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Chasing Tails || DNF || DREAMNOTFOUND by 1mCupid
Chasing Tails || DNF || 1mCupid
George Davidson, an undercover federal agent in Tallahassee Florida assigned to catch a world wanted criminal known as Dream. Clay Davidson, Georges husband and world w...
Think on Me (DreamNotFound) by bellelovesminecraft
Think on Me (DreamNotFound)by belle
When George's mom starts to question his loneliness, George asks Dream to help him. Set in December of 2020. If George and/or Dream say that they are uncomfortable with...
𝙵𝚘𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚍𝚍𝚎𝚗 - Sapnap x reader by RiaFlameTDA
𝙵𝚘𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚍𝚍𝚎𝚗 - Sapnap x Sorry muffins
Not all love stories start off with lingering stares or flirting. Some love stories start with a girl punching a boy in the face. ~~~ (Y/n) (L/n) was on L'Manberg's side...
Dreamnotfound smut/oneshots :) by AuthorElii
Dreamnotfound smut/oneshots :)by Eli
A fuck ton of smut + a tiny bit of karlnap REQUESTS OPEN!
dnf oneshots by just_callme_m
dnf oneshotsby m :]
just a few dnf oneshots for ya :] requests open!!!! i'll tag you in the chapter if i choose to write your idea :D will contain: fluff, lime, angst, spice, and other shi...
The Risk That Started Us (dnf) by yungLegend493
The Risk That Started Us (dnf)by yungLegend493
⚠️TW⚠️ Mentions of suicide and attempts Complete✔️ George felt he had nothing to live for anymore, he drove to an tall empty bridge and leaned forward, only to be stope...
Out Of Control by lisaaaaa1616
Out Of Controlby Clay(Block)
George hasn't had an easy life after being diagnosed with autism. Going to a public school as an autistic, highly intelligent boy, he clearly notices the differences bet...
The Dream Case  ||  Dreamnotfound by simply_bluebird
The Dream Case || Dreamnotfoundby blue
George is a detective who was transferred to America to find the notorious serial killer, Dream. He is challenged with facing a busy work life with twists and turns. Wh...
ORPHANED by namelahjule
-ORPHANED- drinking coffee, taking the train, skateboarding, staying up until ungodly hours in the morning; how much more aesthetic can life get. -or- they met at a conv...
bullet holes ⊰⊹ dnf mafia au by ursuggadaddy
bullet holes ⊰⊹ dnf mafia auby billy :]
dream's the son of a mafia boss and one day during a car chase, he crashes into a certain british guy. cwII violence II gun use II blood II death II mature language II m...
Biggest Fan [DNF] by thatonemcfan
Biggest Fan [DNF]by thatonemcfan
Dream is a new big YouTuber with already millions of followers, growing at a rapid speed. He's spending hours after hours editing, but is still some average high school...
Reflections • DreamNotFound ✓ by darlingsdream
Reflections • DreamNotFound ✓by ❛ 𝐍𝐀𝐈 ❜
DreamNotFound ─ In which Dream is assigned as Prince George's new personal guard and finds that it is surprisingly easy to fall for the royal with the spunky attitude bu...
Cold hands, warm hearts            ❄️dnf❄️ by azure_tsunami
Cold hands, warm azure_tsunami
George is a professional figure skater, he really enjoys being on ice, he has been on many competitions and sometimes even won! Dream is a professional model that has a...
The Hidden Kingdom of Magic | Dreamnotfound ✔︎ by MoonlightKlay
The Hidden Kingdom of Magic | KLAY
[Completed] Young Dream finds himself alone in the woods with nothing but his fighting skills to protect and live, after his parents died because of hunters and his hous...
Under the Bleachers | (AU) Dreamnotfound by jquumu
Under the Bleachers | (AU) jquumu
(AU high school) Dream had been set up for failure his whole life. From no Dad to a deadbeat drunk Mom, Dream had to fend for himself. Some might think this situation wo...
A Matter of Time  || Dreamnotfound by simply_bluebird
A Matter of Time || Dreamnotfoundby blue
Dream has lived a long, Fae life- he's still living it. A couple centuries old, but still young, Dream is notorious for his line of work. He was once foolish and rebelli...
All in my head - dreamnotfound by fruitlops
All in my head - dreamnotfoundby hi
George finally gets to meet Dream irl only to be met with unexpected feelings that caught him off guard. (I'm not ruining the plot hehe, but expect it to be shocking.) T...
Just Another High School Story (DNF) by sstaarrr
Just Another High School Story ( starrr
Dream lived the life that anyone wanted. Popular in school, and quarterback for the football team. George was the president of the chess team, played guitar in a band, a...
Muffled words by 1dkwhoiamyet
Muffled wordsby Bee
NOT MY FANART George doesn't speak. It started with him getting quieter, then saying less, then only speaking when asked a question. But now? Not at all. All of his life...
It was an accident (a DNF fanfic)  by swiftscography
It was an accident (a DNF fanfic) by swiftscography
( Cover is NOT mine! ) When George accidentally live streams a conversation with Sapnap revealing that he has feeling for Dream, it changes everything for George, Dream...