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Dark (h.s) by Shirotani_Tadaomi_
Dark (h.s)by Shirotani Tadaomi
A few of the guys watched on as Harry continued to teach the girl how to block. It was weird, none of us had really seen him like this before. He was being cautious, per...
Knockout (Sequel to Dark) by herobbxx
Knockout (Sequel to Dark)by 𝒻𝒶𝓎𝑒
This is the sequel to the fanfiction "Dark". *Important note* This is NOT my story, all copyright goes to the original author, han-rawr on Tumblr. I'll update...
Knockout (han-rawr) by TrulyMadlyNutella
Knockout (han-rawr)by Rose
The sequel to han-rawrs "Dark" from tumblr http://dark128.tumblr.com/tagged/KNOCKOUT << go here to get new updates, I'll post them here too
Feeling Alone by OkayyHarry
Feeling Aloneby Ky
Break ups are hard, and tend to be lonely. Sometimes, the best way to describe the emotions are through song.
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Knockout (Dark Sequel) by HS_fanfic
Knockout (Dark Sequel)by HS_fanfic
*ALL CREDIT GOES TO HAN-RAWR* "Will you ever tell me about him?" "About who?" I ask whilst applying balm to my chapped lips. "The boy you left b...
Knockout (h.s) by Shirotani_Tadaomi_
Knockout (h.s)by Shirotani Tadaomi
//This is the sequel to 'Dark' --- The car practically rocks as I slam the door, hurling my bag to the passenger seat whilst unsuccessfully prodding at the ignition with...
Knockout by saflikit1
Knockoutby saflikit1
The first nine chapters are all thanks to @han_rawr not me but loads of people want her to finish it and it doesn't look like she will. So I decided finish it for her! E...