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The Voice (Camren) by WonderrLauren
The Voice (Camren)by Wonder Lauren
Camila Cabello, an anonymous 17-year-old girl, auditions for The Voice, where the famous singer Lauren Jauregui is one of the coaches #395 Highest Rank in Fanfiction Cov...
Glory Days: Unraveling Michelle Martins' Past by NLBahit_15
Glory Days: Unraveling Michelle NLauren
You all know Michelle Press- she is a director, actor, producer, screenwriter, choreographer, dancer, singer, professional athlete, sister, mother, and best friend- but...
Unknown Sickness (On Hold) by logic_notfound
Unknown Sickness (On Hold)by ✨there ain't no logic✨
far away in a a isolated piece of land laid a kingdom. the kingdom was the most powerfull and many people would dream of living there but soon things took a terrible tur...
A Hopeful Sorrow by cutiehootie09
A Hopeful Sorrowby Eddie
After Ryland loses her twin sister Arizona to pancreatic cancer, she stumbles. She's starting to realize that the world is not as she thought it was and is also starting...
Forbidden Love by Bruins2
Forbidden Loveby Bruins2
Layla was known as the star basketball player of her high school and Amity was known as the pastors daughter. But what happens when they meet and they connect. What will...
The Girl Who BeWitched Me (Hollstein Love Story) by IDontWannaBHere2002
The Girl Who BeWitched Me ( IDontWannaBHere2002
First time writing . Basing it off one of my favourite ships in the world, Hollstein ( Laura and Carmilla).
A Vandjali Fanfiction by Dem0nW0lfy21
A Vandjali Fanfictionby #Dragonhybrid~
im doing a fanfiction of me and my ex girlfriend and... ig its smut but idk .... Ok i might do some povs starting in the 4th chapter and continuing on, because im going...
you me and forever by Kaleighwolf15
you me and foreverby Kaleigh Millwood
a girl who knows what she wants, meets someone she thinks is her soulmate but she's straight, and this makes her want to try harder.
Lost you for him by leviosakids
Lost you for himby leviosakids
Two girls were best friends since sixth grade, but one of them has a big secret. An unknown man came and ruined Sky's plans. Will she manage to get Lorenne her best frie...