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Light Against Shadows  by MsCrysaniaMajere
Light Against Shadows by Crysania
It's difficult to live a normal life when nobody else can see your 'friends' and everybody thinks you're a crazy man who speaks to himself. Wei is a lonely man with a s...
Alive: The Ghost of Cambria - Book One by AuthorJosephStone
Alive: The Ghost of Cambria - Joseph Stone
Misfortune befalls Kristen Cole when her father is found dead in his home due to a terrible accident. Distraught and alone, the young clinical psychologist races to the...
Halloween Stories and Poems for Witches and Ghosts by ColesGhostlyCorner
Halloween Stories and Poems for ColesGhostlyCorner
A new collection of classic stories and poems just perfect for the Halloween Season! Sit by the warm glow of a Jack o lantern while you drink apple cider and read some s...
A.L. Wolfgeist's Arrival by Blueyig
A.L. Wolfgeist's Arrivalby Bluey
A novel inscription of what may happen during the 5th/6th installment of Spirit Halloween; The Musical; A Musical Visitor. Like bringing the MH characters into the serie...
Amnesia. by yourangelhasarrived
#5 Alexander
A dog's spurratic behavior. A boy's curiosity and stupidity. A familiar stranger. A memory he can't quite accept.
The Night We Moved In by JWKlaeis
The Night We Moved Inby JWKlaeis
Delilah has always been afraid of the dark, especially now that her family has relocated to a large Victorian home in Louisiana where all night long the voices of the de...
Poltergeist || Muke by Sophwrites72
Poltergeist || Mukeby Sophia
"Your eyes Luke, they're turning blue." "Well it's because I've fell for you." Demon!Luke *CHANGED THE STORY SLIGHTLY TO MAKE A BIT MORE SENSE AND T...
The ghost girl [bts ff] by yukisanne
The ghost girl [bts ff]by yukisanne
It's a story about y/n Something happend and she became a sort of ghost/spirit She wants to go back to normal but she just ends up in a strange house and nobody can se...
Your Worst Fears by JanaeMitchell
Your Worst Fearsby Janae Mitchell
What if you were haunted by your worst fears? When a paranormal research team spends the night in the notoriously haunted Smoky Mountain Sanatorium, they imagine it will...
Shade by thepaulbianchi
Shadeby Paul Bianchi
Kit Marra is a nomad, directionless and free-spirited. After leaving Burning Man Festival with her latest fling, she finds a temporary home on an old ranch modified into...
Depressed Spirit | | S.Todoroki  by xoxolondyn
Depressed Spirit | | S.Todoroki by Shoto’sWifee
The library was silent, though if you entered further through the many books and isles you would hear the cry's of a lonely ghost. All she ever wanted was someone to not...
Dear Inspector, It Was The Ghosts by ProximaCentauri101
Dear Inspector, It Was The Ghostsby Sophie Probert
Dultones high school is known for being haunted. Strange noises in the staffroom, reports from the cleaners of a flickering red light. The history of the school is littl...
Super Mario Lore: Book One by hattie_daughterofgod
Super Mario Lore: Book Oneby hattie_daughterofgod
When Luigi goes missing during Mario and Princess Peaches wedding and no one else seems to care, Empress Daisy, of Sarasaland is the only one to venture out and save him...
Walker Heights by Belushi87
Walker Heightsby Jaymi
Four friends spend one last holiday together being going their separate ways, but who knew that this was a trip that they're never going to forget.
Vintage Scary Stories for the Modern Ghost Volume 2 by ColesGhostlyCorner
Vintage Scary Stories for the ColesGhostlyCorner
I present now a second volume of 13 spine chilling tales from the Victorian era of history! Again, to reintroduce classic ghost stories into the modern world and to a mo...
The Ghost Date by Radeeya218
The Ghost Dateby baby
A love story of couple who accidentally went on a date with ghost. Highest ranking #3 in ghost stories #9 in ghost stories
The Ghost Of Sleivemore by Ur_mums_left_thigh
The Ghost Of Sleivemoreby Ur_mums_left_thigh
*warning* gore, mentions of suicide, gay, murder as well as cussing* ~ I wrote this at 2am due to pure boredom, so...~ Jackson is just an ordinary Aussie Highschool stu...
KESURUPAN by margaluwih
KESURUPANby margaluwih
Kadang, barang tua di dalam rumah punya sejarah....
Monstrous Love ~ A Crimson Peak Story by Mimi_Marvel
Monstrous Love ~ A Crimson Peak Mimi MAR-vel
Cumberland, England January, 1901 In the cold desolation of Allerdale Hall, Sir Thomas Sharpe is plagued with regret and guilt upon learning that both his wife Edith and...
Lost Souls | Xu Minghao by aerislaxy
Lost Souls | Xu Minghaoby ꧁aeris꧂
wandering ghost aren't only still on earth just because they need something from someone, sometimes it's someone that needs them in order for that someone to peacefully...