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I'm a mermaid (a PJO / H2O crossover) - Complete by I_Write_Things_01
I'm a mermaid (a PJO / H2O crossov...by I_Write_Things_01
After the giant war, Percy wants to get away from the mythological life, and so do Sally and Paul. So what to they do? They move to Mako, Australia. Highest rank #1 in p...
Mermen of the Gold Coast Season 1 by Charlie-Cecilia
Mermen of the Gold Coast Season 1by Charlie-Cecilia
In this alternate universe, Cleo, Rikki and Emma never became mermaids. Instead Lewis, Zane and Ash become mermen.
H2O: Just Add A Princess by ForeverAMultiShipper
H2O: Just Add A Princessby Emily "Doctor"
This is a fanfic for h2o just add water and mako mermaids. This story was originally by @4EverDifferent , but she couldn't think of anything else to write on it. So she...
The Fourth Mermaid Member by xxSpicyFruitSnacksxx
The Fourth Mermaid Memberby Angie
Audrey Quinn has lived in Australia for some years. Her father and her moved to the U.S. to have some time away after losing her mother due to a miscarriage she had. Aft...
H2O Blue Ocean by Punkylynne
H2O Blue Oceanby Arikah
Rikki, Cleo, Emma and Bella are grown up, married and have children. But what will happen when the Mako Volcano erupts and they are forced to evacuate? Will their secre...
[H2O] Just Add Water by -CleverLiqht-
[H2O] Just Add Waterby Nova
This is a beautiful story of three people under coming the most amazing transformation of their lives, bringing each other closer than ever before. When three girls stra...
Island girl | H20 just add water fan fiction  by Remmalyn7
Island girl | H20 just add water f...by BAEfong
Jamie is a normal girl that lives in Australia with her sister bea until she explores an island with her so called "freinds" what will happen to Jamie ⚠️I OML...
the july sea || [ h2o: just add water; lewis mccartney x reader ] by oceanreadings
the july sea || [ h2o: just add wa...by oceanreadings
in this story, you'll be entering the life and perspective of a 16 year old girl named hollie, who has always loved the ocean. she has just moved to australia with her m...
In love whit a mermaid by kiiwispockets
In love whit a mermaidby kiiwi
This is kinda like a compined story for h2o just add water and Spiderman. But in this story Peter isn't spiderman but he has hes powers. This story is about a girl and a...
Island Girl of Mako by Unaunderdasea
Island Girl of Makoby Una Ursula
Delphin is just like any other little girl in the world well maybe not so normal Delphin has a secret only humans believe in or not believe Delphin is a Mermaid from Mak...
H20 Mako Mermaids Descendants  by Fashnbizy
H20 Mako Mermaids Descendants by Fashnbizy
The teen mermaids, humans and Cleo, Emma, Bella, and Rikki have all gotten done with school. they are now grown up, married, and have kids who are now teens. The Mako...
H20 Just Add Water by imdancingonsunshine
H20 Just Add Waterby Isabella
Life was going swimmingly for these 3 teen girls until they discover a moonpool which transforms them into mermaids with powers.
Mermaid Secrets by DottieBrowney
Mermaid Secretsby DottieBrowney
When on a camping trip together to the Isle of Mako, three best friends find themselves in an estranged cave and their lifes turn upside down as they find themselves wit...
H2O Mako adventure by clott15
H2O Mako adventureby clott15
It's about the next generation of mermaid and merman's Emma Cleo rikki and Bella kids found out their mermans and mermaids
H20 Just Add Water AU Oneshots by SunsetShimmerFan101
H20 Just Add Water AU Oneshotsby Nicole Schultz
These are just some oneshots i reimaged from the show H20 Just Add Water. I have also posted these on my writing community on google plus. They include Emma and Ash, Cle...