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Motherships and Depressed guns (mother MC x Random Dimensions)​ by Harbour_Hime
Motherships and Depressed guns ( Harbour Hime
A mother figure with a system, except the mother figure is the harbor princess from Kantai Collection Why? Because​ she's literally​ one of the very few motherly charact...
Girls' Frontline: Fighter's Honor by CallsignCoder
Girls' Frontline: Fighter's Honorby CallsignCoder
Rogue paramilitaries, shadowy death cults and cute girls with guns. This isn't what these two Emmerian pilots signed up for. And where did everyone get fighter jets from...
The Walking Arsenal ( T-Doll M4A1 x War Thunder x Azur Lane ) by ohhhhhmyyyygoodd
The Walking Arsenal ( T-Doll ILOVECOD EXE
T-Doll M4A1 was playing a normal round of War Thunder when the game gets a update, what will happen?
Veteran Histories (A Girls Frontline Fanfic) by 159357naz
Veteran Histories (A Girls Just Naz
Who is he? Why am I still here? Why do I not wish to leave him? I am tired, I do not wish to fight anymore. Who is she? Why is she still here? Why am I helping her this...
Power Changes Everything (Male Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Reader X GFL) by Codmplayer2514
Power Changes Everything (Male Codm
Y/N Mitchell, a former member of Atlas but he defected and joined Sentinel Taskforce, he was killed during the war with Atlas, but instead of Heaven he was sent to anoth...
Brazilian Doll || Girls' Frontline by Enterprise-sama
Brazilian Doll || Girls' Frontlineby Enterprise-sama
a Doll that can double jump and is a Brazilian a-doll with her owner's High Frequency blade, but why does she exactly looks like Mastermind's rear command type android?
Call of Duty Zombies: The Outlaw and the Resistance (Male Reader) by FifthWaveMadness
Call of Duty Zombies: The Outlaw Activateletonk
The cycle being broken, heroes sacrificed to stop the corruption of the world, and the Forsaken sealed away forever, everything was over. Or was it? Your name is Y/N L/N...
Your wish is our Command by Sync_Zone
Your wish is our Commandby Helena
• An Azur Lane X Male Reader X Girls Frontline • (Y/N) (L/N) was a hard working Squad Captain. making sure to follow his orders quick and efficient and leading his squad...
The forgotten T-doll by Basim_mk1
The forgotten T-dollby Basim_mk1
Y/n or known as M30 Luftwaffe Drilling was a project by Griffen& Kuyger to make male Tdolls. When the war broke out between Griffen and Sangivs, The project was canceled...
New horizion x GFL un AL by MusashixAL
New horizion x GFL un ALby MusashixAL
Project Beginn einer neuen Ära "what monstrous thing is that?!" The commander of the azur lane said before an pryolyzer hyperjumps to its next destination aft...
Command of the future. by dieHero
Command of the USS Missouri BB-63
Being chosen to lead a base filled with girl's was not what I was expecting. Using my own guns to do it wasn't what I was expecting. Though lucky I still had some of my...
Prototype No. 1 (GFL x Male OC) by Zumo_Lin
Prototype No. 1 (GFL x Male OC)by Zumo_Lin
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [LOADING INFORMATION] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ T-Doll Model: XXXXXXX Manufacturer: XXXXXXX ...
Intersection | SCP / GFL by Noob_P2W
Intersection | SCP / GFLby Wattpad Battle Droid
Dr.James White a senior researcher finds himself in trouble while testing a new, yet to be designated SCP in Site-██. As two universes collide, problems quickly escalate...
No Time To Explain (GFL x Destiny) by LuckyAceHigh
No Time To Explain (GFL x Destiny)by LuckyAceHigh
Novarro's timeline analysis indicates the weapon is the fabled Exo Stranger's Rifle, enhanced at a future point in this continuity and then sent back to this present. De...
Patriot's Pride (GFL universe story) by Michi41000
Patriot's Pride (GFL universe Michi41000
Sangvis Ferri even after conquering Eastern Europe didn't kill all peoples, that lived there - some of them escaped to URNC, UN or AU with hope of returning to ordinary...
I Ask You To Chant My Name! (Betrayed OC X Azur Lane X Girls Frontline) by AlstonChanAlstonChan
I Ask You To Chant My Name! ( Ask
(On Hold For A While) Alex was a commander of Azur Lane and every shipgirls like him while the other commanders are jealous.One day,they decide to frame him for teaming...
Dead Man's Land | SCP / GFL by Noob_P2W
Dead Man's Land | SCP / GFLby Wattpad Battle Droid
Senior Researcher, now turned Site Director Dr. James White goes back to the place he fought so many battles in, to recontain an anomaly and save his loved one. His succ...
Commander's Last Order by Scrumptiousviews
Commander's Last Orderby Scrumptiousviews
Being a commander is no easy job, especially the paperwork, logistics, and most importantly the T-Dolls themselves. Our commander is young and he has grown close to his...
Azur Lane and Girls Frontline React To I Ask You To Chant My Name! by LubbockIRL
Azur Lane and Girls Frontline Lubbock
After the shipgirls executed Alex,they got teleport into a theater as a person tell them that they gonna watch their betrayed commander Alex go on his adventure in other...
(G)unning (F)or (Y)ou (On Hold) by LaoTheLettuce
(G)unning (F)or (Y)ou (On Hold)by Lao
(Girls' Frontline X Nier: Automata)/(Male Reader) Deep in an underground facility below the sands of a scorching desert laid cyro chambers. The owners of said chambers p...