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Home. by RavenWriter01
#1 RavenWriter01
[In Progress] 🖋 Harry Potter's world turned upside down. He no longer had to spend lonely summers at the Dursley's. In fact, he would never again spend his summers at t...
OF POWER AND OF PAIN | 𝐀𝐩𝗼𝐥𝐥𝗼 by Fatherbluez
'I love you., 'I would say the same but even that would be an understatement for my love., **** in which a goddess of the stars meets a god of the sun. Modern day G...
Bride of Hades by Sadylovespie
Bride of Hadesby Mercedes Sedecrem
A retelling of the original Greek myth. Persephone was revered by Gods as the most beautiful Goddess around. Flowers grew as she walked, the sun shone a little brighter...
Forgotten Gods and Other Stories by jaeshanks
Forgotten Gods and Other Storiesby Jae
The world forgets its gods, but one remains behind. *** An amusement park ride to die for... *** A mother comes to terms with the pair of wings growing from her son's b...
My Father's A WHAT?! by Suddenlyy_Sunnyy
My Father's A WHAT?!by Sunny
Imagine living your life without your father. Your mother doesn't tell you much about it because she doesn't really care about anything other than imagine...
The plight of Persephone by softharttx
The plight of Persephoneby Kylie
A short story from the point of view of Hecate about the story of Persephone.
Hercules and his Twelve Labors by johnbwes
Hercules and his Twelve Laborsby johnbwes
This story is written as a narrative poem. Hercules must perform twelve labors to appease the Greek gods. Written in a fun sing songy style this poem tells the story of...
Deadly Flowers by roslinnyx
Deadly Flowersby Roslin Nyx
The fates watched the rippling water in the basin, two figures standing there holding a little baby cuddled up in a blanket. "She will be the downfall of us all. We...
Earth 824's Wonder Woman Gods And Monsters by TheBrittaCorn
Earth 824's Wonder Woman Gods Brock Mcguire
My interpretation of Patty Jenkins "Wonder Woman (2017)," filled with more gods, a few monsters, and still with the main story from the original movie... Kind...
Rox Anne & the Demigod Wars: The Gods' Legacy by WaywardAcademy
Rox Anne & the Demigod Wars: The WaywardAcademy
Rox-Anne Noor hates difficult choices. But she should've known being a demigod meant a lot of choices, many of which are unpleasant. It's been years since she's left her...