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Sold to a new life Technoblade and XReader  by Apollo714
Sold to a new life Technoblade Apollo
like all my other story's 18+ please and no I won't do minors at all. a story were you get a new life living because you were a prize bag sold to a random guy but will y...
Technoblade × reader  by Apollo714
Technoblade × reader by Apollo
You and Tommy and Tubbo are bestfriends Technoblade you meet him through you gamer friends This story migth be a little bit over 18+
ZARA!( Yandere demon slayer x reader) "One piece zoro" by luluzinhagacha1
ZARA!( Yandere demon slayer x Luana Histórias
eveyone seems to be in awe of the girl with the green hair, so much so that they want her for themselves!.... DEMON SLAYER X ZORO( GIRL VERSION)
Scar/Nat x Daughter Reader One Shots by anonimous31q
Scar/Nat x Daughter Reader One Barefoot Johansson
These are all one shots of scarlett johanson or natasha romanoff being y/n mother, and she helps her daughter through typical dilemas she finds herself in as a growing c...
Trapped//Natasha x Reader by xRileyFandoms05x
Trapped//Natasha x Readerby Riley
Natasha x Reader it's gxg but feel free to change the pronouns. you fall in love with your best friend, what will you do about it? What happens when your enemy gets in...
Dancing With A Demon // Book One by warblerklaine
Dancing With A Demon // Book Oneby warblerklaine
*COMPLETED* In this story, Peter is NOT Rumplestiltskin's dad because that is pedophilia :) The reader is Captain Hook's adopted daughter. The reader sneaks onto the mi...
Rescue//Natasha x Reader-Book 2 by xRileyFandoms05x
Rescue//Natasha x Reader-Book 2by Riley
Sequel to Trapped//Natasha x Reader so if you haven't read that go check it out This is set 5 years after the first book Last any one ever saw or heard of you, hydra h...
Mina x Trans Girl Reader by MerlinsSaggyTits
Mina x Trans Girl Readerby Archie
Lesbians are queens! Mina falls in love with a really pretty girl at school who ends up being trans and she still loves her anyways cause Mina's a queen! Very gay and ve...
1-A's Angel - *ABANDONED* by PanimeSexualWeeb
1-A's Angel - *ABANDONED*by Kirishima’s Waifu
I'm no good at descriptions but here we go! Also this is my first story so, sorry if this sucks This a story about (Y/n) (L/n), an innocent and oblivious girl with an a...
She's what?! [Nishinoya x reader]{Book 1] by jakeobvie
She's what?! [Nishinoya x reader]{ no name
!slow updates! This story is about a high school girl named [F/n] Udai, she's a very good volleyball player due to her older brother who played for Karasuno High, she en...
Fate (Fred Weasley X Muggle!Reader) by AllyyyJ_24
Fate (Fred Weasley X Muggle!Reader)by Ally
Muggle girl x Fred You're a muggle that lives near Fred. This starts in the summer before Harry's third year. I don't want to give it away, but something happened in the...
paper hearts (jeon jungkook) by Type-zer0
paper hearts (jeon jungkook)by zero
Eight-year-old Jungkook told you that he would marry you someday, while you two sat on an old sofa behind the orphanage's dormitories. Note: This is written in the Sec...
A Second Chance// Book two of Dancing With a Demon by warblerklaine
A Second Chance// Book two of warblerklaine
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A Simple Life (Yanderes x Reader) by lizard-on-a-bike
A Simple Life (Yanderes x Reader)by lizard-on-a-bike
Things were simple here in the city--well, as simple as it could be. You thought everything was going pretty well, considering the circumstances. In this story, your si...
I'm Not OKAY || TFP Fanfiction  by WingedVigilante
I'm Not OKAY || TFP Fanfiction by WingedVigilante
A/N: I don't own Transformers. This is a reader-insert, but I'm not sure how romance-y it'll get until later on. So please, bear with me. ^ ^ ^ EVENTUAL BULKHEAD X READE...
//Demon in the Light// Sesshomaru x reader by hazzaslytherin
//Demon in the Light// oof...
(y/n) is the daughter of the storm god Yamato, and with the death of her father she has finally inherited his powers and is off to slay Naraku (her father's killer). (y...
Characters in a Story (Sans X Reader) by MyLittlestLife
Characters in a Story (Sans X .
You are a fairly normal shut-in college student. That is until an all too familiar face brings monsters onto the surface. . . . I severely need to remake the cover as i...
Jeff the killer x werewolf reader ( BEING REWRITTEN) by Relying_On_Caffeine
Jeff the killer x werewolf Sal/Vox
I have been looking for a good Jeff x werewolf reader for a while, and I can't find one Enjoy Contains Swearing Gore Abuse Ranked #12 in #jefferywoods
Fortnite Girls x Reader, Short Stories  [Slow Updates] by Vaolffox0515
Fortnite Girls x Reader, Short Lunatic
I'm a girl author, and I only simp for girl Fortnite characters. I think some are attractive okay? I still can't believe I'm writing this... If you have any requests, pu...