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A Candy-CODED Love;(A King Candy X (Sugar Rush) Reader Story) by TessaTGF
A Candy-CODED Love;(A King Candy TessaTheGameFreak
You-Our Y/N- are a Sugar Rush racer. Well, at least you would be, if it weren't for the fact your King doesn't let you race. He doesn't even let you leave the castle. He...
Glitch (Creepypasta) BEN Drowned x Male! Reader by Voiding_Venom
Glitch (Creepypasta) BEN Drowned CZP
Ben was a 15 year old boy when he moved to a new environment. His family was still together when his father started drinking. Ben had a new cute neighbor, but he didn't...
Re:White hat hacker to another world  by CodeNameGlitch
Re:White hat hacker to another
Y/N is a hacker for an online MMO rpg that has PVP, Y/N doesn't use his hacks agienst the game he actually a friend of the creator and he hacks the hack block in order t...
Glitch | Jjk ff by MysterySender
Glitch | Jjk ffby rosie
She has a virtual boyfriend and she calls him Glitch. "I was just bored when I started it but I ended up falling inlove with the guy inside my screen." 010120 ...
Hunter for Hunted (DNF) by Lexi5115
Hunter for Hunted (DNF)by Lexi_
Dream, Sapnap, Bad, And and George all go to practice a Manhunt. Something in their game glitches, and they get stuck in-game. The only way out is to complete the Manhun...
Omnidevil by AliensOutThere
Omnidevilby AlienWatchesAreCool
Ben Tennyson has done it all and faced anything the universe could throw at him, that was until he found out that he would end up having to go back to high school, in Ja...
~Creepypasta Zodiac Signs!~ by l3x_p1
~Creepypasta Zodiac Signs!~by Alexis
Some creepypasta zodiac signs :p
Wanna know me? 💔 Error!Sans by Ichi72
Wanna know me? 💔 Error!Sansby Weak Soul
Características, habilidades, curiosidades y otros datos Canon y HeadCanon de El Destructor de Universos. Aclaraciones: ● Error!Sans le pertenece a Loverofpiggies/Cr...
[EDITTING] The Rabbit Suit [Glitchtrap × Reader]  by sam_moo
[EDITTING] The Rabbit Suit [ [Sam]
'follow me'.. The screen glitched as you played the game. 'I found you' they said. 'we want you' they said. 'I want you' he said.. That's when you took the headset off...
demons./ minsung ✓ by JENOVIBEZ
demons./ minsung ✓by fizz <3
minsung ( + h.js) jisung forgets minho and their past together. minho helps him remember.
Override  [Male Yandere X Reader]  (UNDER RECONSTRUCTION) by Innocentpotato2306
Override [Male Yandere X Reader] Biggie Cheese
Humans are just so...D̶̦̳̩̩̎̈̐̄͒́͠e̸̢̻̳̥͛͂͑̚l̷̢̧̼̟̜̹̣̻͚͗͆̄̎̋̿į̵̧͈͈͕̦̭̦̔̏͜ͅc̷̛͎͕͙͕̺̰̘͕͑̈́̅̔̉͒̈́̏ä̷̭́̃̾͘͜t̵̗̪͉̘̗͛̇̉̔ē̷̬̞͓̺̳̑̂̈́̽̾͝͝ You're in the year 69420 drones deliver...
Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios by KreepyKitten2000
Creepypasta boyfriend scenariosby KreepyKitten
This is a creepypasta boyfriend scenarios book. Accepting new characters and chapter ideas. When suggesting new characters, please give me a bio on the person. Name...
Worker!Drone x V by Zamasu1226
Worker!Drone x Vby Zamasu1226
I was bored, pretty much writing practice for my main. I don't own Murder Drones, Glitch Productions does.
MURDER DR💀NES (Uzi x Male Reader & S.D N x Female Reader) (PILOT) by FoxBoy2099
MURDER DR💀NES (Uzi x Male Delaven Foxboy
(PILOT) Your parents were the cream of the crop as they were the kind of people that knew how to get the job done during the time the humans were alive. After the humans...
Glitch Infection AU (RQ)  by Voilaxy
Glitch Infection AU (RQ) by ♡ᴠᴏɪʟᴀxʏ♡
The AU was made by LoneRanger253 and they said I could write it, so here I am. :] The cover is also made by LoneRanger253 Check them out they're awesome [Every chapter s...
De-Termination: Chara X male reader (Completed) by Xuatiel
De-Termination: Chara X male Xuatiel
Sometimes timelines can have storage 'anomalies', albeit a very low chance, but it is possible! The anomalies can do many things, such as allowing certain things to be c...
creepypasta scenarios by Tam215
creepypasta scenariosby anime lover
hiya~i decided to write this cause my last story "pregnant by L.J"was about you getting prego but now to the contains Jeff The Killer BEN drowned ho...
Daybreak [ Error!Sans x Reader ] by morrow-
Daybreak [ Error!Sans x Reader ]by space sloth
Gone. In a single moment, in the blink of an eye, everything you have ever known or cared for is eradicated. Hopes and dreams, traditions and stories that date back cent...
~ The Glitch by my Side ~ by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
~ The Glitch by my Side ~by tRaSh
When Fresh goes AU to AU and finds this one AU that is empty, with only one person living in it all, they become familiar with each other, as a bond grows Hahaha =w= *Ha...
Glitch Techs (OC Insert) by NinjagoCrystal1
Glitch Techs (OC Insert)by Golden*Shadow
Hinobi is a huge gaming and tech company that makes massively popular video games and consoles. When glitched are in the real world the Glitch Techs come in: a trained...