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Goku's Daughter (Frieza Saga) by NunchiGoya
Goku's Daughter (Frieza Saga)by Nunchi Goya
Piccolo is dead, he sacrificed himself for Gohan without hesitation and now his pupils are ready to travel across the galaxy to get him back. V uses her knowledge of the...
What If...?(DBZ Various X Goku's Daughter!Reader) by Dragon_Descendant
What If...?(DBZ Various X Goku's Flare
What if Raditz survived and took Goku's child? No, he didn't take Gohan. He took Son (Y/N), daughter of Goku. She became a member of Frieza's forces, as well as becoming...
Book 2: The Retaliation of The Earthling Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z) by Espeon804
Book 2: The Retaliation of The Espeon804
Raditz stares at his little brother, half glare, half shock. "You are a fool Kakarot! Why are you thinking taking them on so recklessly?! Have you gone mad?! That's...
Majin Nightmare [COMPLETED] *Book 2* by _NightHowls
Majin Nightmare [COMPLETED] * _NightHowls
COMPLETED *Sequel to "The Lost Female Saiyan" Athena and the warriors are back with, obviously, more danger lying ahead. When Babidi is able to make him, Radit...
The Earthling Hero by Dream0625
The Earthling Heroby Love-Link#111CPH
I look down from the cliff where my friends and family are. I remember it like it was yesterday of how I became this. ...
Child of mother world (dbz x human reader) by LordOfTheBiches
Child of mother world (dbz x LordOfTheBiches
(Y/n), a regular human being, gets injured from a brutal car crash, leaving her to die on the hot pavement with her guts hanging out and scattered all around. she soon w...
Greatest Opponent (Vegeta x OC Fanfiction) by FoxyPuffGirls
Greatest Opponent (Vegeta x OC ʄơҳყ
(In a dimension where Frieza didn't destroy planet Vegeta) You are a young saiyan by the name of Sukai. You're the best in your class. On your journey to become a fearle...
The Saiyan Queen by Sovereign343
The Saiyan Queenby Reaper
(Y/N) is a Saiyan who was sent to Earth as a baby. She was found and raised by a young woman in the woods, who decided to teach her the art of fighting. Her life will ch...
Jeice x Reader/Mystery Man by spaced-out-nights
Jeice x Reader/Mystery Manby Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh
"I can't believe that a woman-someone like you would make it into the Ginyu force." The red man's amused gaze cut right through you. "Why did you want to...
Ginyu Force adventures  by AndreJohnson4511
Ginyu Force adventures by AndreJohnson4511
The untold lives of the Ginyu Force and their daily lives. Staring: Jeice : a short red muscular man with long white hair and an Australian accent Burter: Tall blue ma...
There's is something that I don't want to talk about it by EddiexBruce
There's is something that I don' EddiexBruce
I don't own Vegeta or the rest DBZ characters only my ocs. It's about Vegeta's childhood but he don't want to talk about it but Zarbon and the others will talk about his...
The Saiyan Bond by Shadow_Weird
The Saiyan Bondby That weird author :3
After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Gine was sent to the Earth along with the Masked Saiyan. What will she do when she finds her son? What would happen if the masked...
A Saiyans Pride (A Dragon Ball fanfic) by Zoro-is-lost-again
A Saiyans Pride (A Dragon Ball
Another Saiyan has survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta, his name is Krista. A lower class warrior who has had to work under Frieza, the tyrant that destroyed his h...
Jeice Drabbles by Blackcat6228
Jeice Drabblesby Blackcat6228
This guy needs some love. Out of the Ginyu Force, he's my favorite but I hardly find anything on these guys. You can make requests and ask me to ship him with anyone, ju...
Jisu  Survives by TaitonX
Jisu Survivesby Egguana7
a dragon ball story in a time line where Jeice survives. What happens nobody knows?
Ask the Ginyu Force!!!!! by _System_Err0r_
Ask the Ginyu Force!!!!!by ✧Karma✧
If you dont know what it is,look it up lol.its a dragonball z thing.yaaaay
Ginyu Perfect Change by Toren_SSGSS
Ginyu Perfect Changeby Toren_SSGSS
Long Time later than that Ginyu Change Body With Goku, Frieza Revived And Bring A really Big Army and Try Killing Goku but he don't Know what new powers Goku have....
The Ginyu Force Returns! Jeice Has A Problem...A Dragon Ball Z Story by KatLollyPopsicle24
The Ginyu Force Returns! Jeice Gotta have that duel fuel
The Ginyu Force has returned from a battle on New Namek. They land on Earth. But, Jeice brought home with him a big problem. What will he tell Frieza? WARNING: CONTAINS...
Dragon Ball Z - Jeice X Reader | One Shot (The Shy Guy by YummyGhost
Dragon Ball Z - Jeice X Reader | YummyGhost
Other than Zarbon, Dodoria and Vegeta being close to Lord Frieza work wise. Frieza also had a huge amount of favoritism for you too. You're very popular with Frieza's ar...