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(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meet by ZanaBSparrows
(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meetby Zana B Sparrows
Sans has lived through countless timelines. He's seen the kid make friends with everyone, only to give up in the final moments. He's seen the kid killed, over and over a...
Undertale | grillby goes into other au/aus? by KarmaAkabane425
Undertale | grillby goes into Karma Akabane
What if grillby accidentally ended up in another au? Maybe more then one au? How would it be like for the original grillby to end up in other aus like underfell or Oute...
Gaster x Reader by MoonReader109
Gaster x Readerby MoonReader109
Pretty self explanatory. This takes place after the Pacifist route in Undertale. Through determination, Frisk was able to bring back Chara, Asriel (Asriel is Flowey per...
Five Places Sans Most Definitely Should NOT Be Sleeping (An Undertale Fanfic) by Doctor_Discord
Five Places Sans Most Definitely Doctor_Discord
Sans falls asleep in some pretty spectacularly weird and inappropriate places. This is just a small collection of those places, from tame spots like the middle of the do...
Grillby X Reader (Completed!) by savchiko
Grillby X Reader (Completed!)by mhm?
What would you do if you realized you had been replaced by a monster? In this story, you live in a small but cute and cool house with your sister and parents. Your fair...
Pyromaniac Reader X Grillby by River-chan
Pyromaniac Reader X Grillbyby River-chan
The reader is a patient at a mental hospital who loves fire and just can't stop burning objects, animals, people and even yourself. You just can't stop as your mind is d...
Undertale Parent Scenarios by ShadowGirl1996
Undertale Parent Scenariosby ShadowGirl1996
Hey guys this involves Papyrus, Sans, Grillby, Mettaton and Undyne. The others are brought into it later on. I do not own any links, videos, pics, links and/or character...
Toddler in UnderTale  by _NightSpirit_
Toddler in UnderTale by Night Spirit
A young child fell into the Underground once again Back to the bed of flowers, where it all began What will they say? What will they do? "heh...yer not Frisk...are...
Bromance Romance ~ sansby fanfiction. by its_jay_
Bromance Romance ~ sansby Howdy I'm Jay
One last reset, Frisk promised. One that will fix everything. But they made Sans promise something in return for getting everyone on the surface. ~ This is a story that...
A Journey Together (Sansby Fanfic) by Blue_Diamond5
A Journey Together (Sansby Fanfic)by Blue
The barrier is finally down, and a new life is finally right up ahead. Opportunities like never seen before-in a world where they can finally enjoy the warmth of the sun...
Hiding in Sight (Sans and Papyrus GB Story) by SpiritWolfNura
Hiding in Sight (Sans and Kyran Wolfe
Dr. Gaster made 1-S and 2-P to break the barrier and start a war. When he disappeared, they were scared, confused, alone. They broke out of their prison and Grillby rais...
From Darkness, Love Came Through by FinleyLivesInTheVoid
From Darkness, Love Came Throughby Finley
A long KingDings fic because this ship does not get the attention I think it deserves. I love this ship, and it's adorable. I plan on making this a full story, so buckle...
UnderFell Sans x Male Reader  by HappyHuman020
UnderFell Sans x Male Reader by ~~Mirka~~
I have seen alot Female Reader's x Fell sans So i wanted to try a Male Reader! :) Please be aware that i am not good at this types of books. :) ⚠️ THIS BOOK CONTAINS ⚠️ ...
Undertale Daughter Scenarios by FrenchPokingOtaku
Undertale Daughter Scenariosby ♡PokingUKnow♡
I was bored oh well but this is a scenario book so be warned this is my first and probably not my last so let us start and by the way your gonna start out as a baby to m...
Undertale Comics 2 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 2by crazytitan25
The part 2 of comic book of Undertale because I ran out of room.
Secrets Unfold Into Pain (A Sansby Story) by sansbynezu
Secrets Unfold Into Pain (A sansbyskel
Either I update fast or you'll wait a month no in between. Normally fast but no promises- #WARNING# Contain slight cursing, boy X boy, sh, torture, blood, possible smut...
Undertum one shots by Inflationist162
Undertum one shotsby Inflationist162
I've noticed a lack in Undertum and Inflation stories, so here's a collection I will work on every once in awhile! From inflation to weight gain! Edit: I'm probably goin...
Undertale Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios! by Maggot4layp
Undertale Boyfriend/Girlfriend Maggot4layp
Its on the title ;) ** Feel free to request a scenario Reading this story happily and Voting this story , fills me with DETERMINATION P.s Character Requests were close...
Grillby x female reader lemon by Tipsystorm27
Grillby x female reader lemonby Tibbie01girl
A Grillby x Reader lemon... I say for girls but guys can read too... It won't be lemon straight away... course language.... (probably) I don't own any of the cover art...