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Siren's Call by Kyatra
Siren's Callby Kyatra
Jaskier turns and runs, feet digging desperately for traction in the slippery sand. Geralt barely notices the wounds in his leg and side as he gives chase, silver sword...
Djinn by mrkills
Djinnby MrKills
Geralt & Jaskier have sex in the bottled appetite scene, that's it LMFAOOO. Enjoy .
just firewood  by kingofsmex
just firewood by fedya jones
Geralt and Jaskier are camping out as usual, Geralt has a question and the firewood ran out. what could possibly be revealed?
A Witcher and his Bard [GERASKIER] [projectloveaffair contest] by philouwrites
A Witcher and his Bard [GERASKIER] Philou Writes
When Geralt of Rivia finds his bard sleeping on the damp forest ground, he has ... feelings. He told Jaskier to return to the comfort and safety of the village hours ago...
𝐿𝑜𝓈𝓉 by disaster_human
𝐿𝑜𝓈𝓉by Lily
"If life could give me one blessing- it would be to take you off my hands!" Jaskier never felt the same after that day on the mountain. His usual happy twinkle...
The Witcher (One shots) by LustyMug
The Witcher (One shots)by LustyMug
Here's some Witcher one shots (Mostly Geraskier) I've written, sad ones maybe a few happy ones I'll see how it goes. I felt like writing these and I hope you guys enjoy...
I'm Allowed...? by Caseys_Crying
I'm Allowed...?by Casey
While they travel on the road, Jaskier fills the time joyfully singing a song about a young love. But when he uses male pronouns Geralt starts a tense and confusing conv...
The Witcher one shots by MrStrayRat
The Witcher one shotsby Herbert Jules
Open for Requests! Basically short stories where the reader may or may not be the main character and that may or may not fall in love with certain characters (or even a...
Thinking Of You by litteral_nobody
Thinking Of Youby litteral_nobody
The stars are beautiful and Jaskier can't sleep, but how was he supposed to know that a late night conversation could turn into so much more?
Geraskier Oneshots by Detective4Life
Geraskier Oneshotsby 👁️👁️
Because I had a dream about them and uh Yeah
To Mourn a Witcher - Onesided Geraskier by Silviiarts
To Mourn a Witcher - Onesided Silviiarts
"Her Sweet Kiss" is one of Jaskier's most famous ballads. Perhaps because that's the last song he could get from Geralt, and the only one he could bring himsel...
We Are Young  by litteral_nobody
We Are Young by litteral_nobody
Modern!AU They say that time can heal all wounds, but the past three months without Jaskier have brought nothing but pain for Geralt. When destiny crosses their paths a...
Unwanted Love (UP FOR ADOPTION) by disaster_human
Unwanted Love (UP FOR ADOPTION)by Lily
Soulmates have forever been a lost thought to the world, as half of those who are alive have much better things to worry about. There are only a select few who care and...
A Canção que Nunca Será Cantada (Geraskier Fanfic) by jfoxter91
A Canção que Nunca Será Cantada ( J. Foxter
Geralt percebe que há algo errado na floresta. Após uma batalha, reconhece um rosto amigo e, juntos, irão descobrir que sentem algo mais um pelo outro. Baseado nos perso...
Perdón by Narsizza
Perdónby Hoffman
¿Quien es Jaskier? Fue lo primero que pregunto Ciri luego de abrazar a su persona destinada. . . . . . . . . . . . >>>>>The witcher le pertenece a Andrzej...
The Hurt Lark Song by tinynerdkitten
The Hurt Lark Songby tinynerdkitten
Geralt took his time to look at him, all wrapped up in clothes clearly too loose for him. He looked tired, with dark circles under his usually light blue eyes; now the c...
Mystery of love - Geraskier - One Shot by the_shipperheart
Mystery of love - Geraskier - the_shipperheart
Inspirowane piosenką Sufjan Stevens - "Mystery of Love". "Oh, to see without my eyes" Widziałem jak zdejmuje łuk, jak sięga po strzałę, przez moment...
The Gods We Design ~Witcher Fanfiction~ ON HOLD by Carpe_Noctem16
The Gods We Design ~Witcher Death in a Hoddie
Rizeve is the first of her kind- a Female Witcher. The Demon Wolf of the North. A Hunter of Monsters and Men. "Part of her mystery is how she is calm in the storm...