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The Keeper by deetinygirl
The Keeperby Dee
They said that weirdmagadeon was the end. The end of the world... The end of gravity falls... The end of normal... And then... ...
Darker Perspective  by DysfunctionalRequest
Darker Perspective by DysfunctionalRequest
Set after the events of "Not What He Seems." "Grunkle Stan, I trust you." The words struck hard in Dipper's heart and he knows that something has cha...
Weirder Things (Male OC X Wendy Corduroy) by Cowboy-Alchemist
Weirder Things (Male OC X Wendy Cowboy Alchemist
Cross-posted on Patrick Pines is just another average 16-year-old boy. He like video games, old B-movies, drawing, and reading. He was serious, fun-lovin...
Your Wish (Rev Dipcifica) by Cannot_live_here
Your Wish (Rev Dipcifica)by Cere
"how could someone so smart be dense at the same time" he groaned with frustration. "for your information,im not dense" I argue and glare on it his h...
Enigma (Dipper x Reader) by fxller
Enigma (Dipper x Reader)by ▶ shmebulock ◀
Y/N L/N has lived in Gravity Falls her whole life. She thought she was the only one who knew about the strange things about this town but, that all changes one faithful...
Reverse Dipcifica Oneshots by Kaori-_-Miyazono
Reverse Dipcifica Oneshotsby RevDipcifica Writer
I figured since I'm good at writing Reverse Dipcifica stories, maybe I'll be good at this? I don't know but I'll try! I need requests though Started: August 26 2016 Ende...
Under the Moonlight by Luna_of_the_END
Under the Moonlightby LunEND
Gravity Falls, a town full of strange creature and people who live their normal life. But before the sunset, the town's life stop and all the people enclose themselves i...
Are we too young for this? by a3sjun022
Are we too young for this?by Starryjun0
After a year of sailing the seas in search of supernatural mysteries, Stan and Ford were finally settling down. The twins had just left from their second summer in gravi...
splitting pines 《billdip》 by Beewos
splitting pines 《billdip》by The crusty crab is unfair
Warning, updates are slow everything was normal for the pines twins, that is, until they came back to gravity falls after 5 years. after finally convincing their paren...
L̶o̶v̶e̶ Intrest of a Mortal by Fanfictionw0rld
L̶o̶v̶e̶ Intrest of a Mortalby is it gay to be gay?
Demons. Monsters. Ghosts. All hell's children live in some deep dark corner or another and huant and pillage mortals at will. Dedicating their immortal existence to accu...
You're Mine || A Dipper Gleeful x Reader by Away_from_My_Reality
You're Mine || A Dipper Gleeful alexandra
18 year old (y/n) has moved to Reverse Falls, Oregon with her father. She has never been one for love except a idiot of a boyfriend when she lived in California. (y/n)...
Multiverse High (Gravity Falls AU) by fallingunDawn
Multiverse High (Gravity Falls AU)by Dawnfal
Characters from the alternate universes and the original Gravity Falls gathered together in a school of magic, where they'll learn the wheel they're a part of is more th...
Why Ticking Bill Off Is A Bad Idea. by Ambernot
Why Ticking Bill Off Is A Bad Ambernot
Dipper Pines follows Bill to Reverse falls in hope of keeping him from getting a vessel. Bill gets ticked off when Dipper prevents Reverse Pacifica from making a deal wi...
Zero Gravity (Season 01) by fallingunDawn
Zero Gravity (Season 01)by Dawnfal
Bill and Will Cipher flee from their abusive home and find themselves in a city in Oregon named Zero Gravity. Little did they know that Bill would find something that wo...
Forgotten Falls  by malamarta3112
Forgotten Falls by malamarta3112
Lila and James Pines had to make a decision to save their children, but only one could survive. Mabel Pines grew up a happy life with her Grunkles. Everything was easy...
Infinite Gravity (Zero Rises) by fallingunDawn
Infinite Gravity (Zero Rises)by Dawnfal
When a pair of twin brothers escape their abusive family, they find themselves in a city named Infinite Gravity, in there Bill finds a mysterious journal with the abilit...
Falling Gravity (Season 01) by fallingunDawn
Falling Gravity (Season 01)by Dawnfal
Pacifica, an orphan teenager that lost her parents when she was little, her only memory from them was a journal with spells that turned out to be actual magic. Years lat...
My Favorite Constellation by GraffitiDeity
My Favorite Constellationby Lilianna Young
Lilianna Young is a young graffiti artist in the small town of Gravity Falls. She's used to trouble, but this trouble is different. Its the Pines twins, specifically one...
Reverse Dipper x Reader (Discontinued) by Num_Num_123
Reverse Dipper x Reader ( HoneyBun
Hi my name is Y/N. While I was in reverseFalls I accidentally cot the eye of a brown haired Gleeful Twin
Fight Falls (yaoi) by Lukedonia
Fight Falls (yaoi)by Lukedonia
-EN PAUSA- Los gemelos pines mejor conocidos como él dúo maldito fueron eviados con su tio abuelo stan a un pueblo lejos de la civilizacion y las peleas callejeras d...