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Please Don't  Eat Me (Hannibal Lecter x Reader) by whalewrights
Please Don't Eat Me (Hannibal Lec...by Ur dad
When (y/n) is introduced to Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She unravels an emotional side to Hannibal no one has seen before. He grows very close to her. Some might even say obse...
Unmoral Story  by smomobami
Unmoral Story by S.P.
In this gripping thriller, a city is held captive by a chilling wave of murders. As the death toll rises, the already alarming situation takes a sinister turn when a cop...
Wendigo (Hannibal x Reader) COMPLETED  by AnnieTheAlpha
Wendigo (Hannibal x Reader) COMPLE...by AnnieTheAlpha
⚠️COMPLETED⚠️ (Y/N) was a sweet little girl. Until she lost her family twice, and became the monster we know today. When her mother and brother were killed by a fire her...
Not Crazy to Me | Slashers x Nurse!Reader by BlankHorrific
Not Crazy to Me | Slashers x Nurse...by Joshua
A broke, unemployed girl with a nursing degree who just can't seem to find a job... until she finds an ad in the paper for an insane asylum. The job is as a simple caret...
Friend Of A Cannibal by LostWitch
Friend Of A Cannibalby Lost Witch
Hannibal Lecter finds himself falling for his patient. He can't resist her and she can't resist him. But they're not so different. Maybe a little romance is what the doc...
𝔘𝔫𝔰𝔢𝔢𝔫 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔡𝔬𝔴𝔰  - Hannibal Lecter x reader  by Th4TSlytheringUrl
𝔘𝔫𝔰𝔢𝔢𝔫 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔡𝔬𝔴𝔰 - Han...by Th4TSlytheringUrl
Y/N is suspected of being involved in a triple murder case. With the help of FBI agent Will and her psychiatrist Hannibal, they investigate the case, but things are not...
You're different...||||Slashers x Reader * by _Loomis_
You're different...||||Slashers x...by _Loomis_
Y/N L/N just got out of university and is looking for a new job and then a job offer at an insane asylum pops up with a high pay and a living space where the nurses can...
Ophelia Lecter.  |   Hannibal by TheCatsInTheShed
Ophelia Lecter. | Hannibalby Hjonk Hjonk Am Goose
Hannibal had a daughter. Emphasis on had. She went missing when she was just 12 years old. When a 17 year old shows up in the woods, close to death, she reminds him of h...
killer cannibals and reborn assassin (hannigram x oc)  by Amai112705
killer cannibals and reborn assass...by Amai112705
Nathaniel has always been a killer. It was taught and learn from when he was a baby. Being born in a training home for scientist, he was a perfect specimen as well as a...
Theirs (Slashers x Reader) by dreamingofcookieslol
Theirs (Slashers x Reader)by dreamingofcookieslol
(Y/N) is a girl who loves to bake and read. What happens when she gets kidnapped by slashers and the truth is revealed? Will she come to love them or reject them? Secret...
Unexpected Text Messages : Stu Macher x reader by Children_of_Satan12
Unexpected Text Messages : Stu Mac...by 💀 Dumb Writers 💀
Y/n gets pulled into some crazy shit when they get added to a gc they probably shouldn't have been a part of
Family sticks together- Hannibal and fem!will's love story  by Unknownfangirl1997
Family sticks together- Hannibal a...by Unknownfangirl1997
What if Will is Hannibal's sister Mischa Lecter. How will Hannibal react to will bing his sister. Warning incest.
Yandere Slashers x reader by i_love_catssm
Yandere Slashers x readerby Isabella
(no oneshots) Warning: in this story the reader is kinda suicidal but nothing bad Y/N is a 20 year old girl/boy/non-binary who is a big fan of horror. One day they go to...
Hannigram Oneshots by SolTheNightmareStag
Hannigram Oneshotsby Solas
The title is pretty self explanatory, Will and Hannibal being cute, doing the do, being a murder husband duo because I live for Dark!Will. Enjoy my messy writing because...
just another hannigram au by hannigram4eva
just another hannigram auby hannigram4eva
Punk!Will - young, unstable, broken - is sent to a psychiatrist, a certain Dr. Hannibal Lecter. When feelings arouse, things get complicated. * this is my first hannigr...
Fuck Off | Slashers by ExquisiteLilith
Fuck Off | Slashersby ExquisiteLilith
Alessia Russo now 21 was sexually assaulted 3 years ago. She kept this secret from everyone, then she quickly found out she was pregnant with the mans baby. She couldn't...
A psychiatrists's charme by notdaddysgirl
A psychiatrists's charmeby Playmads
It's your little sister's first day as a police woman. You're proud and wanna visit her on her first day investigating a crime scene. The caution tape separates you two...
Serial killers by bigtiddyys
Serial killersby bigtiddyys
Serial killer one shots (smut)
Hannigram Oneshots | artusroth by artusroth
Hannigram Oneshots | artusrothby artus
A few oneshots centred around our beloved murder husbands.