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the reveal of Cale identity? by Calesimp07
the reveal of Cale identity?by 7(Cale×slackerlife)7
🚩On hiatus 😞 After the war and before going to Endable Kingdom, Cale was forced to rest. During that time, Cale was cursed! What kind of curse is it? "What langua...
3 Son's of God of Death  by Izanalover123
3 Son's of God of Death by Izana Lover
[Slow Update] The three sons of God of Death. Yoojin the first born, Dokja the second and Cale the youngest. They are the most beautiful beings in the world. Hades been...
Grim Reaper Past Tcf Au  by Beyodersfamily
Grim Reaper Past Tcf Au by ElviraBeyond
Ok so This is do to my Motivation because If I don't right I will get Shot By head also disclaimer nothing is mine except for the Fanfic
Trash's maid: Fuck this shit [TOCF x Female Reader] [Edited] by MisakiSakuya
Trash's maid: Fuck this shit [TOCF...by Misaki
I somehow ended up becoming a maid in tcf and got caught by Cale who got to knew about my identity as a transmigrator. I just want a peaceful life damnit! Leave me alon...
Dark Shadows (#1 of Dark Shadows Series) |Old Version| by IrelandBCook
Dark Shadows (#1 of Dark Shadows S...by IrelandBCook
The man on the throne abruptly stood up, his dark black eyes shining with an untammed flame, one that turned everything into embers. It was obvious that this powerful ma...
Finally become God? by KaguraChnz
Finally become God?by KaguraChnz
 Curse Or Blessing? (DISCONTINUED) by -cale4life
Curse Or Blessing? (DISCONTINUED)by caleism
Cale-nim turned into a baby?? SLOW UPDATE.. Credits to the owner of the picture I used ^^ This is my first ever TCF story I don't own the characters it belongs to Yoo...
Your My Baby.... by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Your My Baby....by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Kim Rok Soo did not know what to do 1.He transmigerated into Birth of a Hero a A/B/O novel as Cale Henituse an omega 2.Cale seems to have been dead for 3 months 3.He has...
Forgotten by marvel_maximoff11
Forgottenby Kennedy
"How old are you Odinsdottir?" "115" "You look six to me" "You look dead to me" Nesi...
When A War Is All You Get (!Read DESC!) by UnknownQuality
When A War Is All You Get (!Read D...by {Blank}
Cage didn't think it was gonna be like this. NONE of them thought it was EVER going to turn out like this. But, that's to be expected in a war, right? To Expect The Une...
Cale the harry potter fan in HARRY POTTER?! by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Cale the harry potter fan in HARRY...by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Cale as Kim Rok Soo first book read and only book read for a long time was Harry Potter. That was the last gift his parents gave him. To read to him at night. Then they...
Diabolik lovers x Tcf by Yinyue_jun
Diabolik lovers x Tcfby Yinyuejun
Cale was forced to help a girl who was one of GoDs prayer, but it seems that he is the one needing help. The girl's name was Yui Komori a girl who was send away by her...
King of the Underworld by Souls45
King of the Underworldby Souls45
Greek Mythology was always a very messed up story, incest, parents eating their children, husbands eating their wives, having sex with animals and even giving birth to a...
To Create a new World ( totcf and tboah ) by handsofvan
To Create a new World ( totcf and...by handsofvan
The Birth of a Hero is a ruined World. Choi Han lost, and the white star become a God. Choi Han pleaded desperately to whoever will listen to his plea for help. Reaching...
The 0th Corps Commander Became Trash! [ TCF x INTKOT ] by PopeOfDeonism
The 0th Corps Commander Became Tra...by < roksu 3
While resting in his room at the Demon Kings castle Deon passes out and regains memories of a certain red haired man who also wants a slacker life like him who was named...
Truth Shall Set You Free by bridukes
Truth Shall Set You Freeby JaydeRayne
The war is over, the White Star (Radish) is dead for good, and the God of Despair has been resealed, but Cale's ever so elusive Slacker Life is still out of reach with t...
Spider-lilies of Reincarnation ( Tcf x Demon slayer ) by PopeOfDeonism
Spider-lilies of Reincarnation ( T...by < roksu 3
Amused, Barrow smiled and conjured more magic capable of blowing up the room and both Barrow and Cale to dust as well. "I'll be taking your young master with me.&qu...
Love In Palace || End S1✔|| TOTCF Fic || English by DinaFRahmah
Love In Palace || End S1✔|| TOTCF...by Dina_FR
Cale Henituse, the omega known for his beauty that closely resembled his late mother, had always been avoided by his own father. One day when he was ten years old, King...
Rising General by StarbrightHuntress
Rising Generalby StarbrightHuntress
Disclaimer:TCF doesn't belong to me! OG! Cale was sick of Deruth's bull crap, so he planned on running away from his home. The God Of Death (who had taking a liking to t...