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You Don't Understand ~ A Scarian Fanfic by Dedoodoo155
You Don't Understand ~ A Scarian ~•| Sculk |•~
Grian has just joined Hermitcraft, a minecraft smp. He makes friends along the way slowly easing into his new life, knowing he can't tell them about his secret. In the 3...
Can't Catch Me Now [Scar X Grian Superhero AU] by GoodTimesWithRosey
Can't Catch Me Now [Scar X Grian roseyy ⭐️
Honestly I really don't know how to describe this story except that it's based off of the SuperHero AU @kitsuneisi made on tumblr. And if I ever get to the end of this b...
Under The Helmet || Hermitcraft AU by LillaPlayz
Under The Helmet || Hermitcraft AUby Lilla
After being challenged to what seems like an impossible Hermit Challenge by the one and only Mumbo Jumbo, Grian's life starts to fall apart. Can he succeed in the task a...
Behind His Smile ~ A Hermitcraft SuperHero AU by thathermitweirdo
Behind His Smile ~ A Hermitcraft Weirdo
Rewrite of "The secret behind his smile" - Heroes and Villains. Two sides of the same coin. More in common than most tend to realize. When Grian moves to a bus...
the feathers in our veins (scarian superhero au) by lyrical_09
the feathers in our veins ( lyric :)
IN WHICH, a government trained hero who rarely fails his missions, slips up and lets a vigilante get away. They meet again while fighting the same villain, and it turns...
The Skeleton in my Closet: a Grian VS NPC Grian Fanfiction by EluneShatterstone
The Skeleton in my Closet: a Elune Shatterstone
Three friends in a nice, peaceful Minecraft world. Surely nothing can go wrong when one of them keeps around more than just emotional baggage... ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️STILL A WORK I...
Grian isn't fine [Greamno Au] by bee_thebeloved2
Grian isn't fine [Greamno Au]by Alex i guess
☆ ~Jealousy. A lifetime of sadness and a little of love. • Finally, he finds a home, but the past is not easy to forget. • What? I think this has gone too far... I wi...
Le Mère des Champignons by Siggi__
Le Mère des Champignonsby Oliver Sparough
3 months have passed since the fabled Mycelium Resistance was shattered into pieces by the H.E.P. 3 months have passed since Scar declared victory over the Mycelium Mena...
two british boys meet [DISCONTINUED] by YanDanTDM
two british boys meet [ Dan To The Double
when two boys who just so happen to be british meet in uncertain circumstances, who knows what they'll do? [DISCONTINUED 28/2/23 - read last chapter for context!]
𓈊 Pride and Joy | APBAON Oneshot by bumblvee
𓈊 Pride and Joy | APBAON Oneshotby Vinnie
Grian accepts himself and his boyfriends
Never Enough (a desert duo one shot) by -cpider
Never Enough (a desert duo one ! sammie/court ,,
A small thing I wrote this morning | angst / double life - - cover credit @/pitruli
Featherfix - Featherweight's Fix-It-Fic by FeatherfixAlliance
Featherfix - Featherweight's The FeatherFixers
Featherweight is a great fic, but it's messy, and the ideas are poorly executed. This fic is to achieve better storytelling, and fully fulfilling the potential of the Fe...
𓈊 The Red on My Face is Matching You by bumblvee
𓈊 The Red on My Face is Vinnie
The Hermit Academy for the Gifted was... well, for the gifted. Only those with incredible and unique abilities could ever dream of being accepted. And, somehow, Mumbo Ju...
Your Average Hermitcraft Artbook by raikon_cantpickauser
Your Average Hermitcraft Artbookby Raikon is trying-
I do the draw and toss em here :> Ill add tags as i add characters into this book
Crossing the Universe by ParkersRecs
Crossing the Universeby Parker Callas
Yeah, the gods are real. All of them. Well, maybe not capital-G God, but like... the greeks, the romans, the norse and the egyptian. Those guys all exist, and they have...
" just saving soulmates , thats what you do. " ୨୧ desert duo by marblessgroves
" just saving soulmates , thats ୨୧ zai
" I am capable of everything you can see, but now I want to change. " an au in which double life had a second season, and grian n scar weren't designed be soul...
samgladiator yandere high fanfic by Collyhghg
samgladiator yandere high fanficby Collyhghg
sam and taurtis, they've been living together since they were children. livin life by the daily- selling Toritos, playing gamecrab, and of course, their hidden life- mak...