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Time And True || A Naruto Fanfiction by jes12321
Time And True || A Naruto Fanficti...by coup de foutre
"Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not." - Stephen King --- Naruto Uzumaki had just about had it with the Fourth Shinobi War. She almost wanted to j...
Those Little Moments (Hatake Kakashi) by MinnieGrace14
Those Little Moments (Hatake Kakas...by Minnie
Uzumaki Emiko is Kushina's younger sister. As children, she considered Kakashi to be her academic rival, but when they meet again as adults, things have changed. Title i...
remnants by serenitales
remnantsby -𝙍𝙞𝙧𝙞.
Lucy had to go. In order to save the world, a sacrifice must be made, the celestial. Yukino couldn't do it so Lucy volunteered. Now, Lucy was trapped in a whole dif...
Providence [Naruto Fan Fiction] by u4ryah
Providence [Naruto Fan Fiction]by jinxed
A sudden change on Alexa's destiny made her life feels like a roller-coaster. In just a blink of an eye, her destiny has changed drastically and didn't went according to...
Sakura Momochi Hatake || Naruto by JoelleAu
Sakura Momochi Hatake || Narutoby ❀JO ❀
[2nd Place in General Naruto of Naruto Wattys] Ranked #1 in GaaSaku 2nd Book: Sakura Momochi Hatake II Sakura,the daughter of Zabuza Momochi. Originally from Hidden of t...
Lady Hatake's Snack & Drinks Bar by Chocochibi
Lady Hatake's Snack & Drinks Barby choco_late~
She wasn't used to be called Lady Hatake. Until she became my wife. She was a normal lady like everyone else. Except she worked in a bar and used to be a ninja for a whi...
Hatake Naruto by NamekaseNaruto
Hatake Narutoby Uzumaki NARUTO
What if Naruto had been raised by Kakashi his entire life and how would raising Naruto change Kakashi's life as well? NaruHina
Kakashi x Itachi (Novel-Edition) - English by xTina-samax
Kakashi x Itachi (Novel-Edition)...by xTina-samax
Hatake Kakashi is on his way home from a mission, when he gets kidnapped by Akatsuki. Kisame and Itachi were instructed to gather for the realization of their plans adva...
Konoha fox by patcynt
Konoha foxby Cynthia
The Kyuubi attack never happened, the hero of the village never died and a child sits alone in the woods waiting to show the world his power. I'm taking over from CrazyL...
Eye's Of Death by br0ken_child
Eye's Of Deathby Kelsey
I was feared by my entire village and disrespected. Then one night my entire clan and village was murdered and burned right before my eyes. My parents last words were fo...
Kakashi's daughter, Sasuke's lover? What? by ayameuchiha786
Kakashi's daughter, Sasuke's lover...by Whatever you want it to be, b...
Kakashi took in an orphan girl a few years back, her name? Ayame Kawa. Now that she is Kakashi's legal daughter, her name is Ayame Kawa Hatake. A kind hearted, yet indep...
Shout by colourfulshadows
Shoutby shadow
Kept apart, stayed apart. That was until they collided The great Copy Cat Ninja, otherwise know as Kakashi of the Sharingan. Kagami Hatake, otherwise known as the Assa...
Naruto: the Demon Hidden in the Leaves by PreatzalGamer99
Naruto: the Demon Hidden in the Le...by Preatzal Gamer
As Zabuza is dying, Naruto earns the right to wield Kubikiribocho. Will he become the Demon Zabuza once was, or walk a new path? Find out here!
The Light Within the Sharingan by Blockli
The Light Within the Sharinganby Alex
Mitsu Hatake is none other than Kakashi Hatake's only daughter, but what happens when she graduates from the Academy and becomes a Ninja herself? What happens when she f...
A ghoul in Naruto!! by lazyAergia
A ghoul in Naruto!!by Very Lazy Aergia
(Kakashi x ghoul! Reader x various) Rewrite is ongoing in another story so check that out!
Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh reborn as Narutoby Luna Uchiha
What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki.
The Third Hatake: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
The Third Hatake: A Naruto Fanfict...by Revolutionist
Naruto Hatake, the son of Kakashi and his mother is unknown. He's very much like his father, sarcastic, funny, but most of all, mysterious, with his mask always on his f...
Let Me In.  ||   KakaIru by NintendHoes
Let Me In. || KakaIruby 🌈
"I won't hurt you, I Promise. Kakashi was always alone and on his own. His best friends were the books he read, Asuma...and the time he spent to himself. What if on...
Kakashi's Kid (Naruto fanfic Completed) by Alpha_Emii
Kakashi's Kid (Naruto fanfic Compl...by Emii
Tsukiko had had it rough. Living with her slightly psychotic mother was hell for her and she had scars to prove it. She knew who her father was and where it was that he...
Red Spitfire [Uchiha Sasuke] by SlytherinScum
Red Spitfire [Uchiha Sasuke]by H
Uzumaki Nadeshiko has always been known as the 'Red Spitfire' after her stunt on the first day of school. But for the life of her, Nadeshiko has always thought of hersel...