullied... I am Aphmau and this is my s...
She's my kitty~ A Genemau Fanfic by question716
She's my kitty~ A Genemau Fanficby ?
In highschool Aphmau was friends with just about every type of person. And somehow in someway she grew feelings for one, and just one. After highschool a few of her frie...
Genemau, Another Complication by Inspired-Galaxy
Genemau, Another Complicationby Grace Marie
Aphmau is a stubborn, sassy, and an impossible cross between introverted and extraverted. She's also a freshman at Phoenix Drop High- and has a vide range of friends alr...
A Black Cold Heart To A Loving One ~{a Genemau Story} by genemaushiper
A Black Cold Heart To A Loving Genemau
Gene was a bad boy but that turned around after he became more and more closer to Aphmau. Later on gene had left for college and the broke up. Then later on in life she...
A Thief In Phoenix Drop by Lexi323
A Thief In Phoenix Dropby Lexi Right
In all towns there are thieves. So what will happen when all the lords children come to Phoenix Drop and Aphmau and her group of thieves decide that they want to steal f...
#GeneMau - The Bad Boy's Kitty Cat by MayaDaPinkFire
#GeneMau - The Bad Boy's Kitty Catby Sage Taylor
Aphmau hated Gene ever since they met during Aphmau's freshman year, and he felt the same way... Or so she thought. Gene felt differently. He teased her and taunted her...
Kitty~ | GENE X APHMAU GENEMAU **ON HOLD**  by Glemmer
Kitty~ | GENE X APHMAU GENEMAU ** Glemmer
She was something I wasn't prepared for. A storm, A Hurricane, and most importantly a rainbow. My little, kitty.
The one (Genemau) (Very slow updates) by Those_2_Weird_Girls
The one (Genemau) (Very slow Emma & Kitty
I broke up with Aaron cause he was cheating again and this time I did not forgive him
°Shattered • Aarmau AU° by kingdaddy_
°Shattered • Aarmau AU°by cloudspace
D I S C O N T I N U E D Travis Valkrum and Aphmau Phoenix work as two undercover agents for a high tech agency unknown by anyone but those agents. As a mission, they are...
Genemau -Forget The Past- by ObsessedShipperGurl
Genemau -Forget The Past-by Fangirl
Genemau in PDH! Aphmau Divine. Shes 18 and recently ran away from her abusive parents and phsycotic ex boyfriend with her 1 year old daughter Lilith. She has a dark and...