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The Emperor's Rose  by CelestialSunset
The Emperor's Rose by Celestial Sunset
Aiko is an extremely poor girl. She has less than nothing. She lives in the Empire of Shintokanai, in a world where men rule. She is forced to work day and night for h...
දෙවෙනි  ඉනිමත් ඉවර කරමු 😌😂💥 by Creatif_mystery
දෙවෙනි ඉනිමත් ඉවර කරමු 😌😂💥by Creatif_mystery
මේ පාර එදිරිමුණි අංකල් මාමාට කරන්න බැරි උන වැඩක් තමා කරන්න බැලුවේ 😂💔 මේක ලංකාවේ අනාගතේ බාරගන්න ඉන්න පුරවැසියන්ගේ මනස් අදුරෙන් අලෝකෙට ගේන්න කරන වැඩක් 😂😌 ඉන්ද...
Devil in the Details by tttaylor
Devil in the Detailsby tttaylor
"Evil?" she asked, her lips testing the word. She suppressed a giggle that surfaced at her mouth. "There's no way you're evil." His dark eyes s...
Stellarlune My Way - Because I seriously cannot wait by Lets-try-again
Stellarlune My Way - Because I Shinso
HELLO KOTLC FANS!! *cheers* Had this idea floating around in my mind for MONTHS speculating and wondering and pondering and guessing what the heck Mrs. Messenger is goin...
Mya's Writing Tips and Secrets  by Milheaven
Mya's Writing Tips and Secrets by 𝕄𝕪𝕒
●My tips and tricks to amazing writing ● My name is Mya (aka Milheaven) and this is a book about my little secrets and tricks to successfully doing my passion, writing. ...
PAVISH AND KYLE by Niarastable
PAVISH AND KYLEby Favour Ogbonna
"The most original and romantic love story yet..." _ RK Reviews Lost in the woods with a gorgeous stranger... Pavish- a rare beauty from a small family in Sout...
Don't Kiss The Homies, Yeonjun  by HYUKAREADS
Don't Kiss The Homies, Yeonjun by Ghost~
Yeonjun falls in love when he sees the mysterious Choi Soobin in school. He immediately texts all his friends, and starts on a path to earn Soobin's affection.
hot milfs by ventisluttt
hot milfsby ventislut
adventuring with dora diego falls off a cliff like the dumb bitch he is and meets mommy gardevoir 😩 tbh idk i fell asleep writing this and this is just for fun if u nee...
Mary Poppins Lesbian AU by EttaElm
Mary Poppins Lesbian AUby EttaElm
I want to thank Finn, featured in "Fi and the tennis racket" for this idea. This story will be written only on the 30 minute bus ride I have to school. I wil...
dick cake fanfic remade by keroshri
dick cake fanfic remadeby hotbabelover4869
a sad love story between three young and proud cis straight peopel
My Ten Rules of Writing by M_Charles
My Ten Rules of Writingby M. Charles
Hello, here is a list of my ten rules of writing; they should become second nature.
Percy Jackson meets MHA by Blue_Skyz143
Percy Jackson meets MHAby Livanation Y
A couple of things I want to say before we start 1) I am NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM A PROFESSINAL WRITER 2) I will try my hardest to update at least every other day an...
||My Little Rock|| Yandere Boys x Reader by Thespicee
||My Little Rock|| Yandere Boys Thespicee
A sexy harem between six boys and one girl, its all fun and games until they go yandere for her. Read the story.
entp x entp eknemises to lovers uwu by wonkasgirlfriend
entp x entp eknemises to lovers uwuby person
wonka, just a normal girl, living a normal life, but theres something about her that no one knows yet. cause she's got a secret. SHES AN ENTP, SIMPLY THE BEST, MAKING TH...
The Adventures of Misty Daís by BrecklyQ
The Adventures of Misty Daísby Breckly Q
Misty Daís is a feisty female half elf who never knew of her mother's existence. Once her father was killed by the Empire and his soldiers, she sought out to find her la...
Hide the pain with me niisan~ | Haroldmatsu x reader | by -skelescenery-
Hide the pain with me niisan~ | SkeleScene
Haroldmatsu, everyone's favorite matsu brother, just wants you to help him hide the pain from his burazzas. Updated whenever I feel especially masochistic. Suggestions a...
No need for a butt plug by pontusfan
No need for a butt plugby PONTUS = JESUS
What's up guys your favourite author is back at it again and this story is gonna be better than anything Shakespeare has ever written. It's about Sangwoo and Yoonbum and...