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Love, family and Revenge by Autumneyes0405
Love, family and Revengeby Autumneyes0405
Mahi was either worshipped like a god or looked down like a filth. He was tired of all the allegations every time they lost a match. He was tired of his family being dra...
True Founder Dragon(remake)  by Arise_Tempest
True Founder Dragon(remake) by -
Just female rimuru mother of primordial angel and older sister to veldanava and the true Founder Dragon. So rimuru is hell op
The Older Brother Of The Destroyer (AU) by ily_gc
The Older Brother Of The obsessive_reader
Cringe Story +Bad grammar Staying in another dimension for 1960 Years, A Beauty.. No.. A Goddess King... A Male Who's Beauty Is Above All, Rimuru Nava, The Chaos Creator...
Love Wins *Jayden and Antonio love Story*(power Rangers Samurai story) by VampireWarrior101
Love Wins *Jayden and Antonio Christine Daae
You all know of the Power Rangers Samurai; mike, Mia, Emily, Antonio, Kevin, and Jayden their leader. But what if there were two more rangers named Brianna, and Mack? Ye...
SS | Shania Gracia, Shani Indira by ketgils
SS | Shania Gracia, Shani Indiraby ketek
enjoy! ©ketgils, 2k18
Kamu Berbeda Tapi Aku Suka by Dean_Ariya
Kamu Berbeda Tapi Aku Sukaby Deandra Ariya Uno
aku berbeda tapi nampak luar aku sama seperti lainnya.. aku menyebut diriku "korban" aku terjebak di dalam tubuh yang tidak seharusnya. semua orang mencemoohku...
Big Time Rush James Sister by Kiley5686
Big Time Rush James Sisterby Kiley
What if James had a sister, what if she went with them to LA. Read to find out.
Truth That Speaks (Criminal Minds) by Tearsonlyknow
Truth That Speaks (Criminal Minds)by Magnus
"Truth only hurts those who have been comforted by a lie"
tentang arah yang tak pernah berubah. by pisangapple
tentang arah yang tak pernah nib
lima ditambah tiga lagu yang tertuang menjadi sebuah cerita. . . . . . pengennya setilist 16 lagu gitu tapi bingung cari lagu yang bisa berkorelasi dan jadi cerita, so h...
HAND OF FATE by Dwyane_02
HAND OF FATEby PrometheuZ
Apa yang akan dilakukan seorang laki-laki ketika mengetahui bahwa dirinya tidak bisa memilih wanita mana yang akan menjadi pendamping hidupnya? Mungkinkah dia mencoba me...
Boyfriend (Criminal Minds)  by Tearsonlyknow
Boyfriend (Criminal Minds) by Magnus
"Don't be scared, come on put your trust in me, I don't care, all I really wanna be is your boyfriend, can't fight that."
TerbaiQ by kinApn
TerbaiQby kinApn
"jangan gitu, nanti aku baper..."
Criminal Minds Women Preferences by AyoBulldogs23
Criminal Minds Women Preferencesby Mia
Some preferences for some of my favorite Criminal Minds characters
She's not a boy (KH) ✓ by Suga_Jeon
She's not a boy (KH) ✓by Gracia
នាងបន្លំខ្លួនចូលទៅក្នុង all boy university ដំបូងឡើយព្រោះតែផាកដេវ៉ុនទេ, ក៏ប៉ុន្តែចនជុងហ៊ូន, ទើបជាមនុស្សដែលនៅជាមួយនាងដល់ចុងបញ្ចប់។ campus + sport au. [COMPLETED]
Bau groupchat  by kerinc2712
Bau groupchat by kerinc2712
This is basically a 'groupchat' of the current team
404; Obsession by worldcrying
404; Obsessionby Not this G
Main Cast; Shania Gracia as Maddison Camalle Santiago ; Shani Indira Natio as Benedicto Duartè Georde Warning; FICTION, GXG, DRUNGS, HARSHWORDS, NSFW T...
Cousin Wth Benefits | Shania Gracia, Shani Indira by ketgils
Cousin Wth Benefits | Shania ketek
"aku suka kesalahan ini," -shani. ©ketgils, 2k19
The next generation chronicles by Mahiro457
The next generation chroniclesby Mahiro457
This book is going to be a compilation of short stories revolving around the kids and their chachu's in general. Here, you will get all the fun and Masti that happens be...
A mutant within the BAU by aemersonBadass
A mutant within the BAUby AJ Emerson
Lydia Moon Howlett is the daughter of Logan and Ororo Munroe, she is also an FBI agent