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STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM, mayfield  by -suneaters
i hope we're still friends yeah i hope you don't mind! 。✩ ◝ 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘄𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗯𝘂𝗯𝗯𝗹𝗲𝗴𝘂𝗺: stranger things season one - three. max mayfield x fem oc. ...
Rejection on the Alpha #1 | COMPLETED | by BlondeDecember1
Rejection on the Alpha #1 | BlondeDecember1
This wasn't a civilised understanding, people knew of what the Julius Alpha was, what he stood for, which wasn't anything but our strongest of clan leaders. He made the...
Slipping Into The Future by peblezQ
Slipping Into The Futureby Pebs
Alexander Hamilton time-travels from the year 1794 to the year 2016 and meets the man who wrote a musical about him; Lin-Manuel Miranda. ~~~ Alexander Hamilton plans to...
Stranger Than Normal by whorefor24
Stranger Than Normalby whorefor24
{Will Byers X Female Reader} At the age of five 006 was sent to the upside down by Papa. The scientists left her there after she was chased by a demogorgen thinking she...
U.A Prison ▪BNHA▪「Book 1」 by Sadistic_Karma
U.A Prison ▪BNHA▪「Book 1」by Sadistic_Karma
Approximately one percent of the world was developing superpowers called quirks. The government decided it was best to capture all the 'infected' and separate them from...
Strong For Too Long |BOOKS 1 & 2 & 3| by darkblonde1
Strong For Too Long |BOOKS 1 & Darkblonde1
Excerpt: The sentence you are currently reading has the potential to undermine your capability in the knowledge of literature and your bland consciousness to understand...
P̸̰͐͌́͊͂͊̚̕͠Ù̴̲͉̤̝͙͍͒̏̆̾́͒̍Ṛ̸̰̩̯͖͂̇̊̄͂͘͠G̷͈͑̓̉͐͋́̌͝E̷̼̣̓̓͝  || BTS by blossomVY
P̸̰͐͌́͊͂͊̚̕͠Ù̴̲͉̤̝͙͍͒̏̆̾́͒̍R̸͂̇̊͠ 🧈
In a dystopian society where for one day each year, all crime is legal for 12 hours. Seven boys work together to try to survive the harsh reality of the real world. As t...
The Captured : Book One by HMSherman
The Captured : Book Oneby Hannah Sherman
"I, Vanessa Kotura, daughter of The Commander, and the top agent in the field have been tasked with finding you. I have been trained to cut you down, erase you, an...
Above and Here by 60sloop
Above and Hereby 60sloop
A strange sighting in the California mountains is just the beginning of life changes for David.
Starfire Ascension by Jay_Dizzle
Starfire Ascensionby JayDizzle
Book One of Three - (Sci-Fi/Romance) Cyrus and Holly are siblings with a special bond, that are coming of age in the small town of Gruene, Texas. The town's wealthiest d...
The Trouble with Women by rdracine
The Trouble with Womenby Renee Racine-Kinnear
A woman suspects that her government-imposed birth control implant is controlling her. As reports of uncharacteristically violent female behaviour begin to surge, it bec...
An Artistic Crime by Iluvbts2much
An Artistic Crimeby Iluvbts2much
On a tragic day in South Korea, an unknown threat hits citizens worldwide. What seemed to be a normal day turns into a chaotic one. Taehyung and Jungkook, two opposites...
Conspiracy Theories [COMPLETED] Watty's 2016 by aaveryelizabeth
Conspiracy Theories [COMPLETED] ♡•Avery Who?•♡
By no means are these real, they could be completely false, but I found them fascinating, and a little creepy. Some are scarier than others, but they all are weird in th...
In every lifetime  by TIMETOLIVE1
In every lifetime by Kacie
Your six when you have your first soulmate dream. You know she will be in danger. How can you protect her an ocean away? Years of dreaming lead you to America. Will you...
The Organization (Season Three) by KingzGaius
The Organization (Season Three)by Kingz Stories Gaius Empire Of...
I'm Gaius Dominic. An avenger. The only legitimate son of the late deputy senate president (Senator Uche Dominic). CEO and legitimate owner of the Dominics multipurpose...
Infection Runs Deep by goodness_graecus
Infection Runs Deepby alina gabriels
Dr. Elizabeth Hunter thought her life as second year resident could not get anymore frantic than her ER rotation. Crashing heart rates, bottoming out blood pressures, an...
Running Backwards by AmberCarson1384
Running Backwardsby Amber Carson
Angie finds out she's not as mentally healthy as her purposely mundane life made her believe. While taking a trip to save her family during the apocalypse she learns how...
The Chronicles of Zaratia by HerrArbeiter
The Chronicles of Zaratiaby HerrArbeiter
"If you want peace, prepare for war", recites a statement from Vegetius. It may be right, but what is absolutely true is that ambition causes division and ther...
Not So Average by abigailanders
Not So Averageby abigailanders
Average girl Emily Walsh finds out she's not so average after all. Join her on an adventure of discover that she could have never imagined that she would follow.
Power Uppers | ✔️ by Prisim
Power Uppers | ✔️by Queen of the Gummy Bears
Throughout the world, Power Uppers are the hottest drug on the market. A single pill allows any Normie to obtain the power of a Super. The drawback? They're also highly...