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Falling by Kay_Writes99
Fallingby Kay
A sweet story about a cheerleader and a quarterback falling for each other. *** I'm not very good at descriptions so you'll just have to read to find out more :)
Last One Standing (wattys2017) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by ChasingMadness24
Last One Standing (wattys2017) ( Kyra Weiss
"In a house full of eight, disgusting, inconsiderate, illogical, and inconvincibly stupid older brothers, what's one more?" *** Alex has eight older broth...
Reborn: The Boy Who Discovered He Wasn't by sabrynabrooklynne
Reborn: The Boy Who Discovered Sabryna
They tell me this is where I am supposed to tell you what this story is about. The title, a single word, "reborn". Maybe it's just enough to make you want to...
Metamorphosis by Peytoncartwright
Metamorphosisby Peyton Cartwright
"Metamorphosis" follows the life of John Mitchell, a workaholic in his mid-20s who has lost touch with the world outside of his office. During his monotonous c...
I'm a Mermaid, Not a Merman by IWannaBeAMergirl
I'm a Mermaid, Not a Mermanby I Wanna Be A Mergirl
Danny has always felt like a weird guy. Like he just didn't fit. He always felt like he was a geek who was interested in strange things. He'd never felt comfortable in h...
TG short stories (M2F) by IWannaBeAMergirl
TG short stories (M2F)by I Wanna Be A Mergirl
Hi guys! I've got a lot of fun little TG ideas, and I want to put them here! These stories sadly won't have much depth, and will likely feel kinda cliche for TG, but I w...
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The Reluctant Babysitter  by sabrynabrooklynne
The Reluctant Babysitter by Sabryna
Blaine's parents have plans for the weekend; they are going to Las Vegas with the neighbors across the street, leaving Blaine home alone. Blaine was excited to be left...
Regressed back to diapers by Nyerox
Regressed back to diapersby Rox
An 18 year old boy in his senior year of high school. Ends up catching a virus that has spread amongst all the boys in the school, causing them to regress through variou...
Powerful🖤 by Adrianaandcookies
Powerful🖤by adriianaa
Part 2 of 'Powers🖤'.
Life Behind Doors by ExtinctMonkey
Life Behind Doorsby ExtinctMonkey
Zach Donahey is in for it. He has seriously messed up and needs to be out of town when his father comes back home. With that in mind, he joins St.Jude's higher prep, a f...
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That One Cute Marine ♡ LUFFY x shy!READER by luffyxtaro
That One Cute Marine ♡ LUFFY x xcsvz xcsvz
y/n is a marine working for the government. she's a rookie and is still very oblivious to many things, including pirates. "garp... where did you find this idiot?&q...
The Plumber boyxboy by Mr_Perfectly_Fine23
The Plumber boyxboyby Mr_Perfectly_Fine23
Jack Hernandez is that type of gay who acts and talks like a girl or should I say "girly gay". Jack likes to wear shorts revealing his hot sexy legs that will...
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Period stuff by tabithamh
Period stuffby Tabitha Michelle
My tips, tricks, stories and advice on periods!
The bad boy trained me to fight (*Completed*) by emmastarzz
The bad boy trained me to fight (* emily
"what the hell are you doing!" she exclaimed and covered her eyes. I walked closeer to her, our chests touching each other. her breath hitched. I felt a wave o...
Her Property ! by sunshinegoes15
Her Property !by Aradhya 💗
Heated hell arguments when ever they both face each other . . . The bussiness rivals childhood sweethearts what happened to them and whats awaiting them ?? Dive in to kn...
Met you at night by ily_Bbg
Met you at nightby ~★Victøria★~
A 16 year old boy named Zenitsu Agatsuma who works at a cafe gets accepted into Kny night School, where you go to school at night, but on his first day he bumps into som...
A Girl for Halloween by jennifersweet_MS
A Girl for Halloweenby Jennifer Sweet
After finding part-time work at the local Halloween Costume store, Jason quickly learns the rule that employees must wear costumes while on the job, allowing him to expl...
The Accident by EvasiveFlow
The Accidentby EvasiveFlow
This story is about the time I had awoken from a comma due to a plane crash when I was going on vacation alone. I was one of few survivors however I was the only one to...
You're Beautiful by jennifersweet_MS
You're Beautifulby Jennifer Sweet
Tom's sister tries to help him fit in with his preppy classmates, but some feminine changes are made along the way in this sweet, coming-of-age romance/gender experiment...
Cute Korean Girl Names [Completed] by genesischar
Cute Korean Girl Names [Completed]by ☽
CKGN// just some cute Korean Girl names