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Raindrops by funtime66613
Raindropsby Mia Glitch
Sun x Monty yall!! Addition of DJ Music man X Moon! Hehe🤭 (There is now a 2nd book that I am working on! Once I start it I will add the title here!!) Book 2: The Lunar...
glittergolf story by thekingofmoss
glittergolf storyby chetopng
yea this is a monty and sun story- its mainly gonna be fluff. you can request things if you want (no nsfw you heathens) so yea. im not the best at writing so bare with m...
precautions 𓆊✩( sun/moon x monty, security breach) by dearestkimmy
precautions 𓆊✩( sun/moon x kim 🤬🤬
monty, even though exploring the mega pizzaplex multiple times has really never known/bothered to look what's inside the daycare until now after being told of its existe...
GlitterGolf One Shots by Sidewaysdog
GlitterGolf One Shotsby Rowan E Alicea
This crack ship has been on my mind forever and so I made this to make myself happy
"Enemies To Lovers" Glittergolf Fanfic (Monty x Sundrop) by Midnight_Linxie
"Enemies To Lovers" Glittergolf -Obsessed_Weirdo-
The title says it all- Monty and Sun are enemies that eventually Turn into lovers- find out the rest by reading the book above ⬆️
The Lunar eclipse by funtime66613
The Lunar eclipseby Mia Glitch
BOOK 2 OF RAINDROPS!!! If you haven't read book 1 "Raindrops" then go read it before this one! enjoy!
My sunlight ( Monty x Sundrop ) by TORDLINI
My sunlight ( Monty x Sundrop )by child
Monty is wallowing away in his loneliness , While walking around the pizza plex he happens to meet The daycare attendant sun , who is a hyper ball of happiness. He take...
From Scales and Rays by CampColossal
From Scales and Raysby CampColossal
Yummy yummy glittergolf Will the shining ray of love change the perspective of the angry gator? Answer: of course it fucking will I will use it/they/he for sun, not sor...
Fnaf🐻oneshots💕 by 464l784l24
Fnaf🐻oneshots💕by *cutely kills a bitch*
this is my first story and its probably gonna be trash so yeah FNaF oneshots
Glittergolf  by Bread_bro
Glittergolf by Breadstuff
this story is Only Sun and Monty, no Moon in this relationship. I do love me some spice, very unlikely but Smut warning?⚠️
Glittergolf <3 by okayishipglittergolf
Glittergolf <3by Mylo
Idk just something cute to get you through yiyr day!
My Happy Days With You: Wedding  by GroupMother
My Happy Days With You: Wedding by 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙
this is Book 2 of Monty and Sun it's Still fluff deal with it homie 🤌🏼
Remake of Monty x Sundrop x Moondrop (cuz I thought  the other one was cringe) by 6277inches
Remake of Monty x Sundrop x 6277inches
lol remake because why not you'll see how it's better I think also no cover lol
The Fool Jingles his bells Miserably [ discontinued ] by nagitoscockofhope
The Fool Jingles his bells arlo !!
Between the Sun & Moon by C4shm3r3_R4bb1t
Between the Sun & Moonby Cashmere Rabbit
A glittergolf Story, so snuggle up and read about some gay ass robots - Cashmere
°•◇《A New Dawn》◇•° ☆GlitterGolf☆ by Silky_Haida
°•◇《A New Dawn》◇•° ☆GlitterGolf☆by EmotionalArtist
A story set years after the events of vanny and Gregory, Vanessa finally recovered from trauma and mind control as Glitch trap is no where to be found. No one remembers...
glittergolf au oneshits (tm) by thekingofmoss
glittergolf au oneshits (tm)by chetopng
yes i have made security breach aus yes im still hyperfixated on glittergolf
My Happy Days With You by GroupMother
My Happy Days With Youby 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙
It's basically about Sun/Moon and Monty this is my first story so please be patient with me Don't ship hate if you don't like it don't read it's simple 🤷🏽
Just Stay( A Little Bit Longer) by fifi114
Just Stay( A Little Bit Longer)by Fifi
Freddy was worried. It had been almost a month since the daycare attendant had been scrapped. He had never personally interacted with them that much, but he knew that th...