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Fan Account | SATZU INSTAGRAM AU by ccherri
Fan Account | SATZU INSTAGRAM AUby nata
Sana is a big fan of TWICE, her bias is Tzuyu. She decided to make an instagram account about her. She makes loads of friends. Little does she know her life will change...
Still With You (°TAEKOOK°) [ON HOLD] by ohDaddysUgh
Still With You (°TAEKOOK°) [ON 🍑
Jungkook got pregnant by his boyfriend but he left him, knowing that he'll gonna be a father at the young age. Taehyung is an arrogant, cold-hearted person, he's also a...
Mark Tuan, you are mine! (GOT7 || Book 1) by cyypriscilla
Mark Tuan, you are mine! (GOT7 || 🌕
**Book Cover is just an edit** There are certain limits to one's dreams but one is always told to be never afraid to dream big. What happens when you push over the bound...
GOT7 one shots & imagines by chocofr34k
GOT7 one shots & imaginesby _uniquee_
One shots/ imagines, whatever you call it.
Got7 Reactions by notadove
Got7 Reactionsby notadove
Got7 soft/angst/smut/etc. reactions Hope you guys enjoy these! I tried my best :) Love you all~ 🅄🄽🄳🄴🅁 🄴🄳🄸🅃🄸🄽🄶
GOT7 Reactions by nojamsgirl_
GOT7 Reactionsby No Jams Girl
Second Arrangement by chocofr34k
Second Arrangementby _uniquee_
An unfortunate incident landed Jackson back to Ellie's life. She agreed to give them a second chance. Can they face all the problems they face to get their happy ending...
Nothing To Something ( Got7 Mark Tuan ) by KFFWRITERS
Nothing To Something ( Got7 Mark KFFWRITERS
******* ******* ........ 'Is she awake? Will I wake her up if I knock?' I wondered to myself. My thoughts were interrupted when the door suddenly opened, and there stood...
Collection of GOT7 One-Shots (xReader) by fairygyeom
Collection of GOT7 One-Shots ( aia
Fluffs and Angsts mostly. Re-uploading from Tumblr.
GOT7 Preferences & Imagines [accepting requests/ideas] by _itsjustright_
GOT7 Preferences & Imagines [ lost
Just IGOT7 stuff. Creds to @colours_of_jenni for the cover +-+-+-+ please do not steal my ideas
Badboy [Im Jaebum X Male!Reader High School AU] by hehoimibois
Badboy [Im Jaebum X Male!Reader Jae
Badboy - noun (informal): A man who does not conform to approved standards of behavior, especially in a particular sphere of activity. -•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Im Jaebum is new t...
miracle | kim yugyeom by potatolace
miracle | kim yugyeomby potatolace
"how disrespectful of you" "and?" . . . lust through the internet (this will contain sexual scenes) highest rank: #1 in yugyeom #1 in jinyoung #2 in...
Timed by lonelyxiumin
Timedby ayano🌪
Where a love desperate Jaebum meets his soulmate after waiting for many years, and learns about the ups and downs of loving someone. #3 in im jaebum; #6th in kim yugyeo...
The Blonde Boy (Got6* Jackson)/Maknae Jackson by Jacksoncutie
The Blonde Boy (Got6* Jackson)/ Madhumitha
Got6 was in a relationship with a boy named Alex. All of them dreamed about debuting together with him. But what they don't expect was Jackson was the one that got debut...
The Babysitter ✔ | by KayKyutie
The Babysitter ✔ |by KayKyutie
She's a troublemaker. A rebel. She never follows the rules. The bad influence. And her older brother is sick of it. And so, he hires his work friend as a babysitter for...
Let Me (JayB FF) by chocofr34k
Let Me (JayB FF)by _uniquee_
Elle was a single mother living in a foreign country. Her life changed when 7 guys came into her life. Her previous little brothers are not so little anymore.
Ferris wheel ♡ Jackson Wang | Completed ✔️ by Aeriwanglove
Ferris wheel ♡ Jackson Wang | Aeri Wang
What happens when you find yourself dating a kpop idol and have to keep the relationship a secret despite their dating ban being lifted? How long would you survive tryi...
HIT ME UP | jaebum by willowpark
HIT ME UP | jaebumby willowpark
"You should hit me up when you see me" "No." • Nari is a normal girl scrolling down her feed on instagram until she lands on prdsdef's instagram si...
got7 imagines by ahgasejpg
got7 imaginesby igot7 ♡
got7 imagines taken from my tumblr requests open [clean/fluff only] [ update: i'm no longer updating this book. more imagines can be found on my tumblr: jxcksonwxng ]
An arranged marriage with Got7 Jr. by MarkieeTuan
An arranged marriage with Got7 Markiee
EunHee and Jinyoung are going to get married because of their family company arrangement. EunHee like Mark. JinYoung like EunHee since they are kindergarten pupil and Yo...