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The Watcher-Prime by WiseWing77
The Watcher-Primeby WiseWing77
Xelqua (or Grian to the hermits) isn't sure what he is. He's always hidden from Minecraftia, hidden behind various masks and hoods. If the full truth about the mysteriou...
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU) by NinjaKitty1928
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU)by (basically on a writing hiatu...
||Story Name Was Previously "Watched"|| Grian was never trusted. Not by the Watchers. They hated him for his thoughts. Though he tried to prove them wrong, and...
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft fanfiction by IndigoSilver08
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft Indigo
What if some Hermits went to Camp Half-Blood? Who would their godly parents be? Would they go on quests? Would they make friends with the characters in the Percy Jackson...
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Sam's Back series by Xanthicat
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Xanthicat
Grian was getting used to the safety of the Hermitcraft server quite well. He still had bad days in which all the memories of his high school life came back to him and a...
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian AU story by XeraTheWatcher
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian Xera
He thought it'd be easy, just go into a server and keep a eye out for glitches... Spoiler alert: It was not. He didn't factor in lying to the whole server, hiding his ma...
Hidden is Better Than Seen||Hermitcraft by ShishKebeb
Hidden is Better Than Seen|| Arson Queen
Grian is one of three top tier admins, and he's always stayed hidden. That is, until he finds the server Hermitcraft and all is revealed. Just a little more in detail th...
Hermitcraft chaotic Chat by AriaGuardian
Hermitcraft chaotic Chatby AruIzLost
Yes, This would be a Hermitcraft group chat, currently at the moment, it would be with Hermits I am at least familiar with to a extent. I'll add more to the chat as I go...
Their Story ❤💚💖 by Lila_Lupus
Their Story ❤💚💖by Lilac Wolf
Love for my editors Vibe and Moon :) Bored AF, so making this book. Nobody said anything for or against it and I think it's cute so! Here we are. Greamno! Grian x Dream...
Time Trapped //YHS & Hermitcraft Crossover\\ by RexCorvus09
Time Trapped //YHS & Hermitcraft Rex
After a fight with Mumbo, Grian decides he needs time away from his best friend. He works on his time machine to take his mind off of it, but during testing, he accident...
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [OLD] by thathermitweirdo
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [ Weirdo
WARNING: Old and cringy story Grian isn't safe, Doc hurting him anytime he accidentally hurts another hermit. Now its up to Mumbo to protect Grian, and maybe even bring...
Oh Avians ~ Hermitcraft Short Story by H0L0_GRAM
Oh Avians ~ Hermitcraft Short Storyby H0L0_GRAM
In which Mumbo realises that avians aren't so similar to humans than he had originally thought.. [Mumbo and Grian had been friends for years now, but it's only until rec...
grian meets dsmp by Dontaskmewhyididit12
grian meets dsmpby ⟟ ⋏⟒⟒⎅ ⏁⊑⟒⍀⏃⌿⊬
As I walked over my bridge, inspecting my rocks to ensure their stability, a loud boom startled me. I turned to see it had come from the rift. I immediately flew down to...
The Watchers' Test by PacificSeaOtter
The Watchers' Testby PacificSeaOtter
(Formerly Cold Chills) Grian feels off. He's always cold, even though it's summer. He tells himself it's nothing. But it's impossible to tell himself he's fine anymore...
Purpled in Hermitcraft by McKayla-
Purpled in Hermitcraftby McKayla
Fanart not by me Purpled finally decided enough was enough and left the Dreamsmp, but not before Dream found out and Tried to stop him. He made it to Hermitcraft, but wi...
Oneshots Scarian by Bryanzora
Oneshots Scarianby Bryanzora
First story prompt Scar tries to preen Grian's wings but his wings are sensitive. !Characters not mine I only ship the personas!
A Rift Through Worlds (A Dream SMP x Hermitcraft AU) by MurtoK
A Rift Through Worlds (A Dream Murto_K
"Dream, please! It was just going to be a small excursion for tomorrow! I was just planning on surprising you!", Tommy pleaded but Dream was not going to buy a...
hermitcraft meet's double life by Dontaskmewhyididit12
hermitcraft meet's double lifeby ⟟ ⋏⟒⟒⎅ ⏁⊑⟒⍀⏃⌿⊬
hello i hope you enjoy this is what the title says I take constructive criticism but please do keep in mind that this was made a long time ago anyway enjoy byyyyye~ 8t...
"A Admin's deal" (Hermitcraft s7 ff Grian,Xisuma) by Tales_of_Jojo
"A Admin's deal" (Hermitcraft s7 Tales_of_Jojo
Hermitcraft s2-7 but mostly 7 (Grian,Xisuma fanfiction) Fanart - buggsxp on tumblr Xelqua, banned in his own dimension for not being like the others.He was turned by the...
The Evil Within (GexXHels) by DumbSimp146
The Evil Within (GexXHels)by Zungkio
Grian is having a great time in season 7 so far, until the rest of the hermits start to get more annoyed at him. Grian starts to have a more dark and depressing personal...