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There's No Good by Gabrielle0841
There's No Goodby -Gabrielle-
••• In a world of heroes there will always be a villain. Because wherever there's a hero around, there will be a villain lurking in the shadows. Because that's com...
The Marionette by FantasyStarFox
The Marionetteby Leah
The Marionette once had loved making the children happy. He would sing and give presents out to the children. It always brought him joy when a child's face would light u...
The reploid child by AliceReploid
The reploid childby AliceReploid
A reploid child named Alice is dropped into the hands of the maverick hunters ,and is there job to take care of it . But what they don't know is who are the parents of...
The Rush of the River by TheSquishyFrog
The Rush of the Riverby TheSquishyFrog
In the old forest of warrior cats (yes this is a warrior fanfic if you don't like it then just dont read it) a group of rogues are rising to power. Led by the ferocious...
The doubts of an angel by AngelAziraphale
The doubts of an angelby Aziraphale
The angel Aziraphale is good at giving love, but if he has to receive it, it's a different thing. He feels uncomfortable und not valid for his dearest.
Cruel Love by Isil0202
Cruel Loveby Isil0202
Sara is starting her new life in LA. The things will get complicated when a rich player starts falling in love with her. Will she accept his love or will she choose the...
Tale of the Outlanders || Disney Descendants [Hiatus] by JazzEmerald21
Tale of the Outlanders || Disney Jazz Emerald
Another school year, which means another year for mishaps, wickedness, and whatnot for every descendants. Following a calm summer break after the events of the Royal Cot...
Good or bad / Carlos de vil  by brij3003
Good or bad / Carlos de vil by brij3003
Hello my name is Carmen kitty cat . My friends are harry Claudine and Gil . My father is the one and only Cheshire Cat. The villains are like our parents . Our fathers d...
Twins by Shreesha936
Twinsby sammy
Two twins were born in heaven. Both were powerful, intelligent, brave and beautiful but one decided to choose the path of evil and was sealed away by her elder sister. ...
The Warrior Princess and the Assassin ( Fire Emblem TH X Assassin Creed) by TheGreatSummoner
The Warrior Princess and the TheGreatSummoner
This is a alternative story from the Empress and the Assassin. Same alternative story and male byleth will be in this story. Kyle a Assassin's Creed fan and a fire emble...
Wicked Hearts by pghpiratesgirl
Wicked Heartsby Tricia Hill
Serina O'Lander is as evil as evil comes, she's wicked and cruel. She doesn't have friends, she has mere allies she doesn't kill on sight. In her line of work, if you l...
I See Dead People [My Hero Academia x reader] by A_bean_from_hell
I See Dead People [My Hero sad potato
People say your quirk is fit for a villain, you don't feel that you're evil, but if you think about it you don't feel like you're good eaither. Being the daughter of two...
Dear Diary... by mariana_mata123
Dear mariana_mata123
this is not like the normal storys where you tell your perfect life...this is real and cruel life
Good or Bad? by Legumestea
Good or Bad?by l̶e̶g̶u̶m̶e̶s̶t̶e̶a̶
This was inspired by the song Villain by Stella Jang.
The Villain Kids by shinhye26
The Villain Kidsby park shin hye
Kilala natin si Malificent na Masamang Tao Pero masama din ba ang mga kauri o kapamilya nya like her daughter, Mal. Si Mal ay ang anak ni Malificent na nagmula sa dark i...
Raised In The Mafia by Dragon_Ace_
Raised In The Mafiaby Dragonace
From abandoned child, to pick pocket. Mafia Killer to... Hero? Villain? Or something in between... ~ ~ ~ This is the story of a kid who grew up with the point of view w...