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Through All the Pain  // N. Longbottom by MultifandomWriter440
Through All the Pain // N. Abby
Lorrinda Maye Weasley is the twin sister to Ronald Weasley. She is also the little sister to Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and big sister to Ginny Weasley. She is...
The Third DiNozzo by MultifandomWriter440
The Third DiNozzoby Abby
Cover by: @GryffindorSav Aspen Jacobs has taken many risks in her life, one of them was joining the FBI right out of college. She worked her hardest on proving she had w...
All We Need is Love (Fred Weasley X Reader) by MultifandomWriter440
All We Need is Love (Fred Abby
{The Sorting Winner 2021} (y/n) Malfoy is known as the "black sheep" in the Malfoy family. After being sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. Her world...
Heartache by Grangergirl-AR
Heartacheby GrangerGirl- A.R
A Dramione Fanfiction that takes place in 6th year. Hermione must learn to fly if she wants to get on with a career. Harry and Ron are too busy, and she doesn't have th...
Mutual Feelings: Black and Lupin by CallistaMalfoyy
Mutual Feelings: Black and Lupinby Callista Malfoy
Everyone knows Remus Lupin. But do they know Stella Lupin? 'You think you've had it rough? I've had it worse...' Stella Arya Lupin, the twin sister of Remus Lupin, and...
Magic Diaries: Murders On Revenge by CallistaMalfoyy
Magic Diaries: Murders On Revengeby Callista Malfoy
Living in the Hidden World isn't as easy as you think. While battling Dires, suffering transference, and hunting for a cure, the problems only increase. A group of 4 mus...
Coffee Queen by Sassy_Hufflepuff
Coffee Queenby
Sophie Clement is a French girl who lives in the center of modern day Paris. Her adopted family runs a coffee shop, so Sophie knows the rumours. Is she really the secr...
James Potter's Twin Sister {On Hold} by XTaliaBX
James Potter's Twin Sister {On Lia
I'm not doing that many updates as I'm focussing on three of my other books, but I will try and update this book. "Your not dangerous at all Jazzy! I love you!"...
Powerfull by 200548176at
Powerfullby Aud
What if Wanda and Vision had another kid, and she has her mother and father's powers This is Hailey.'s story. MARVEL owns all marvel characters and storyline. I only...