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Goné || A cage of beauty  by -Xniper-
Goné || A cage of beauty by Normal not at all :/
Preshtha sharma, A girl who tries to love herself but this old thinking society won't let her. she's a typical brown skinned girl and the whole society has given her a t...
It Started With A Run by sydxdidly
It Started With A Runby Syd E.
Cameron Black is the school's nice guy. He has the perfect life. The perfect girlfriend, the perfect family. Nothing bad has ever really happened to him. Annabel Carter...
Good Boy Gone Bad by solacekxdz
Good Boy Gone Badby 𝐊.
" What if a good boy turned bad? " Former good boy Carter Matthews was almost beaten to death for having a crush on popular girl Zara Sinclair. After realising...
Push by somebritishbum
Pushby M I A N E T T E
Highschool student Anthony Davis is winning at life. He's popular, has excellent grades, dates the hottest girl, and is the best track runner out there. He has it all bu...
Stream good boy gone bad - a crack fan-fiction by J_sprite7
Stream good boy gone bad - a J.sprite
a amazing fanfiction written by me ofc!! but seriously stan txt and stream good boy gone bad y/n accidentally gets teleported into txts MV universe and gets strangled b...
Disdaining Darkness by _MOAsStarlight_
Disdaining Darknessby Levi
Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai have all lived normal lives, until one night Beomgyu gets a terrifying nightmare that could possibly predict his fate...
Why by nctisgay
Whyby kms
... !! in which Taheyun always has the question "why"
Heartbreak Girl by Nakoa_Ksenia
Heartbreak Girlby Anna
A girl with bad taste, and a boy with a warm heart. Popular Jeriah is in love with his best friend Shaye, the local problem child. As a best friend, he is with her on th...
There's Something Holding Me Back: A Shawn Mendes FanFiction by thevan_
There's Something Holding Me mollythewhore
Shawn was the sweetest boyfriend Chloe could've ever asked for. However, she quickly gets bored of it. She always dreamed of having a 'bad boy' for a boyfriend and Shawn...
jealousy jealousy.. | yeonbin by keroppiwritesstuf
jealousy jealousy.. | yeonbinby keroppiwritesstuf
two boys fall in love but another seems to disapprove of this.
Like Bonnie And Clyde by Skyninja104
Like Bonnie And Clydeby Skyninja104
Jonah Kim (21) wants to become a movie actor that is from Arizona. Before that, he wanted to become an outlaw from Korea. Of course, the outlaw life was never a serious...
the search by mukesbub
the searchby Tysia
Rosetta rebelled against the Deity, knowing she would be banished to earth. However, her rebellion wasn't what it seemed. Sent back to earth, Rosetta navigates the str...
Confident by idkkkkkkk12345678900
Confidentby idkkkkkkk12345678900
She was confident and he was invisible. Until she caught an interest in him. Then, he became what he always wished for; needed.
miscreants || ashannie by -leblonkers
miscreants || ashannieby mimi 🦋
*:・゚✧ bad boys ain't no good but good boys ain't no fun cover creds: @jupiterings *:・゚✧
Before I Die by highclassbish
Before I Dieby MultipackQueen✨👑
Started: Saturday 5th September 2020 Two criminal lovers. One caught and in jail. The other alone and ready to move on. What happens when there is an unexpected phone ca...
The Leather Jacket Effect  by ___VAMPIRE___
The Leather Jacket Effect by ♡SΔDIΣ GRΔHΔM♡
Sabrina has this theory that if you put a leather jacket on a guy, then he seems more attractive to girls. To test this theory Sabrina uses her best friend Jaxon. During...
Escape by jjss0375
Escapeby jjss0375
There's a saying that says the truth always comes out, one way or another. I never believed it. I thought everything could be fixed with a really good lie. Too bad to sa...
Encanto headcanons: Mostly the grandkids  by CamiloMadrigal152
Encanto headcanons: Mostly the Camilo Madrigal
~~~~ Includes LGBTQ+ headcanons! Modern!!
No Way (#Wattys2015) by realllyreilly
No Way (#Wattys2015)by ☾ ry ☽
She's a street rat. He's a rich boy. She's a fighter. He's a lost soul. Both are so different but so in love. When Antonio Cortez and Ella January first met, neither of...