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what if your favorite anime came across one anothers path, from dragon ball super to demon slayer, hunter x hunter, fairy tale, NARUTO, The seven deadly sins, SAO, The M...
There's No Good by Gabrielle0841
There's No Goodby -Gabrielle-
••• In a world of heroes there will always be a villain. Because wherever there's a hero around, there will be a villain lurking in the shadows. Because that's com...
The reploid child by AliceReploid
The reploid childby AliceReploid
A reploid child named Alice is dropped into the hands of the maverick hunters ,and is there job to take care of it . But what they don't know is who are the parents of...
Heart of Crystals by Berlykate
Heart of Crystalsby BerlytheBookworm
"Always have to get in my way, don't you?" The girl sneered coldly. He shrugged sending her a knowing grin, "I guess I just can't resist trying to capture...
What if goku somehow never ended up on his earth.? What if he ended up in MHA, ( MY HERO ACADEMIA). We'll see how this goku, grow and evolve while growing up inside of...
The Marionette by FantasyStarFox
The Marionetteby Leah
The Marionette once had loved making the children happy. He would sing and give presents out to the children. It always brought him joy when a child's face would light u...
The Warrior Princess and the Assassin ( Fire Emblem TH X Assassin Creed) by TheGreatSummoner
The Warrior Princess and the TheGreatSummoner
This is a alternative story from the Empress and the Assassin. Same alternative story and male byleth will be in this story. Kyle a Assassin's Creed fan and a fire emble...
Wherever Theres Light There's Darkness (Fem Light x Oc Death Note User x Misa) by shadowthehfang
Wherever Theres Light There's shadowthehfang
L do you know.. gods of death love apples? Two Childhood Lovers get their hands on a book of death. Will it corrupt them or will they save the world?
What if goku was a hybrid!  by KING3RION
What if goku was a hybrid! by KING3RION
This story will take place on planet vegeta. Bardock goku's father will go to earth exactly a day after his home planet gets destroyed! There he will meet a human girl n...
Overlord: the dark legends continues  by TheGreatSummoner
Overlord: the dark legends TheGreatSummoner
Over years our over lord was killed destroyed and really needs to know about himself but we minions looked high and low to find another one. He's kinda young but he's th...
|° Welcome home... Dream.. °| by --KaijuRaijin--
|° Welcome home... Dream.. °|by Kaija
This is a DNB story! this is my first story so it won't be very good but eh. hope you in joy lovelys!
Tale of the Outlanders || Disney Descendants [Hiatus] by JazzEmerald21
Tale of the Outlanders || Disney Jazz Emerald
Another school year, which means another year for mishaps, wickedness, and whatnot for every descendants. Following a calm summer break after the events of the Royal Cot...
The doubts of an angel by AngelAziraphale
The doubts of an angelby Aziraphale
The angel Aziraphale is good at giving love, but if he has to receive it, it's a different thing. He feels uncomfortable und not valid for his dearest.
Experiment #209 by DEAD_ROSE_BEE
Experiment #209by xXSmoll VillainXx
A man and his wife have always wanted to have a child, but they never could. They wanted a child of their DNA; no one elses. So, they found a "special" group o...
What if vegeta got his wishes!  by KING3RION
What if vegeta got his wishes! by KING3RION
This story will take place during the saiyan saga, when vegeta and his two underlings go to earth in search for goku. But this dbz story will be totally different! Veg...
666 by idkwhattodofornames
666by A Great Big Nerd
Every person is born with a twin. One is good and the other is evil. 666 lost her twin at birth and was left to an orphanage. Every orphan claims a number and hers so h...
My Guardian Angel  by lovesmk
My Guardian Angel by lovesmk
"I'm just here to help-" "I don't need your fucking help! Why can't you understand that I don't want you around? Go the fuck away." She yelled at me...