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Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer crossover) by ColdBastilleMusic
Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer Tay
She stood by his side during the great rebellion, yet God did not punish her the way he punished his son. Sentenced to earth for her crime she lived among what God calle...
Ghostly Whispers by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Ghostly Whispersby Passing_Ghost_Friend
Izuku has a ghost quirk. Simple as that. He works as a bartender when he grows up, but also helps with the polive for special cases. Now he is teamed up with his ex-frie...
SLUT| Jikook|Kookmin by Myheartsays_jikook
SLUT| Jikook|Kookminby anisha
Jimin was Jungkook's slut not by wish but by force. •jikook •Ghost •mature •Top Jungkook! Bottom jimin¡ #913 in jikook(out of 29k books ) ( I don't appreciate slut sham...
The One He Once Knew by Neganlover94
The One He Once Knewby Neganlover1994
Zak and a girl dated in high school they were each other's first love and a bunch of other first what happens when they meet again in Vegas at a Casino? Will they rekind...
My Ghost Adventure by JKbeanL
My Ghost Adventureby Oh My...
Riley is not your typical 15 year old girl. Ever since she's been 2 years old, she's been in contact with multiple ghost. Some are nice some not so nice. Like take the i...
Ghost Adventures Imagines (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) by allieeeee_nelson
Ghost Adventures Imagines ( allieeeee_nelson
Imagines of your favorite Ghost Adventures crew members!
The Shadow Man Book 1/2 ✔️ by themultifandomgal
The Shadow Man Book 1/2 ✔️by The Multi Fandom Gal
Needs Editing! After meeting the TRAP boys Rosalie finds out that the ouija board she did years prior is now back to haunt her. She and the boys have a mystery to solve...
(Complete)💙Thou Among The Broken💙 sal fisher x reader (PROOFREADING RN!!) by 0-0Not_Today0-0
(Complete)💙Thou Among The Broken� 0-0Not_Today0-0
⚠️I dont own ANY characters in this book⚠️ If you haven't played the game or watched someone play it, please do so before reading! Ships: Sally face (or) sal fisher x y...
The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Adventures Story) by Americus1111
The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Ashley Rene LeRoy
This is the story of Addeline Reese. She was the perfect student, is the perfect sister, and daughter. Her life while ordinary, is completely different from others. Ever...
In Search. by Kayels_
In K.
Ray is a psychic. She goes around the world and helps people. As Ray goes to discover more of the catacombs; Ray discovers more than she bargains for. She stumbles upon...
You found Me (Zak Bagans) by _unacknowledged
You found Me (Zak Bagans)by Rosalie
Being sent to a mental asylum when you're only a teenager and completely sane can be pretty rough. When Roxanne is finally let out she has no where to turn to except to...
Ghost Adventures Saved My Life by SarahRWriting
Ghost Adventures Saved My Lifeby SarahRWriting
This is about a girl named Charlie 14yrs old and how she was abused at home by her drunken dad and her, her mum and both brothers and scared of him....she enters a conte...
Danny Phantom x Female reader by Laylachan22
Danny Phantom x Female readerby Laylachan22
Highest ranking: #1 in Dannyphantomxreader Season one of Danny Phantom with you thrown into it. (I do not own Danny Phantom or any of the characters/episodes I've used...
Danny Phantom x Female reader (Season 3) by Laylachan22
Danny Phantom x Female reader ( Laylachan22
Highest ranking: #4 in Dannyphantomxfemale ! A/n: As you may have realized, season 2 was cut really short. The amount of chapters I had were put into parts, and I was a...
Hourglass → Ace; Nancy Drew [1] by scoopsahoey
Hourglass → Ace; Nancy Drew [1]by jasmine
❝Like sands through an hourglass, her life fell apart; counting the days until her time ran out.❞ The day Olivia turned nineteen was the day her life crumbled into grain...
Blessed-Cursed  by nuenueki
Blessed-Cursed by Nuenueki
ကင်ဆောနူးဆိုတဲ့ကောင်လေးက သရဲတစ္ဆေတွေကိုမြင်နိုင်တဲ့အစွမ်းရှိတဲ့ကောင်လေးတစ်ယောက်ဖြစ်ပြီး သေမင်းကတောင်ဝိဉာဥ်မကောက်နိုင်လောက်အောင်အငြိုးအတေးကြီးတဲ့သရဲတစ္ဆေတွေကို ကျွတ်လွတ်အ...
United We Stand, Together We Fall by StatusUnknown2020
United We Stand, Together We Fallby Status Unknown
And at that moment, all hell went loose. "THERE'S NO WAY THIS KID CAN SEE US." "We are the only ones out here still." "He can see us?" &quo...
Monophobia by LampLight143
Monophobiaby Atlas Fernsby
Monophobia: The fear of being alone... Dream didn't want to die cold and alone- But fate seemed to have different plans for him. (Ghost!Dream AU) Cover by: Stoney_kam on...
Explorers by LillyPop43
Explorersby LillyPop43
Chloe Dane is known for her ghost hunting videos, but her life changes when she meets four boys on a night exploring
Little Green Stars by barbaramay91
Little Green Starsby Barbara May
A haunting has never been so complicated or fun. Vel Shamrock has never been normal and is definitely NOT lucky. She's the unforgiving, snarky ginger girl the whole scho...