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Mark Tuan, you are mine! (GOT7 || Book 1) by cyypriscilla
Mark Tuan, you are mine! (GOT7 || 🌕
**Book Cover is just an edit** There are certain limits to one's dreams but one is always told to be never afraid to dream big. What happens when you push over the bound...
An arranged marriage with Got7 Jr. by MarkieeTuan
An arranged marriage with Got7 Markiee
EunHee and Jinyoung are going to get married because of their family company arrangement. EunHee like Mark. JinYoung like EunHee since they are kindergarten pupil and Yo...
I'm Got7's Choreographer by cxndycoats
I'm Got7's Choreographerby starry nights
Park Cho Lee is the niece of Park Jin Young, the owner of JYP Ent. She is incredibly talented in dancing and somehow beautiful in a way. She has a strange personality, s...
Walk You Home : Park Jinyoung by jjakbbam
Walk You Home : Park Jinyoungby a
"When I walk you home tonight, I want to tell you how much you mean to me."
GOT7 One Shot Compilation by lovingseoul
GOT7 One Shot Compilationby lovingseoul
This will be a compilation of my GOT7 one shots. It has been a while since the last time I wrote a one shot. Not all stories here have happy endings. I might also includ...
Diamond : Choi Youngjae by jjakbbam
Diamond : Choi Youngjaeby a
"Like a diamond, he's a precious gem. Beautiful but extremely difficult to break." ▪ Highest Ranking : #880 in Fanfiction
°❤° Got7 Imagines&Preferences °❤° by pastelyug
°❤° Got7 Imagines&Preferences °❤°by Creatively Inclined
[Got7Fan Fiction]The healer by weGOT7
[Got7Fan Fiction]The healerby weGOT7
New Got7 fan fiction!!! Mark is a 18 years old boy. He used to be like other boys, friendly and outgoing, at least he used to have a normal life. But when he's 18, thing...
'I Wish' [GOT7 Jinyoung x Reader FANFIC] (COMPLETED) by noinism90
'I Wish' [GOT7 Jinyoung x Reader noinism90
This is a story about a girl named Jung Rin(YOU) who had always been dreaming to be a singer. Will her dream come true? Is she good enough? Who will she meet while...
Moonlight ◇ got7 | jinyoung by heronthornchild
Moonlight ◇ got7 | jinyoungby ... tricia ...
// two strangers find comfort after midnight // { one - shot }
Way Back Home (Mark Tuan - GOT7 Fanfic) by AFangirlsHeart
Way Back Home (Mark Tuan - GOT7 A Fangirl's Heart
"No matter how we end in the future, at least we've been together before. We don't have to end our promises, and we most definitely don't need words of promises.&qu...
different pain + markjin. by goushi-
different pain + goushi-
"what if you realize something, but you just realized it too late.." mark tuan / park jinyoung
K-Pop Imagines Volume 4: GOT7 {Closed for Requests} by kfnye98
K-Pop Imagines Volume 4: GOT7 { Still KaiSoo Trash
After completing all of those EXO imagines, finally here comes some more now featuring the one and only GOT7.
GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY (Mark Tuan) by JesselynJanice
GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY (Mark Tuan)by Jesselyn.
Things that are happening in Park Hee Young's life: 1. She is accepted to JYP Entertainment, as a trainee! 2. A mysterious guy talked to her after the audition. She wond...
That Day I Said I Love You [GOT7 FanFic] by aibycuh
That Day I Said I Love You [GOT7 I.C. Ignacio
*A GOT7 fanfic* Yoo Ae (A) coincidentally met her childhood buddy, Jaebum, in school, after many years of not seeing him. She found out that the Jaebum she used to know...
Angel meets 7 jerks by Kwinnweather
Angel meets 7 jerksby Kwinnweather
an interesting book and a coffee would be very peaceful enough for an APBNE (almost-perfect-but-not-enough) girl like Yoon Hanna also known as yoon haneul myeong. but wh...
[Got7Fan Fiction] My Cold Neighbour by weGOT7
[Got7Fan Fiction] My Cold Neighbourby weGOT7
New GOT7 fan fiction!!! Baek Eun Hye, a transferred student from Busan, is now a grade three student in Seoul Royal High School. This fan fiction is about her school lif...
Unexpected Date (GOT7 Jr.) [Scenario] by kookie_jeons
Unexpected Date (GOT7 Jr.) [ 쿠 키 전 스
The picture for the cover is irrelevant but who cares. It doesn't affect the scenario. The title is self explanatory so...yeah. © to the owner of the picture I used to m...
Midnight Walk (Mark Tuan Short Story) by misseauh
Midnight Walk (Mark Tuan Short Margo
"Soulmates don't leave each other." Six years ago, Cha Eun was a college girl and Mark was a trainee. Six years later, the brightest part of her youth became...