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Bit by Bit (DBZ/DBZA/GT/SUPER OC story) by GrimGenesis
Bit by Bit (DBZ/DBZA/GT/SUPER OC s...by Genesis
He's your typical office worker, someone who's just living his life best he can. He isn't someone worth mentioning in his own opinion, even when others tell him he's a g...
The Daughter of a Prince by CassidyGreyson
The Daughter of a Princeby Cassidy Greyson
Arlice was a Saiyan sent to Earth as a baby. Not to kill the planet, but sent to escape being under rule of Lord Frieza, or worse, be killed like the majority of her kin...
High School SxD (Dragon Ball Z x High School DxD) by SuperSaiyanJayden
High School SxD (Dragon Ball Z x H...by Ramia Enjoyer
As Gohan awoken to his latest potential thanks to the Elder Kai. He goes back to Earth to try and dealing with the pink demon, but something happens to him and gets sent...
She's Alive (dbz fan fiction) by Bardock-Son
She's Alive (dbz fan fiction)by Ryu_Oozmaki
zangya, after gohan kills bojack, wakes up 3 years later, still hurt. She flies & finds herself at the home of the one who killed her team. How will this unfold? Find ou...
Two Goku's One Timeline by Shadow2190
Two Goku's One Timelineby Shadow2190
During his mission against Fu, Goku was sent back to his past and this time he has the chance to change things without any worry. Will he take the risk or will he let th...
Future Gohan in Infinite Stratos (Dbz X Infinite Stratos) by SuperSaiyanJayden
Future Gohan in Infinite Stratos (...by Ramia Enjoyer
Age. 757, West City was destroyed thanks to the Androids no. 17 and 18. Gohan rushes into the destroyed city to take down the androids but suddenly a worm hole appears a...
DBZ: Fighter's Daughter *UNDER EDITING* by Beygirl_Wood
DBZ: Fighter's Daughter *UNDER EDI...by I Am Diana
This is the story of a girl named GiGi. But she is no ordinary girl. Her father is Goku, the greatest fighter on earth. She has inherited her Dad's love for fighting. Gi...
A Young Warrior (Dragon Ball Z x Male reader) by BurbleBird
A Young Warrior (Dragon Ball Z x M...by BurbleBird
What if Goku had another son? older then Gohan - Y/N has fought alongside his fellow defenders of Earth against the most dangerous of threats: the Saiyans who threatened...
A Collection of Short DBZ Stories  by ultraviolence2014
A Collection of Short DBZ Stories by ultraviolence2014
Here's to the times where I've had a good fanfic idea but didn't want to make it as long as my other works. These stories range from romantic relationships to friendship...
Gohan in Boruto by DudeMan01
Gohan in Borutoby DudeMan01
Somehow, Gohan has traveled to Konohagakure during the time of Boruto. Will he live there forever? Can he find a way back? (This isn't a random story, it follows the sho...
the lost saiyan by JamesHall137
the lost saiyanby James Hall
as whis was looking through his staff he saw a planet that he never noticed before beerus also saw the planet they both go there and find something that no one ever thou...
Finding Hope by Oh_JiminV
Finding Hopeby Alexis Scott
A young girl from the same future as future Trunks has to deal with the death of her father. Her older brother trains her but is soon killed by the androids after a shor...
Goku and Vegeta betrayed And New Visuial Experiences by Dbfanstories
Goku and Vegeta betrayed And New V...by dbfanstories
Goku and Vegeta get betrayed all for description don't want to spoil it all
Dragon Ball Z Kyōdai (Male Reader) by BlueBoyVanX
Dragon Ball Z Kyōdai (Male Reader)by Blueshade2
Read and see the story of Goku and his brother like friend. No this is not a one-shot. Just me in dragon ball z. I mean, who wouldn't add there selves in an amazing anim...
Becoming Gohan by No_Body_Home
Becoming Gohanby Stranger_On_Earth
Hayden O'Hara was once one of us. He lived his life just like us. But everything changed when he got shot for saving a life. His story was over in our world. But in anot...
Male Dragonball Characters X Reader/Male Reader X Male Character by VernelGaming
Male Dragonball Characters X Reade...by Vern Aspar
Hello there fellow readers and authors! so ummmmm. in this book, is a compilation of stories ive read so far, and also some of my works (im too shy but I hope Ill publis...
Elevation by Blesseddd1024
Elevationby Blesseddd1024
It was initially thought that Goten was the clone of his father, in both personality and appearance, but he grew up to become his own individual. The future holds great...
Heart of a half Saiyan (Gohan) by Silver-Serpent
Heart of a half Saiyan (Gohan)by Kahla Lane
Gohan and Laylah grew up together, and when they hit there teen years they discover something more than just friendship between them. A Gohan Love Story (With a little b...
growing up on a world that is once peaceful, (Y/n), a Human, has witnessed the Cell Games via TV Broadcast as well as the Majin Buu attack. but, being an orphan, his lif...