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You're Not Like the Others by GACfan4life
You're Not Like the Othersby GACfan4Life
Kayla is a hard working mother with a daughter named Abby. One day she meets the Ghost Adventures Crew, will her life be changed forever? Or will it be the same? COMPLET...
The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Adventures Story) by Americus1111
The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Ashley Rene LeRoy
This is the story of Addeline Reese. She was the perfect student, is the perfect sister, and daughter. Her life while ordinary, is completely different from others. Ever...
Only Human [Zak Bagans Fanfic]. by Texxiiex
Only Human [Zak Bagans Fanfic].by Texxiiex
Aurora dreams of Zak only to meet his as she waitresses in a Las Vegas casino. With her 'gift' to see the Supernatural, Zak asks her to venture on some Ghost Adventures...
Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans Fanfiction) by The_Eyes
Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans The_Eyes
Hannah lives a big life as a Paranormal inveatigator, and a Spec Op commander. She joins the Ghost Adventures crew, and finds love again. This story shows you how TheEye...
Zak Bagans' Daughter  by VirusErrorSanssis
Zak Bagans' Daughter by Virus/Error!Sans sis
Roxy Bagans' parents divorced when she was 3 years old. Her mom got custody over her and they moved to Florida. But, after her mom died 13 years later, she had only one...
Ghost Adventures Imagines (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) by allieeeee_nelson
Ghost Adventures Imagines ( allieeeee_nelson
Imagines of your favorite Ghost Adventures crew members!
Julie, Y/N and the Phantoms by needfriesnow
Julie, Y/N and the Phantomsby lou🥀
"That's not true, I've got chemistry with everyone that I sing with, watch me" (Under editing comments might be weird)
Ghost Adventures Imagines by mediagirl94
Ghost Adventures Imaginesby Beth Robinson
A Ghost Adventures Imagines Book, because this is an amazing show and you can never get enough of a good thing. REQUESTS OPEN I don't own any rights to the show, or peop...
Explorers by LillyPop43
Explorersby LillyPop43
Chloe Dane is known for her ghost hunting videos, but her life changes when she meets four boys on a night exploring
In Search. by Kayels_
In K.
Ray is a psychic. She goes around the world and helps people. As Ray goes to discover more of the catacombs; Ray discovers more than she bargains for. She stumbles upon...
Our Forgotten Lives... (ghost adventures x child!reader) DISCONTINUED by That_one_rvb_reader
Our Forgotten Lives... (ghost ➢ 𝕽𝖎𝖘𝖊 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓
I was sitting in my rotting home. That was until I heard some one here. I saw a man walking around my home. That was a beginning to a happy unknown relationship. After...
Midnight Daydream (Zak Bagans Romance) by dakeralynn
Midnight Daydream (Zak Bagans Dakera Shaddix
"It's far to painful for me to watch you do this to yourself Raya! He pleaded with pain in his blue-green eyes." "I'm sorry! But i have to do whats best f...
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that stepped in. (Zak Bagans x reader)  by cranky_nestor
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that Robert Henry
You've just came out of an abusive marriage. Paranormal activity gets in your way. You contact the G.A.C for help. Can Zak help you and your child, Ashley. Please give...
Fatherly Love by JewelK94
Fatherly Loveby JewelK20
Lisa Parker lost her parents at the age of one. Her brother Josh always protected her until he got adopted by the Torres family. She was the only orphan to haven't gotte...
Adopted by Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) by underooswentz
Adopted by Zak Bagans (Ghost finneas
Zak wants to adopt a kid. He went to the Las Vegas's finest orphanage to find a kid who he can be with. He can't choose anyone, feeling hopeless. But, not for long. Hi...
I want to help (Zak Bagans x ghost!reader) by Dan_Mama_1987
I want to help (Zak Bagans x Omega Wolf
You are a ghost, but not entirely. The GA crew come to a Scottish castle and conduct a lock Down. Will you be able to get Zak and the guys to help you out of your situat...
The Mystery Asylum (Ghost adventures x insane!ghost!reader) DISCONTINUED by That_one_rvb_reader
The Mystery Asylum (Ghost ➢ 𝕽𝖎𝖘𝖊 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓
My name is (y/n) (l/n) I live in the homens town mental and physical asylum. I am 17 years old and a female(sorry boys. Not really) I normally stay in my blank room...
He Was There by Ghostgirl1115
He Was Thereby Ghostgirl1115
Charlotte is a pregnant gymnastics coach and teaches Matilda, Zak Bagans niece, while she is outcasted because of her pregnancy. Zak learns the truth about how she got p...