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| TAGLISH | Chazandra Miracle is a special girl who was being trained by her Master Almada in the restricted areas of Zonadia. She doesn't know anything about her past o...
Ác độc nữ xứng dâm loạn trò chơi by meomeomeo299
Ác độc nữ xứng dâm loạn trò chơiby Thịt bò hầm
Tác giả:Cố chiêu nếu Xem video liền đến Po18tV, C. m sở lan ninh xuyên thư, xuyên đến một quyển cẩu huyết np văn, thành thư trung ác độc nhất nữ xứng. Ác độc nữ xứng thâ...
Soulmate by meanplann2wish
Soulmateby Su Phiravich💙💙
"​ေယာက္​က်ာၤး​ေလးခ်င္​းလက္​ထပ္​ထားတဲ့Meanနဲ႔plann" "သူတုိ႔ႏွစ္​​ေယာက္​ရဲ႕အိမ္​​ေထာင္​​ေရးကအဆင္​​ေျပမွာလား"
escape from reality by DoomyCyan
escape from realityby Doomy Cyan
🛑🛑TRIGGER ALERT🛑🛑 This fanfic wich should come up on wattpad soon contains sensitive themes such as -depression -Suicide or suicidal thoughts -cursing -death -dealin...
Crackshots Burger brawl/Greeny's grand game + Reader insert  by cessangel9
Crackshots Burger brawl/Greeny's Lollipopsgfandwife
Go watch Greeny's grand game and also burger brawl itz pretty epik
The Sussy Girlboss by FluffyRedTowel
The Sussy Girlbossby Alex
Claudia isn't like the other crewmates. With her masterful manipulation, nothing stands in her way- not even the sussy impostors. But it all changes when Claudia meets a...
Snake x Reader (powerpuffgirls) (ganggreengang)  by BeeButButter
Snake x Reader (powerpuffgirls) ( Lemon Lemon
you and snake have know each other since both you and the gang had been in a orphanage. even the story of the hat he wears has you as a big part in it. now you are 25 an...
The tales of some dumb ham and friends by StillMon
The tales of some dumb ham and very sus
My fav writers http-arrogant-writer and Cat-is-typing don't despise meeeeee
If you need an idea here by Avocado54
If you need an idea hereby Tasha
I need someone to write this. So if you need ideas here is one.
art files ☆  by trouva1lle
art files ☆ by ☆
garbage art ☆ [i may accept request and art trades]
OmeGLe by OtraLenchaMas_
OmeGLeby OtraLenchaMas_
¿Te has enamorado por internet? Si es así, entenderas esta historia, acompañame y disfruta;9
CANELO VS GGG 2 incredible rematch by lorraineeck96
CANELO VS GGG 2 incredible rematchby Lorraine Eck
This amazing rematch will occur in Las Vegas, T-Mobile Arena and the portals will be open only a hour before the match starts. Be arranged and have your ticket ideal on...