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Reborn: The Boy Who Discovered He Wasn't by sabrynabrooklynne
Reborn: The Boy Who Discovered Sabryna
They tell me this is where I am supposed to tell you what this story is about. The title, a single word, "reborn". Maybe it's just enough to make you want to...
mister princess by rosypink-
mister princessby rose🥀
WARNING: language Marco was normally a good kid. But after he is caught stealing, his strict hispanic mother decides he should learn to be put in place. However, in the...
Rose Red by Kookie__V
Rose Redby Kookie__V
Arabella Quinn is a very loved caregiver at sunshine valley. Everyone loves her, even people who don't think they are capable of love anymore. Everyone also loves her hu...
Falling by Kay_Writes99
Fallingby Kay
A sweet story about a cheerleader and a quarterback falling for each other. *** I'm not very good at descriptions so you'll just have to read to find out more :)
The bad boy trained me to fight (*Completed*) by emmastarzz
The bad boy trained me to fight (* emily
"what the hell are you doing!" she exclaimed and covered her eyes. I walked closeer to her, our chests touching each other. her breath hitched. I felt a wave o...
Redamancy | ✓ by joynovembers
Redamancy | ✓by —j.
[ COMPLETED ] . All seems to be going perfectly well in the young and assertive life of Rory Anderson. But, like every point in a teenagers life, things begin to fall a...
Karma's a real Bi-..sissy. by AnOdd01
Karma's a real Anon Smith
Zach was never a good person. But his fathers death left him very little to worry about ever again. He'd inherited a fortune freshman year in college. Suddenly academics...
TG short stories (M2F) by IWannaBeAMergirl
TG short stories (M2F)by I Wanna Be A Mergirl
Hi guys! I've got a lot of fun little TG ideas, and I want to put them here! These stories sadly won't have much depth, and will likely feel kinda cliche for TG, but I w...
Femboys oneshots ( includes yanderes) by thevoidlion11
Femboys oneshots ( includes thevoidlion11
Basically you running or submitting to yandere femboys that want that juicy d so basically you running from lustful femboys that are sexy and cute so hope you like
His Barbie by kiaralotts
His Barbieby Hotgalbummer
Trevor is a young successful bachelor who runs a successful business. He's always had An iron fist and sharp tongue that could slice through anyone's feelings. Even thou...
Not Like The Movies: A Portwell AU by kathylo42
Not Like The Movies: A Portwell AUby kathylo42
"It's not like the movies that's how it should be," -Gina Porter *"Inspired" by the movie "Be Somebody" w/ Matthew Espinosa and "Stars...
The Reluctant Babysitter  by sabrynabrooklynne
The Reluctant Babysitter by Sabryna
Blaine's parents have plans for the weekend; they are going to Las Vegas with the neighbors across the street, leaving Blaine home alone. Blaine was excited to be left...
In love with my best friend. by dhwani_sonde
In love with my best Dhwani Sonde
[ #43 in chicklit as of 21/4/17 #15 in girly as of 5/10/2018 #6 in girly as of 7/10/2018] Love is all fun and games until you fall in love with your best friend who is a...
Cute Korean Girl Names [Completed] by genesischar
Cute Korean Girl Names [Completed]by ☽
CKGN// just some cute Korean Girl names
river of thoughts by yasuthilini
river of thoughtsby fairy tales
these are my own poems . please don't copy. hope you enjoy and it's about situations we face in emotionally.
Powerful🖤 by Adrianaandcookies
Powerful🖤by adriianaa
Part 2 of 'Powers🖤'.
Pretending To Be His by Hiddenvillain360
Pretending To Be Hisby Sierra
When Jax is asked to pretend to be bad boy Ashton's girlfriend, will it just be one time thing, or will something click between them?
Their Precious Baby Boy by Todoroki_loves_me
Their Precious Baby Boyby ⚡️Zenitsu~⚡️
Deku has to deal with his disgusting father and his sleazy friends who use the sweet teen for....things.... the poor greenette has to keep a smile on his face while liv...
Babydoll ♡ Girly!Niall Niam AU [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
Babydoll ♡ Girly!Niall Niam AU [ alex!!
"Fuck, babydoll, you look perfect." "Not your babydoll. But thanks." © 2015 by Lexi (cptnrogers). PREQUEL TO DARLING. READ THIS FIRST. [started 1.5.1...