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At Once (Fem!Harry x Marcus Flint) by FanonStar
At Once (Fem!Harry x Marcus Flint)by FanonStar
One look, that was all it took. Helena Potter looked up into Marcus Flint's brown eyes on the Hogwarts Express, and was lost. Follow Helena and Marcus as they navigate t...
Three Things Potter! by TheresaWu338
Three Things Potter!by Smile338
Three Things Potter! When Harry gets hit by the killing curse in the forbidden forest, he meets Death instead of Dumbledore in limbo. He gets told three things of grea...
harry potter the dark phoenix lord by jexishere
harry potter the dark phoenix lordby the dragon samurai
what if sirius black wasn't the only one to escape from prison what if in a different prison someone else broke out as well for a similar purpose upon learning of his gr...
Veela female Harry Potter by lizzygaming71
Veela female Harry Potterby Lizzy
Lily Potter was a pureblood veela who married a pureblood wizard James Potter.So that would also make Harry a pureblood also.Since Harry Potter got her mothers genes she...
Angel Harry Potter by CalamityWarrior13
Angel Harry Potterby CalamityWarrior13
What if Harry Potter had the abilities of the angels from dragon ball super? Well watch out wizarding world case he ain't nobody's pawn.
My New Life by aethcyph
My New Lifeby Cypher :D
(1st Book of the Series!) Harry sighed, looking at Fluffy. How did he get here? It all started when he was thrown into Azkaban at the age of 25. Well, he was only thrown...
My New Passion by aethcyph
My New Passionby Cypher :D
(2nd Book Of the Series!) "Harry!" "Yes?" Harry lifted his head to face Tom's red eyes staring into his soul. "She's above us." Harry has...
Unbeknownst To... by TheresaWu338
Unbeknownst Smile338
When Voldemort possessed Harry Potter during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, the time dust from the Time Chamber activated sending them both back in time. Har...