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King of the Underworld by Souls45
King of the Underworldby Souls45
Greek Mythology was always a very messed up story, incest, parents eating their children, husbands eating their wives, having sex with animals and even giving birth to a...
Who the hell thought making me a Half-blood was a good idea? {ON HOLD} by Orla-Madeline-Potter
Who the hell thought making me a Maddie
When I got reborn, I was out of fucks to give. Puberty? Boyfriends before college? Passing maths and preventing Kronos from rising at the same gods-damn time? Well. I gu...
Clone Wars Headcannon by musntbill
Clone Wars Headcannonby Katelyn Myers
This is going to be a compilation of little stories and tidbits of how I think the troopers would act or react to certain situations, or just how they would act in gener...
THE NERD REVENGE by black_eye_ace
THE NERD REVENGEby blackdeath
this story is TAG-LISH!! (^-^) introduction of characters..! sophie mae smith(the nerd soon to be model) she's beautiful but other don't see it because of her bi...
Start Wars the Clone Wars: Clones Especial OPS by Rexsoka13
Start Wars the Clone Wars: Rexsoka13
This book will be dedicated for the special ops clones that the Star Wars the clones wars did not used or the simple didn't exist so I'm doing it. This clones are raked...
Time - A Prince Wilfred A. Spencer one shot. by Scrump10
Time - A Prince Wilfred A. Ivan
The hardships of marrying into a royal family. Being in the spotlight. What happens when Public duties prevent Grace from giving Wilfred his birthday gift.
So, What Do You Guys Do For Fun Around Here? by BB55SS
So, What Do You Guys Do For Fun BB55SS
It's well known throughout that GAR that one CC-2224 has quite fantastic reflexes. They, truly, are on point. Paired with great hand-eye coordination, it leads to many o...
Title pending by Gree__Seyl
Title pendingby Gree Seyl
A script I've been working on for some time and have had to redo repeatedly.
Medusa by reethezombie
Medusaby ree the zombie
Hindi maintindihan ni Medusa kung bakit napaka-sama ng mundo, hindi mabatid ng kanyang kaisipan bakit may mga taong handang makipag-patayan para sa kapangyarihan at hind...
How to buy proper AC for your home this summer 2020? by greerajasthan
How to buy proper AC for your Gree Rajasthan
India's economic process and increasing purchasing power parity has empowered the typical middle-class family to afford a cushty and healthy lifestyle. Gree Air conditio...
Attack of The Clones by Twins4ever35
Attack of The Clonesby Jacob & Max
When the Clones find themselves in a heavy droid attack. Who knows what can happen next. Will they live, die or get captured? Read this to find what happens next.
Day Trip by IndifferentIgnorance
Day Tripby Francesca
When Essie goes on a boat trip around the island she's staying on, she meets a little more wildlife than she expected to. (I wrote this little vignette as a response to...
Werradithalop by zestypapple
Werradithalopby Wendy Strudelle
A spiritual journey that will have you captivated. A guy named Duke. A highway. An advertisement. A newspaper. A run. And a plot twist at the end. What's not to like?
Lost and Mysterious by morganbaumgarth
Lost and Mysteriousby morganbaumgarth
Chapter 1 One morning I woke up to find my parents gone i walked down the hall and into my brothers room he was fast asleep I ran to the side of the bed and woke him up...
Dairy of Hazuki by HazukiTsukino
Dairy of Hazukiby Hazuki
Yo minna-san! Hazuki-kun here presenting the Diary of Hazuki! This is going to be my opinions and view on things anime, manga, otome game, etc.. related! WARNING-WILL CO...