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 > Purple Feathers > Hermitcraft Fanfic by LunaMOOnLightYT
> Purple Feathers > Hermitcraft Lucky
✦ Complete ✦ !DISCLAIMER I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT HERMITCRAFT! me mixing three universes into one. bare with me here. Grian has already had a traumatic childhood. He ran t...
Hermitcraft chaotic Chat by AriaGuardian
Hermitcraft chaotic Chatby AruIzLost
Yes, This would be a Hermitcraft group chat, currently at the moment, it would be with Hermits I am at least familiar with to a extent. I'll add more to the chat as I go...
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU) by NinjaKitty1928
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU)by Storm
||Story Name Was Previously "Watched"|| Grian was never trusted. Not by the Watchers. They hated him for his thoughts. Though he tried to prove them wrong, and...
Little Grian joins sbi by Moomoo43234
Little Grian joins sbiby Moomoo43234
I watch them out the corner of my eye in surprise as they make their way towards Techno, normally his big figure would scare people away. But apparently not this kid who...
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by valleyofthesun
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotesby commit arson
just some incorrect quotes to help me get used to publishing on wattpad again and because i find them hilarious. -Marked complete, might be updated randomly if I feel l...
On the Run - A HermitCraft Fanfic by Rye_Lie
On the Run - A HermitCraft Fanficby Rylie
'Being tortured isn't that bad once you get used to it' After years of the AHA, or Annihilating Hazardous Anomalies, plucking his feathers from his wings and torturing h...
Hidden Magic (a Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ash_InTheFlames
Hidden Magic (a Hermitcraft Ash/Phoenix
In a world where all magic is outlawed, finding a magic user is a hard thing to do. Being one is so much harder, with authorities who would hunt you down untill they ki...
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft fanfiction by IndigoSilver08
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft Indigo
What if some Hermits went to Camp Half-Blood? Who would their godly parents be? Would they go on quests? Would they make friends with the characters in the Percy Jackson...
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [OLD] by thathermitweirdo
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [ Weirdo
WARNING: Old and cringy story Grian isn't safe, Doc hurting him anytime he accidentally hurts another hermit. Now its up to Mumbo to protect Grian, and maybe even bring...
A Bunny and a Bird~ Hermitcraft and YHS crossover. by Ghosty_Toasty_Time
A Bunny and a Bird~ Hermitcraft Ghosty Toasty
Season 8 is going wonderfully but some of the Hermits notice one of their fellow members being a little too distant for their liking. Will they be able to help Grian bef...
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua ( Quill
MaGiC sUcKs ~Yes, this is another Watcher/Hermitcraft story. ~No, there is no shipping. Set during Season 6 because this story came out two days after Season 7. -I only...
Hermits: Apocalypse by OreoBoi191
Hermits: Apocalypseby Wither
A storm lashes out on the peaceful Hermitcraft server. Grian, along with Mumbo, Ren, and Doc, find themselves sucked into the eye of the storm... And transported to a po...
Grian angst by areyray
Grian angstby areyray
This will be filled with Grian angst one shots! now most of them will be angst/comfort, but some might get quite angsty! writing angst is one of my many enjoyments so I...
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes  by Coffeelato-system
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by NiCo
Season 9 is here and now the count is on #1 instead of #45! Hey ya! Nico system the authors here! There's a new season, new lore, and new shenanigans! Which means I'll...
Comfort by Bellfox_8
Comfortby Bell's World
Grian logged out one night on the server, but hasn't been on seen since. With no communication with him for days, the hermits turn to Mumbo. They ask if he can go visi...
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Sam's Back series by Xanthicat
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Xanthicat
Grian was getting used to the safety of the Hermitcraft server quite well. He still had bad days in which all the memories of his high school life came back to him and a...
Hidden is Better Than Seen||Hermitcraft by ShishKebeb
Hidden is Better Than Seen|| Arson Queen
Grian is one of three top tier admins, and he's always stayed hidden. That is, until he finds the server Hermitcraft and all is revealed. Just a little more in detail th...
The Dragon Egg Curse (A Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Hakkepeiling234
The Dragon Egg Curse (A Hakkepeiling234
Hermitcraft season 8 rolls around and everyone is really exited to get going in the new world. After a few weeks everyone has set up their starter bases and is ready to...
The Hermitcraft Daycare AU by KeichiAkechi24
The Hermitcraft Daycare AUby bibble
Tango had a little accident while testing his inators, and turned more than half of the hermit population to 3-5 year olds. The other hermits will have to work together...
New Beginnings (Hermitcraft and Dream SMP Crossover) by Basil_F1res
New Beginnings (Hermitcraft and Basil
The nether portal size limit decided to become non-existent and instead take Grian from one server to another rather than the nether- where he wanted to be. (I remember...