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You Don't Know Me by CammiKenny
You Don't Know Meby Cammi Kenny
Adam and Taylor Preston got married and had 9 kids. Eric, Summer, Matthew, May, Sage, Kevin, Devin, Marc and Sky. Guess which one is me. Yep that's right- I'm Summer. It...
Rooftops - A Year In The Making by -S-P-I-R-I-T-
Rooftops - A Year In The Makingby Harper
Rooftops - A Year In The Making: Riley is a terrified schoolgirl in hell disguised as a house. When a new girl tries to change her life she has two options; open up to...
I Fuck With The Bad Girl by EricaGonzalez8
I Fuck With The Bad Girlby Baby❤Pwincess
An all girls school nothing bad could happen right? wrong. Girls making out with each other in the hallways, fights in the bathrooms, and worst of all Princess the badde...
All I Want (Completed) !Under Editing! by Imaginatively_Crazy
All I Want (Completed) !Under Mia
"Ow! My face!" I whined. "Didn't think you would be falling for me already." A husky, rich and velvety voice came. I opened my eyes. I saw feet and f...
Girly by theseastea
Girlyby people call me tee
"I'm even better than those girly girls"
His Innocent Girly Girl. by BlackAngelOP
His Innocent Girly BlackAngelOP
He's badass. She's goody too shoes. His badboy. She's nerdgirl He's the devil. She's an angel. There's nothing these two has in common. Or is there? Meet Raven Daniels. ...
101 problems of a girly girl. by Fashion4wardFangirl
101 problems of a girly I want a SugaKookie!
WELCOME GIRLS to 101 Problems of a girly girl. TheFunnyGirl_ who is an amazing writer wrote "101 Reasons why I hate being a tomboy" And I loved it so I deci...
Brothers? by 12panther
Brothers?by 12panther
She's a normal girl never done anything to bad so what did she do to deserve 11 foster brothers moving in with her? Note: The personality of the characters and some of t...
Rooftops - A Whole New Story by -S-P-I-R-I-T-
Rooftops - A Whole New Storyby Harper
Sequel to - The Tomboy And The Girlygirl- Riley and Cass find theirselves in what can only be described as their dreams. But is it enough to heal Riley, and is the move...
The Makeover  by xXFlowerBabeXx
The Makeover by Mrs.Seavey
When you are born, you have the first words your soulmate will say to you, on your wrist. ******************************************************************************...
Erotika a jednodílovky by princess_foryou
Erotika a jednodílovkyby princessdoesntcry
Erotické jednodílovky. Boyxboy, girlxboy, girlxgirl... Píšu i na přání :D
You Know You're A Girly Girl When.... by 0_luxuria_2
You Know You're A Girly Girl ria13
Things to let you know that you're not girly, but a girly girl.
What Would It Be Like? // I Wonder... by DizzyIzzie10
What Would It Be Like? // I Sadzie
Jo is your classic tomboy. She plays sports, she doesn't wear makeup; she wears sneakers, not high heels. But when she comes face to face with her old enemy Will, she st...
The Real Me by thepinksparkles
The Real Meby thepinksparkles
Alexandra has always been more of a tom-boy. She plays sports and goes by Alex. In seventh grade she decides to show everyone the real Alexandra Johnson. She is now a gi...
Girl by TroubledActress
Girlby Ms. Understood
I can't think of a better title so yep. Maxine was at college when she got an interesting phone call. It sent her world spiraling downward. You would believe she her ow...
Short Stories (GxG) by artsykid04
Short Stories (GxG)by Cameron <3
The same thing goes for this book as my other short story book: This book is filled with many short stories that I make over time, all organized into a single book inste...
Its Not All About You by harrystylesfan221
Its Not All About Youby Whaddup it's Nadia💙
Raven was just an emo girl, but will the mean girls make her change??
Are you HONESTLY in love by LULU1973
Are you HONESTLY in loveby LULU1973
Sue's mom and dad were going away. They decided to send Sue to her ex boyfriends house. Sue decided to run away and she almost died.